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Lobster Rolls


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2 hours ago, Annie_H said:

Surprised blue dolfin finds a lobster rolls amusing. 

I can be easily amused sometimes. 
In this case, I was entertained by an apparent lobster roll purist. The lobster roll in your photo looks delicious, if a bit vegetal for a purist.  
The best thing about home cooking over restaurant fare is that you prepared it to suit your own taste to a T and surely enjoyed it greatly!

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20 hours ago, Annie_H said:

We have been on a lobster roll kick, --ordering a couple live ones every other week from FreshDirect. I see no reason to comment or compare prices for my lobster rolls vs Fulton, 40$ served with homemade potato chips, or any NYC rolls starting around 25$. Sides extra.

Mine cost at home 8-9$ each including a side shaved fennel/celery salad, or similar, and a chili crisp potato salad---enough extra salads for next day. But I have no overhead and prepare myself and clean up. I do prefer mine over ones I've had out. But dining out is a pleasure and a choice. 


Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 5.16.22 PM.jpeg


Pretty lobster.


I'm confused though, are you not comparing your cost vs Fulton in that post? And you seem divided on oily butter baths in a following post.


As much as I like butter, an oily bath doesn't sound great.

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