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Beer and Food Pairings

Rich Pawlak

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Ringwood Brewery, which have a brewing plant in Boston USA too, have an Autumn ale called Huffkin, slightly spicy, goes great with pork.

Also Badger Brewery does an Autumnal al called Poachers which has berry flavors and goes brilliantly with strong cheeses.


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I don't know what type of beer would go well with turkey. Just because it's an American holiday, I usually stick with an American micro. Do you think a malty lager like Brooklyn Lager would pair off better than a lighter pilsner style? Give me suggestions on what's considered an appropriate beer for a turkey dinner. Thanks.

I'd go with an Autumn or Harvest Ale. Goose Island makes a good one that has a decent bit of caramel malt on the front end followed by a moderate, earthy-type hoppiness. Not overly bitter either. Sierra Nevada also makes a harvest ale, but it leans towards a lighter, drier malt character and more assertive, pine-woodsy hoppiness. Breckenridge makes an Autumn ale that is all about the maltiness and with just a faint hop bitterness. Not my personal choice, but if malt is what you are looking for, maybe this one is for you.

If you can still find them, a märzen/Oktoberfest would work well.

I’ve heard a lot of beer geeks talking about pumpkin beers, but, personally, I think most of them are two sweet and overly spiced. I guess if you’re a pumpkin pie fan, they’d work as well. DFH and ST both make highly regarded pumpkin beers.

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