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  1. GordonCooks

    Alo Restaurant

    I've been to ALO a few times. The most imaginative dishes were probably the vegetarian ones and I really enjoy dining at the Bar.
  2. GordonCooks

    Steven Shaw

    Posthumous Thanks and Heartfelt condolences
  3. GordonCooks

    Help – amateur catering for friends' wedding

    I've done a couple of weddings for friends and here's my critique. 1.) You've got a ton of frying to do and will you have the equipment? 2.) You've got a lot of baking an pastry going on....torching 80 tartets? 3.) Frozen and reheated Madeleines? What's the point of making delicate Madeleines? 4.) Rice Crackers with anything moist are going to go limp. You should probably write your prep list and figure the timing. I would...pick a theme, Asian, Italian, etc...one flavor profile. Then figure what can be held at temp, rent a hot box and lots of cutting boards.
  4. Leaving Philly? Well Slainte to you KL.
  5. GordonCooks

    The rise and fall of Paula Deen

    No one is perfect, the world isn't and Paula Deen certainly isn't. As an ethnic person, I've been on the receiving end of racist comments, hence I don't use them. But, I've said my share of stupid things in life and when I've recounted them, I've done so apologetically and with humilty. Not with justification and smugness (without a legal team I may add) Given those around her know this is the person she truly is, then good. Come uppence justified as for someone who "Is who she Is" ...I mean really, if she hadn't lost any sponsors we wouldn't even be hearing from her.
  6. Astor Wine always has a ton or Rhone choices, I'm sure they have one. Check them for Domaine de Durban
  7. GordonCooks

    Top Chef: Seattle

    Ask, and you shall receive
  8. GordonCooks

    Congrats to Rancho Gordo!

    Felicitaciones Rancho Gordo!
  9. GordonCooks

    Top Chef: Seattle

    I hope CJ gets the axe.....and he will judging by his cooking. How did he get so pompous?
  10. There are 1001 guides to eating cheap in NY...and Must Eat places. If this may be your only visit, then overspend as it's cheaper to invest now than spend the money on transportation and lodging for subsequent visits.
  11. GordonCooks

    Restaurant/Bar Annoyances

    Well played sir The thread is digressing into nitpicking.
  12. GordonCooks

    Another terrible boss – sigh.

    I resent that this thread is giving drunks a bad name.........................burp
  13. GordonCooks

    What is the WORST wine you've ever tasted?

    30% of NY state wines are crap on purpose an another 30% are crap by lack of skill.
  14. GordonCooks

    Restaurant/Bar Annoyances

    I would have pointed to each menu item and asked what was in it, how it was prepared, what the name translated to, who named it, why was it named that, etc.........that's what you SHOULD have done...
  15. GordonCooks

    Kid Friendly Boston

    Letting a 2 yr wander around any restaurant may not be the best idea for the kid, waitstaff, or especially the other diners.