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  1. I've been reading up on theory behind all different ganache types (Greweling and Notter books), but I still am unsure as to the best way to take a ganache recipe that's meant to be piped and convert it to a recipe that can be slabbed. Is it as simple as adding more chocolate (in which case, does flavor suffer)? Thanks for any thoughts (I'm working with both cream and butter ganache recipes)!!! ~Susie
  2. I actually found a slightly cheaper bottle of cocoa butter spray at Pastry Chef - and much more affordable shipping. Thanks again!
  3. I'm making a beer ganache and so I think his recipe calls for "liquid sorbitol" for it's Aw-lowering effect. I can't find liquid sorbitol anyway except by the barrel from China! If I leave it out, I suspect the watery nature of the beer will result in a chocolate with very short shelf life. Thanks for all the input here!
  4. Thanks Kerry. I guess this shows the difficulty in figuring out what is/isn't considered a preservative AND whether said additive is even bad (some preservatives aren't bad,right...like citric acid...even necessary). I haven't seen sorbitol as an added ingredient in any of the artisan chocolates I've bought recently.
  5. I am using a recipe from Jean-Pierre Wybauw for beer ganache that calls for sorbitol. I have been searching for information online and with my local shop about whether this is considered a preservative (since I tell everyone I don't use preservatives!). Does anyone know? I'm at a loss! Thanks.
  6. that's a great find! Thank you! I'm not yet at a point where I can buy an airbrush system, so this is great. Thank you again.
  7. I am attempting a recipe from Peter Greweling's book "Chocolates & Confections." It's the Salt & Pepper Bars. In the recipe you first lay down a layer of salted caramel in your frame, then spray with cocoa butter before laying down the second layer. I don't have an airbrush or any equipment really. Can anyone shed light onto how this is done - I've searched the book and online, but haven't found any sources to help. I get that it's supposed to help with moisture retention, but am not sure how to "spray with cocoa butter." Thanks for any tips!
  8. Hi Dave, I'm not sure if I'm answering exactly what you're asking, but I've always added celery seeds and fresh (or dried) sage. I drop them by the spoonful into the pot with my chicken (just simmering...you almost want to steam them). They absorb so much flavor from the thickened chicken broth (which I make very flavorful...with wine, a little saffron, thyme, celery and the usual suspects). I think your goal might be to have the dumplings absorb the flavor of the chicken, rather than put the flavor of the chicken "directly" in? Best of luck!
  9. Andrea - After seeing your photo of your bar, I realize I met you at the NW Chocolate Festival (as a customer) and even bought that very bar - which is what got me interested in blonde chocolate! Nicely done!
  10. I just saw the Valrhona oval disks at our local Whole Foods here in the Seattle area. Maybe you have one near you?
  11. I have a pressure cooker I never use....maybe now I've found a use for it!
  12. Thanks for those links! Really interesting and definitely worth trying! Seems hard to believe it would be that easy.
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