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ISO Matfer Bourgeat Slanted Sauteuse, Picture


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Hi All,


I was hoping someone here owns this pan. I'd like to see how it looks as the stock photos make it very difficult to tell its overall shape.


I'm curious how the shape of this compares to the Falk Culinair Saucier.


If you own this pan, any size would work, I would greatly appreciate a picture or two!


Thank you!

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Picuture? What size? The prices are somewhat comparable too. Not sure if I want over 3 quarts, but the next lowest size is too low. Apparently the Bourgeat sauteuse comes in 2.75 quarts or 2.66 (which is close enough).


This rolled lip for either of them doesn't really matter to me. That is more of a saucepan concern.


Thanks for the continueing help and hopefully pictures!

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