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5 & diamond [PLAN]


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Not sure if this is ok to do or not but i know i have a ton of people that i was close to on this site and its been a while since ive talked to most. But im the chef de cuisine at 5 & diamond in harlem right now. I was thinking of maybe doing a special dinner on a tuesday night or wednesday for my friends at egullet and some of the other forum. Again if this isn't ok to post here feel free to erase it. I just think we have something special going on in the area up there and would love to share it with everyone. For those of you who know me you know im a very open and probably more honest then i need to be. But that i do love food and cooking for people. So let me know if anyone is interested in coming in on their own or maybe put together a small shindig with a tasting menu.

Thanks again for the past and future support. looking forward to seeing everyone. And again if posting this isn't ok let me say sorry now. Just wanted to see if anyone is interested.



HOST'S NOTE: This is an member-organized event, not an official eGullet Society event. Please see here for the terms under which this event is listed in eG Forums.

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The menu listed on Menupages looks damn tasty....


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I ate there last month, and I enjoyed my meal there. If I am correct, I probably saw you pass by my table many times during dinner service. Chef Skeen and you are doing a good job up there in Harlem. Can't wait to eat there again!

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its funny that this made it all the way to eater. But im glad it did because it makes the whole thing more fun and inviting. So i talked to the owners and its a go for sure. Give me a day or two to put together the menu and the exact day. I would say it would be in two weeks probably on wednesday. We have the metromix thing going on as well and a taste of harlem on top of that. Im saying it will probably be around 20-25 people. I will let everyone know when the reservations open. Thanks again for your support its great that people are interested in this. We are doing great things that we are very proud of.


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ok so the date is going to be on june 2nd. I will fill in more details this weekend. probably looking at a 8-9 course tasting. Some stuff on the menu some stuff not on that i will get brought in special. Wine pairings are an option or you can order by the bottle as well. It should be a blast. Not sure of the price yet but it will be very very affordable for what ya get. Its more to show people what we are doing in our great little place. Probably only going to be 26 seats available so reserve at will.

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for making it the week I will be here. I would like to reserve 2 seats. Please let me know when I can do this. Thanks and I am very much looking forward to this event!

Take care,


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Ok a few things here.

So we have gotten some response to the dinner already and i want to thank those of you who have without full knowledge of everything. Here are a few more details for everyone to hopefully peak some more interest and make things a little more firm. The price of the tasting will be 75 dollars person and wine pairing will be available but not required of course. you can drink what ya like or not at all its up to you all. The prospective menu will be as follows without descriptions because i want that to be a surprise.

1. Fluke sashimi

2. Keepsake farms hen egg

3. Scallops

4. Agno

5. Portuguese sepia

6. Kindai Snapper

7. Senat farms chicken

8. Iowa pork loin

9. Dessert

Obviously its subject to some changes i just more or less wanted to give everyone an idea of what to expect is all.

Side note as some of you may or may not know i am a very proud portuguese american. I grew up immersed in the foods of my country through my mother and family abroad. So i do work a lot of that into the foods a cook today. So starting last saturday ive put together something special for brunch on saturdays. Its sort of a tasting of what i loved to eat growing up. Its the foods that were at all the special occasions turned into a brunch tasting. We had a ton of fun with it last week and it went over very well so if your interested in it please stop by. Did i mention the all you can drink red and white sangria for ten bucks with the meal!!!! We are doing it saturdays only and it included pork and clams, piri piri shrimp, seafood turnover, and oven baked chorizo and eggs along with toasted portuguese sweet bread. So come by and say hello if you get the chance.

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Wanted to thank everyone that came to the metro mix event on monday. It was nice to talk to some of you guys. On another note i just wanted to remind people that there is a week left to the dinner and there is plenty of room left. I know we are a tough place to get to so i dont want to start the dinner to early. So its going to start at 7:30. There is plenty of room available and its going to go down no matter what! LOL Hopefully we can fill it up by then and turn it to a real shin dig.

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Ok so there are only a few days left to the dinner. I would love to have more people at this event if possible. Let me know if your interested. Again its 75 dollars a person and starts at 7:30. If you want to come later or sooner that can be arranged. Im looking foward to seeing everyone.

