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    Dinner! 2004

    I thought "SWEET, we have a Sarah McLachlan thread?" until I realized you're probably talking about the "What we listen to in the kitchen" thread. But there are so many ways we could talk about Sarah; her cookbook, her song "Ice Cream"...well anyway. Just a thought. Do you listen to janis Ian while you cook, too?
  2. You need lutefisk on the menu. No doubt about it. I hear their's a diner near DC/Baltimore that has it on the menu, and can't keep it in stock.
  3. I thought the point of the movie was the same as the point of "fastfood nation": Make the author/film star more famous and wealthy. I have to disagree with your take on Fast Food Nation. I haven't seen "Supersize Me" so I have no comment on that, apart from finding the premise a bit artificial. (Not to mention fairly obvious, in that performance art kind of way.) Fast Food Nation, on the other hand, is an excellent piece of research journalism, and a fascinating read. On the whole I found it to be quite fair. Schlosser does not dismiss the fast food industry categorically, but looks at the bigger picture: how the fast food industry affects food production, children's health, worker safety etc., as well as how it is itself affected by, for example, the increase in highways and two career familes, and so on. He appreciates the very american-style inginuity of the founders of these places, and in some cases even says that these places can turn out a high-quality product. But he makes the nice observation (to this econ nerd's mind, anyways) that successes which we assume to be result of fair market capitalism are in fact often helped along by extensive government subsidies. It is one thing to feel guilty when you read a book that disparages (I don't even think it is that strong -- reproaches?) something you like, but it is another thing to simply dismiss it for that reason. I did not get the sense Eric Schlosser was interested in self promotion, he just seemed like someone who was interested in studying how and why things are the way they are. I would compare him more to a combination of Upton Sinclair & Studs Terkel, or Kenneth Jackson. Have you read the book? (Edited because, while Sinclair Lewis wrote many good books, The Jungle wasn't one of them.) Where to start? Yes, I've read the book. I have two problems with it. 1) I think he makes some leaps of logic in blaming fast food for the downfall of many things, and i just don't follow along. 2) In spite of what he says about writing some sort of nostalgic history, I got the sense that he had an angle he wanted to play up, and he never gave up that angle. That said, I think if his book makes one person eat less fast food, I think that's probably a good thing. It never hurts to mix in a salad now and then.
  4. I thought the point of the movie was the same as the point of "fastfood nation": Make the author/film star more famous and wealthy. So Edward R. Morrow was just in it for the bucks too, then? How did Mr Murrow get dragged into this discussion? What does he have to do with the price of tea in China?
  5. Why, for the fun of it, of course. If you don't approve of the idea, there's no need to join in. But please don't scold the rest of us for being easily-amused by word-play. We're entitled to be a little silly if we want. good point. this site could use a little bit more fun.
  6. I was discussing this thread with my brother. He's a grad of Michigan State university, the orginal land grant university, which means it's an ag school, which means they have cows, and fresh milk. His recollection of college is hazier than mine (he had no allergies to pot), but he said Willson Hall used to make fresh ice cream with the fresh milk from the cows. On warm days, they used to have lines out the door at that dining hall. This was back in the day when MSU had 50,000 students.
  7. You, Sir, are my kind of eater.
  8. that's an interesting site. I bet they don't like Michael Moore's new movie either, if Disney ever lets it be relaeased.
  9. well, I was never a good drinker, and pot makes me gag (among other things), so I guess even then I would rather eat than drink.
  10. Did they give you beer money too? Because that's a whole different animal clothier. Parents might THINK their kids have enough for food but really some of that money goes to the bars, and the CD store, and the book store, etc. And the fact is that the University I went to (before CIA) had three meal plans: starvation, gluttony, and somewhere in between. Most kids got the somewhere inbetween meal plan and somedays that was enough and other days, like weekends, it was inadequate. well, my college days pre-date CD's, and I was never a music buyer. But yeah, I always had enough money for beer. I lived in the dorm freshman year, and know all about meal plans, and the food at Syracuse was never anything to right home about.
  11. oh. well, I always shared. And made I made enough for my roommates.
  12. At the risk of sounding like a spoiled brat, am I the only one whose parent's paid for school, and made sure I had enough money to eat?
  13. clothier

    Dinner! 2004

    We had family and friends over helping us build our deck on the house, so while they did whatever you have to do to build a deck (I am to home projects what Sonny Bono was to tree skiing), I kept them well fed. Breakfast- doughnuts and bagels Lunch- grilled pizzas, and garlic grilled bread sticks. Much dips and dippers (hummus, articoke, feta) Dinner - brisket (poor thing only spent 14 hours over the hickory), potato salad, cheap ass white bread, cole slaw, brownies and home made marshmellows (my mom's contribution, they were splendid). Deck is half done, and i'm un-decided what to serve them next weekend as they finish up.
  14. I thought the point of the movie was the same as the point of "fastfood nation": Make the author/film star more famous and wealthy. And I can promise you that shareholders of McDonalds couldn't care less whether the stores are selling burgers and fries or salads and water as long as they are making as large a profit as possible. I would think the margin would actually be higher for salads than burgers, but I could be wrong. No arguement there. But (and you knew there was a "but" coming) The gentlemen from "FFN" and 'Super-me" both seem to have that shame on you for making money attitude, while making plenty of money themselves.
  15. wow. that's some strong will power you've got there.
  16. back in the day, I went to bat for my staff with the powers that be about staff meal. I told the staff to stop stealing (oops, I mean eating) food, and let me cook a meal a day for them, and told the boss our food cost would go down. Damned if it didn't. The staff stopped stealing the expensive stuff, and everybody was happier. Hard to believe a little logic made sense, huh? But I still had to keep the whippets under lock and key in my office.
  17. I see. My boys are 6 and 4, and as much as they like cookies, they'd really rather eat the dough. They get it from their mom. Me? I like cookies. I admire people who can give up the partially hydrogenated stuff. I'd miss Jif, among other things.
  18. The wings at the boathouse, extra hot and cold beer-then the Magnum! Good call. It reminded me that I forgot to mention that I'll be waiting in line with an order of Cedar Point's famous fries. Cut on the premises, fried twice, the second time in peanut oil. Maybe a splash of malt vinegar, but no ketchup.
  19. as I type this, by the way, the ad at the top of the page is selling McD's franchises. "100's available".
  20. I thought the point of the movie was the same as the point of "fastfood nation": Make the author/film star more famous and wealthy.
  21. Cookies the next day? Really? You're kidding, right? I thought you were supposed to eat them while they were still warm. You let them cool? Overnight? And the other people in your house go along with this? Interesting concept.
  22. I believe it is called the Showtime tm (Compact, Standard or Pro) Rotisserie & BBQ Oven.Anything Ronco is cool. So cool that they are having an exhibit. that's too cool! You've got to go and report back.
  23. In addition to the chicken soup, buttered soda crakers. and oatmeal, with raisins and toasted wlanuts. most importantly, Vernor's Ginger Ale.
  24. It's still just fast food. And it's still a chain. You're not going to get truly great food, especially consistently, under these circumstances, usually. But for what it is.... "just fast food"? that's pretty dismisive, don't you think? stepping away from the chain part of the discussion, isn't a diner burger still fast food? and aren't some of them great?
  25. which "Spoon" store do you live near?
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