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  1. If it weren't all about the Benjamins, Zagat would do a separate LA Asian Guide.
  2. A quick glance thru the 2005 Z guide looks like 9 sgv Chinese listed and 5 Korean in K-town. But heck, they only list the Guelaguetza in Palms and not the 2 Koreatown/downtown branches.
  3. A couple of points. First, Zagat is pretty generic in its ratings and totally misses out on Monterey Park when it comes to Chinese. Second, those Health Dept. ratings are to be viewed with extreme skepticism. Lots of the points taken off don't directly relate to the healthiness of the food, tho I would agree that at 63 you might have some problems. Third, the County of LA like the City is strapped for cash. I went into a pretty good take out/deli/wine store recently and got some excellent food. As I was leaving, I noticed that the place had a B rating (downgraded from the usual A). I asked the proprietor. He said there had been a problem with some leakage and its effect on some acoustical tiles (in a heavy rain, virtually every roof/ceiling in Southern California leaks). As a result, their A rating had been lowered to B. They immediately fixed the tiles and called the Health Dept. They were informed they could wait 3 or more months for another review of their place and maintain their B rating or they could pay $300 for an early re-visit which would presumably result in a new rating. They said, Screw it we ain't paying you the extortion. This was not an Asian establishment. I can't imagine but that many places with fairly low prices don't adopt the same attitude.
  4. An upscale wildcard pick is Noe at the Omni hotel. The chef, Robert (?) Gadsby, can be very creative.
  5. In addition to JFL's picks which are right, I'd say try AOC for it's delicious small plates and wines by the glass, 8022 W. Third St.; Guelaguetza on Olympic for Oaxacan; Philippe's, 1001 N. Alameda for a great french dip sandwich.
  6. The (accurate) comments about Glendale dining notwithstanding, you can get very good food and service at Cinnabar, 933 S. Brand Bl. It's Cal-Asian.
  7. In LA, Patina (delicious), Quizno's (ok), The French Garden (not very French).
  8. Does Macy's recommend Gimbel's? You might try Chowhound's LA board.
  9. You might check Bangkok Market on Melrose.
  10. Speaking of Fred 62, they make something called a Thai Cobb Salad--sorta Thai, sorta Cobb, but no baseball.
  11. Lambretta, if your boss is looking for good, high end places, I'd suggest Spago (Beverly Hills), Josie (Santa Monica) and A O C (West Hollywood). As for Thai, I think the best Thai in Thai Town is found at a very simple, BYOB place called Ruen Pair (for example, you can get fried morning glories there) on Hollywood Blvd. For a more upscale atmosphere, and alcohol, another choice would be Jitlada on Sunset.
  12. It may not strictly count as pie, but I had some tarte tatin from Nicole's in South Pas this weekend and it was delicious.
  13. If you do drive down Highway 1 be sure to have a good pair of shades. The sun. The sun. Comes and goes as you navigate the twists and turns.
  14. What's the name of the restaurant in Paris and who are the proprietors?
  15. Well I'll give you candy, Give you diamonds, Give you pearls, I´ll give you anything you want! hundred dollar bills Monkeymay, now you have to marry him, marry him, marry him. Actually, we are each happily married.... to other people.
  16. Well I'll give you candy, Give you diamonds, Give you pearls, I´ll give you anything you want! hundred dollar bills
  17. You might try Il Fornaio. Theirs is good.
  18. What sort of wrapping would you prefer, Monkey?
  19. I'm trying to find out. Really, I am. Hey! Wait a minute! My b'day's coming up too.
  20. Just finished reading Catcher in the Rye ?
  21. Upper Truckee, you're the one, You make meal time lots of fun...
  22. Let me know when they are having a sale. Thanks.
  23. Would that be for the food, or for the attitude? BTW, it's in Venice.
  24. Funny you should mention this. Los Angeles has not implemented any thing like this yet. Just the other day I had a tritip sandwich at BBQ King which is just outside of downtown Los Angeles. They had half a dozen of those oil drum grill/smokers going full tilt. Smelled good/bad depending on your viewpoint. Nary a filter in sight. And their sweet/spicy sauce is really good.
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