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well its going to be a very very intimate dinner tom!!! Couple people cant make it and a ton more showed interest for other dates. But its all good. Spots will be open if anyone is interested the day of.

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Hey Guys,

I just wanted to let everyone know how great the meal was prepared by Dave and his team last night. Everything was very nicely done and ranged in techniques which was a nice touch as well. I will most certainly go back.

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I attended last night's dinner at Five and Diamond, and I had a lovely meal, to be sure. Here is a rundown of the menu last night:

1) Fluke sashimi topped with pickled rhubarb, sea beans and chili oil: Nice acidity and heat, but it lacked salt

2) Soft-cooked Keepsake Farms hen egg served with English peas, carrots, dijon shoots and bacon; topped with bacon foam, and served with grilled bread: Light yet flavorable, it was a dish well-suited for the season. Kudos for grilling the bread, which gave it a smoky flavor that paired well with the bacon.

3) Pan-seared scallops with grilled onions and peppers, and served with an apricot-pink peppercorn gazpacho: The gazpacho was pleasant, but it did overwhelm the perfectly cooked scallops.

4) Ricotta-filled agnolotti with spicy lamb sausage, olives and curry broth: Really delicious and well-executed.

5) Grilled Portuguese sepia served with pickled peppers, sherry shallots, olives and a piquillo pepper puree: Simple yet with layers of flavors and textures.

6) Pan-fried Kindai snapper with a plantain "brioche", topped with a smoked garlic/onion/shallot sauce and served with pickled onion and cilantro purees: Again, deceptively simple but surprisingly complex, both flavor-wise and texturally.

7) Roulade of Senat Farms chicken breast topped with almonds and chives, served with a cherry barbecue sauce, green almonds and cherries: The chicken breast was juicy and tender, the sauce struck a good balance between sweet and spicy.

8) Roasted Iowa pork loin served with grilled onions and asparagus, served with what tastes like a grape reduction: Pork loin was succulent; grilled vegetables added smokiness to the dish.

9) Dessert was mini-biscuits topped with macerated strawberries, and served with double chocolate ice cream and a strawberry-cilanto sauce: The plate was served with the ice cream half-melted; however, it was a pleasant dessert. A deconstructed strawberry shortcake with chocolate: who can resist?

All in all, it was a successful meal: most of the dishes were solid, with a few exhibiting creative flourishes. My particular favorites were the egg dish, the agnolotti, the chicken and pork. Service was a bit slow: I discovered later that the kitchen was short-staffed that night, which increased my appreciation of their efforts. Both Dave and Ryan Skeen were the consummate hosts, and I enjoyed talking shop with them after the meal. Ryan mentioned the biweekly Monday cooking classes he will soon be hosting at the restaurant; I am looking forward to attending one of those classes in the near future, and I will definitely be coming back to Five and Diamond.

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Hey guys

I just wanted to say thank you so much for making it out there and having the understanding that you did. im glad you guys enjoyed yourselves and i truly look foward to see ign everyone again soon.

Thanks again


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Just wanted to report that my brother formerly of cru has joined our staff as the GM. Its now a family affair!!! It should be great fun filled with hard work and great things yet to come.

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An event thats coming up if anyone is interested.

The 5 & Diamond is proud to present a special dinner on Monday The 30th of August.

The dinner will be a celebration of Portuguese inspired foods and fine French Wines. Each course will come with a presentation of the roots of the dish itself and an explanation of the wine served with it. Many courses are buried in the roots of the Santos family and have been enjoyed for generations. Don't miss this opportunity to have a fun filled evening full of laughs, learning, and great food and wine.

The cost of the event will be $85 a person plus tax and gratuity and there is a 35 person maximum so act fast.

Call to makes reservations (646) 684-4662

The menu is as follows



Santos family homemade sausage heated with aguardente

Grilled octopus

Confit summer vegetables, Garlic almond sauce


Traditional Fisherman's Stew Served with saffron rice

Leitão assado

Whole roasted baby Pig, Orange black pepper sauce, fingerling potato's


To be decided by Murry's cheese shop

Tia Palmira's Flan

My aunts secret flan served with coffee caramel

Thank you for you support


The 5 & Diamond Staff

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