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Buying ingredients and kitchen tools

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Hi, I hope somebody can give me some suggestions here.

We are going to be leaving in about 3 weeks for a cruise starting in HK and ending in Singapore, we are stopping also in Vietnam (Ha Long Bay, Chan May, Ho Chi Min City). We are going to have a couple days extra in HK and Singapore.

Are there any kitchen tools that you think are particularly worthy to bring back because hard to find, interesting, useful...also food that are legal to bring back to Europe? Like good fish sauces or shrimp pastes. Names and addresses would be really appreciated.


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Id imagine you would make a bee line to the best cutlery place in HK. someone here might know one. whether they have Japanese knives is another matter, but how about some interesting Chinese cleavers?

there seems to be quite a bit on google:



best of luck. love to see where you go!

as I thought: Bourdain went here:



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the chanchikee seem to have a place in toronto:


I love that store - I bought fish molds there I use for chocolate and my pork skin piercer.

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