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Worcestershire Sauce: Lea and Perrins

Jay Francis

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So...how about White Wine Worcestershire sauce? Is that strictly a Yank invention? I'd never heard of it until about 10 years ago. A couple of years ago they stopped calling it White Wine Worcestershire Sauce and started calling it Worcestershire Sauce for Chicken ("the Rooster Booster") instead. Lea & Perrins markets it as well.

Does anyone else here use it? My husband and I are always on about what a particular sauce needs. His flavor preferences run a bit sweeter than mine, and he'll often grab the White "woozy" (thanks, Anne) where I might have gone for the regular, or for something entirely unrelated. I must admit, though, that a pork steak drizzled with this particular sauce and then grilled can be pretty darned good.

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Hmmm...the bottle of Annie's Naturals Worcestershire I have here has...


Apple Cider Vinegar


Soy Sauce



Sea Salt

Chicory Root Extract

Corn Starch

Xanthan gum




Chili powder

all but water, sea salt, chicory and xanthan listed as organic ingredients



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I finally had a chance to taste the Tabasco and L&P side by side. Tasted alone, the Tabasco is (as I mentioned above) hotter, but it's also deeper tasing -- more rounded, I guess -- than the L&P. The L&P didn't taste sweeter, despite the high fructose corn syrup. It actually tasted brighter, more acidic.

When I mixed them with Clamato, the differences were much less obvious, although still there.

The biggest difference was actually in texture. The Tabasco is much more viscous. The only time I can see this making a big difference is in a glaze, or for basting over a burger, where you might want more viscosity.

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I was searching for recipes for BBQ sauce and came across this forum.

Intriguingly, it doesn't seem to have the story of how Lea and Perrin's Worcestershire sauce came about.

This is a quote from the company web site:

"The story of Lea & Perrins® famous Worcestershire Sauce begins in the early 1800s, in the county of Worcester. Returning home from his travels in Bengal, Lord Sandys, a nobleman of the area, was eager to duplicate a recipe he'd acquired. On Lord Sandys's request, two chemists—John Lea and William Perrins made up the first batch of the sauce.

Lea and Perrins were not impressed with their initial results. The pair found the taste unpalatable, and simply left the jars in their cellar to gather dust. A few years later, they stumbled across them and decided to taste the contents again. To their delight, the aging process had turned it into a delicious, savory sauce."

From there, the sauce took off.

Nick Reynolds, aka "nickrey"

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My father used to make a BBQ sauce that was mainly Worcestershire sauce and butter, maybe with a few other things like garlic, a little brown sugar, and I'm not sure what else, but interestingly, no tomato products. I make it like that occasionally.

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Update: no more High FructoseCorn Syrup

My old bottle of Lea & Perrins (expiration date 11/06) has the following ingredients:

vinegar; molasses; high fructose corn syrup; anchovies; water; onions; salt; garlic; tamarind extract; cloves; natural flavorings; chili pepper extract; hydrolyzed soy and corn protein.

My new bottle (expiration date 4/2013) boasts "All Natural" on the label and has the following:

distilled white vinegar; molasses; water; sugar; onions; anchovies; salt; garlic; cloves; tamarind extract; natural flavorings; chili pepper extract.

It was a surprise to find that something is now "better" than it used to be.

Monterey Bay area

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I have a UK bottle and the ingredients are

Malt Vinegar (from Barley), Spirit vinegar, Molasses, Sugar, Salt, Anchovies, Tamarind extract, Onions, Garlic, Spice, Flavouring

Interesting. It has no wheat. I have been looking for gluten free Worcestershire Sauce. I can only find Heinz here but it has wheat :(

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