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  1. Since evrything is more fun with a whipping siphon i want to turn the gravy into a gravy foam. Would all i need to do is add powder gelatin or agar agar? thanks
  2. Thanks kennethT and foodman. KennethT since ur location says new york ny, do you know where i can get agar or gelatin in manhattan? thanks
  3. How do we know if the liquid is thick enough to foam? ie store bought BBQ sauce( please forgive me I'm going back to school so I don't have much play time, but I really want to use the whipped cream siphon)
  4. for the most part yes. when i bake anything in general i prefer when its gooey. so the pudding in the middle gave it a gooey texture. there are some slight changes id make. i think its got potential. i did enjoy playing doctor and having to slice the tops off.
  5. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and insight. What I ended up doing was slicing the top of the cookie off put the pudding there and then cover with the cookie that I sliced off.
  6. in my head, where everything works perfectly, i bake the cookies put some pudding on them then mold that cookie around the pudding into a ball. The high moisture content of pudding would likely cause the cookie to fail/leak quite quickly at first i was gonna use all brown sugar to help the cookies be more pliable. maybe i should use all white and when i put the pudding on the cookie hopefully the puddings moisture will help the cookie be pliable enough to shape..
  7. in my head, where everything works perfectly, i bake the cookies put some pudding on them then mold that cookie around the pudding into a ball.
  8. Hi Guys, Does anyone know of a cookie recipe that once cooked are soft enough to be filled with pudding and closed to look like a ball? Thanks
  9. any markets in manhattan have crab salad? i know i should be making instead of buying but for the amount i need its not worth it to make. Thanks
  10. im boycotting chipotle. steve ells ruins all!!!!
  11. i really enjoyed tim ho wan. the atmosphere was my favorite part.
  12. That is an excellent idea. Making birthday ice creams, I mean. I reserve judgement on the flavor mentioned above until I can taste some. i deliver i tried making a creamsicle sherbet with hot sauce. i dont think that one worked out to well. i pretty much made it because i named it creamsizzle.
  13. for my friends bday they get to choose the ice cream flavor they want and i make it. last week i made chocolate mint with blueberry marshmallows walnuts and graham cracker. i enjoy trying to make crazy flavors and my friends enjoy eating it.
  14. since i didnt buy the fast pass this yr i only walked through. shake shack did have a special for the weekend though which i had. it was cheese fries with big bob gibsons pulled pork on it. that was very special. i hope one place in nyc has something like that on the menu. after walking through a little my friends and i wanted some bbq, but we werent waiting on those lines. none of us having been to dinasour in harlem, we decided to go there. huge menu really enjoyed it.
  15. mathewr

    Gilt Taste

    i just cant wait for the ipad app i hear u guys are creating
  16. Hi it is my good friend's birthday this sat. He eats, as he says, to live. In comparison we say we live to eat. Basically he eats very healthy, but his favorite cuisine is Italian. Definitely leaning towards old Italian ie pasta with clam sauce. Do you guys have a recommendation for somewhere in Manhattan that offers this? Thanks
  17. I went to benu in jan. i loved it. u must go.
  18. i despise breyers. its watered down crap. my parents know how much i hate breyers and when i visit they will joke to me we have breyers in the house.
  19. I'm a little surprised there isn't a website for this place yet. I too would like to see the "final" menu. I hope there is actual fried chicken on it. im gonna be disappointed if there is no fried chicken and waffles
  20. He may not have, but I'm not as convinced about Bobby. thats very possible that bobby wanted to ride the current meatball wave.
  21. As well as him being a total ripoff of a fairly new and existing concept, The Meatball Shop. Except at The Meatball Shop, they know what they're doing. based on his intelligence i highly doubt he knew meatball shop existed. for the record i am a huge fan of the meatball shop. if u havent been u must go
  22. 99 percent sure ill be going to the one in ny today. i preferred sudhir to win but as long as joey didnt win i was happy. i would have lost all respect for the show if joey won. that would have said to the viewers all of the challenges meant nothing cause he was the worst in most of them.
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