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  1. Is there a particular website known for the accuracy and integrity of its cocktail recipes?
  2. I haven't been to the Olive Garden in years! I'm one of Bobster's friends from the original post. Thanks for the recommendations - I'll check them out.
  3. I hear Botero is very good. But I'd like to know too. We'll be there in a couple of weeks. Is there a thread elsewhere on Encore's restaurants?
  4. Since we'll be staying at Wynn, I'm interested to check out Tableau. I've read nothing but raves here at at other places. Has no one tried Corsa Cucina at Wynn? I had lunch there twice during my last visit (they're no longer open for lunch) and had fantastic meals both times. Upscale casual Italian, expertly prepared. Alessandro Stratta (of Alex and Renoir fame) is the chef. I'd compare the food and quality to Cafe Spiaggia here in Chicago.
  5. My husband and I went to Mix in December. The food was very good, but the experience as a whole wasn't that great. They really rushed us through... our $300-plus dinner lasted just over an hour. The mac-n-cheese was stellar, as was my main course (veal tenderloin). My husband had lobster in curry sauce and thought it was pretty good. ← Thanks for the feedback. It's a shame your meal was so speedy. How many courses did you have?
  6. Has anyone been to Mix lately? I went to a function in the lounge last year, and thought the dining room looked gorgeous. Does the food live up to the decor?
  7. We went about a month ago, and had a wonderful dinner. The food was delicious and expertly prepared across the board. The service was sincere but maddeningly slow. I think the kitchen was slammed on a Saturday night during the dinner rush. Nevertheless, we had plenty to drink and were able to spend lots of time with some friends we hadn't seen in a long time. The chef's father (and maitre d') came to our table toward the end of our evening and was quite friendly and forthcoming about the pride he felt about his daughter. It's good to see nice people doing well.
  8. Whew! I'll finally be able to drive in the city again!
  9. Thanks, all! I'll have to check out Primo at JW Marriott. We did WDW last summer on one of those three-table-service-meals-a-day plans, and you better believe we ate three table service meals a day! We ate dinners at: Fulton's Crab House Artist Point Hollywood Brown Derby Citricos California Grill Narcoosee's Jiko Flying Fish All were good except for Fulton's Crab House. They served a "banana cream pie" which had the consistency of a rubbery lemon meringue, the top dotted with small piped meringue. No cream to be found anywhere. The king crab was sub-par (I've bought better king crab at C
  10. Thanks, Tony! Not really into "crazy Asian," but nice to know venues like that exist in Orlando. I'm looking for the more chef-driven places, maybe Norman's would be a good option for one night. I can snag a table for a late seating at Victoria & Albert's. At least it will be quiet without kids there. I think eating at the bar at CA Grill sounds cool. Primo's website says it's closed for the season. Am I looking at the right site? And I still want to at least see Tchoup Tchop. Maybe just for appetizers and drinks late-afternoon. I hear it's the better of the Emeril places. I remember
  11. I'll have five nights in Orlando next week, and want to treat myself to some nice dinners. I love places like Disney's CA Grill, Artist Point, Citricos, Jiko, etc. I've been to all the Disney Signature restaurants. How about some recommendations outside the World? I've heard there's more to Orlando than Disney. Any good buzz about Emeril's Tchoup Tchop? It looks interesting, but I'm not sure how serious the food is. Maybe early for some appetizers and drinks would be the better option there? I have no hang-ups about dining solo. Thank you!
  12. We went on Wednesday night, 1/23/08. North Pond is at the top of its, er, game. Wonderful wine list, innovative menu (it changes constantly - see the website for current offerings), and knowledgeable service. And if there's a more beautiful, unique room in the city I haven't found it yet. Dress warmly. The walk from Lakeview isn't long (maybe half a block), but with recent sub-zero temps you'll be very cold very quickly. Also, as befits a building of its age, there are some insulation issues. So if you're near an outside wall (or even the wall separating the two dining rooms) you may feel
  13. Bumping this thread up a bit, since we're going back to Zihua in November. The last time we went, my favorite was Zi, at Club Intrawest. Fresh, local ingredients. Not a "local" place by any means, but serious food (none of that dated tableside presentation stuff) and a good wine list featuring wines that were actually stored correctly, a problem in a lot of places in the area. Also loved Coconuts and Casa Bahia last time. Any new recommendations?
  14. Thanks for the great reports! I wish I'd have happened upon this thread earlier, because I would have urged to to try Corsa Cucina. I had lunch there twice on a recent business trip, and I wasn't even staying at Wynn. Wonderful, "modern Italian" cuisine. Has anyone else been?
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