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  1. Yesterday I bought a small pouch of Deep Foods' Dry Garlic Chutney. It is hot and garlicky and kind of dry and crumbly in texture. I would like to try this on my own. Anyone out there care to share a reciepe?
  2. I recently acquired some fig preserves from Italy. Besides the obvious-spread it on some toasted bread- does anyone have some suggestions for its use? The first thing I did with it was spread it on some crostini with some chevre and topped it with some toasted chopped walnuts-a drizzle of Italian acacia honey. Yum. Any other ideas?
  3. What has anyone heard about this place? Its supposed to be opening shortly. Apparently its in the former location of Irving on Irving. Andy Nusser from Babbo is the new Chef De Cuisine. Its at 17th and Irving, 52 Irving Place.
  4. Jinmyo


    The menu at Spamjam is definitely one of a kind: There is a Spam hero sandwich, Spam club sandwich, Spam spaghetti, Spam macaroni, Spam potato chowder, bean soup with Spam, Spam Caesar salad, Spam poppers and Spam meals with rice for the Filipino palate.
  5. We have threads in the Louisiana Forum on Tasso, Gumbo, Turducken, Andouille, and many other forms of food that are (or used to be, anyway) fairly unique to the Bayou State. Right now there is a foodblog being penned by Ronnie Suburban that has some excellent photos of the mise en place involved in cooking Gumbo. One of the pm's that I recieve here at Louisiana Central is "Where do I get great Jambalaya when I am visiting your wonderful and exotic homeland" (in truth, no one has ever phrased it quite like that, but I am still waiting ). I would like to hear where you think the best is (both here in Louisiana and where you live) and if you would like to share a recipe or two, that would be great. My favorite is at Coop's Place. A dive of a bar and restaurant on Decatur St. in New Orleans. It is chock full of ham, shrimp, sausage, and comes in a nice but not too wet rice and tomato mix. I really love it. And the best part of this particular dish of Jambalaya is that being bar food, it is really cheap. My kids love this place ("Dad, that guy is wasted!") and it is the center of many of the more eccentric organized events in the French Quarter. Truly a local joint. I highly reccomend it. So let's hear it. Jambalaya For Everybody!!
  6. This thread was inspired by a current similar one on the India board, thanks to Mongo Jones. Ketchup is generally associated with hamburgers, fast food, and as a camouflage for other culinary atrocities. The highest per capita use of ketchup (as well as Jell-o) in the US is in Salt lake City, and I won't further elaborate on the relevance of that. Like Mongo Jones' aunt in New Delhi, my wife had an honored place for ketchup in her pantry long before she left Shanghai. I think she considers jumbo bottles of Heinz ketchup as much a "find" as the 50-lb. bags of Calrose rice at Costco. She uses it some obvious ways, such as a base for the peculiar Shanghainese "Russian" (luosang) soup, and for the sauce that accompanies her version of "squirrel" fish. It's also used to give color while toning down the heat of some Sichuan style chili-based dishes for the Shanghainese palate, and I'm sure she sneaks it into some other sauces and bastes that are not obviously tomato-ey. The touch of sweetness (a hallmark of Shanghai cuisine generally) in ketchup seems to make it a good fit for her cooking. Does any one else want to 'fess up on their use of ketchup in Chinese food or their knowledge on the use of the noble condiment in other regional Chinese cuisines?
  7. Article and recipes here. Cheers!
  8. I have been invited to a Cinco de Mayo party and asked to bring an appetizer for 6. I don't think it has to be Mexican, but I would like to bring something either Mexican or Southwestern in flavor or spirit (or at least South of the border). I don't want to bring salsas or guacamole or anything so predictable. Most of the interesting things I can think of need last minute attention, like fritters or gorditas etc. I like the idea of a shrimp seviche, but it looks messy to eat standing up. Any ideas on presenting a seviche for a cocktail-type party are welcome. I would like something that could be served room temperature and be prepared in advance. It doesn't have to be "authentic," just taste great and suitably impress . Also, I don't have time to experiment. I would like something you have made before. Too much to ask?
  9. Has anyone heard of, or seen this? Bottled at 46% alcohol in a bottle that has CLYDEFORTH PACKAGING CO LTD. and LIQUOR BOTTLE SCOTLAND embossed on the bottom. The front label says Distilled in 1980 Bottled in 2000. Product of Guyana. Cork and wood closure with a metal seal. The color is copper tinted amber and the first aroma speaks Jamaica to me more than the smoky Demerara nose we have come to expect from other Demerara rums. Roasted coconut on the palate with more tropical oil than smoky oak. Hints of roasted nuts, cooked apple, toffee and a viscous vanilla flavor on the finish. Very smooth, drinkable but slightly shallow in depth of flavor profile. Lighter in character than expected from a 20 year old Demerara Rum but at $21, including tax, in Chicago this may become another rum to keep on the shelf. Definitely mature but not over the hill. I don't know where this has been for the last four years while it's been in the bottle and I won't speculate. I also saw a bottle by the same company that was Jamaican rum but didn't pursue it. There is a Vintage Hallmark of St James website but I didn't find this rum. Maybe I'm too busy assessing the offering.
  10. I'm going to try my hand at pickling pearl onions. I have an idea to start with (a combination of a couple of recipes) but am wondering if anyone has a tried and true recipe. I'm not planning to sterilize and seal these -- just refrigerate them -- but I can adapt traditional recipes.
  11. I'm making Gulab Jamon for a dinner on Sunday. If I make the dough tonight (Firday) and form the balls, can I hold them (in the frige or in the freezer?) for frying until Sunday? Anyone got a recipe they are willing to share? Thanks! Stephenie
  12. article from the Independent UK I find this rather saddening because, by watching his show and how he pulled the team together, I had such high hopes for Jamie. Perhaps he tried to do too much for a guy his age .. or was it perhaps his abilities? Anyone eaten at Fifteen? Opinions?
  13. I am in the mood. I made a gumbo once, and it was really good, but it was back in my pre-eGullet times. I think I have the roux part down pat (but I'm always open to improvement). I would love to see discussion about your take on the differences in these dishes, your preferences, a favorite recipe, stories, etc. Do you have any recipe "secrets" you will share? Please feel free to link any previous threads on this subject or good internet information and recipes. My mother-in-law's favorite of all these is Shrimp Etouffee, and I would love to wow her with that the next time she comes for dinner, so I'll especially appreciate any of those recipes.
  14. Made lamb curry the other night, using Jaz's recipe. After seeing the price of Major Grey's chutney, I decided to make my own : bought about $8 worth of mangos, some golden raisins and spices. I made over a quart for about $10. And it was really , really easy and tasted great! Anyone else make chutney regularly, and if so, what kinds?
  15. I was watching Alton Brown on Good Eats make a batch of mayo. He filled a regular store-bought mayonnaise jar with his homemade concoction and proceeded to say that We should use it within a week. A week!? That's not a lot of time to mow through some mayo, man! I make a ton of egg salad sandwiches, roast beef sandwiches, tuna fish sandwiches - I use a lot of mayo - yet a regular store-bought jar of mayo still seems to last an eternity on the door of my fridge. Are there additives to the store-bought variety that can increase it's longevity so much, or is my beloved AB watching his 6 and erring on the side of his lawers?
  16. lisabobd

    Dill Pickles

    I am looking for a relatively simple recipe for dill pickles. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. Hi guys: this is a recent recipe that I uploaded on my website for peanut chutney. I was wondering if anyone of you have any other recipe for the same. http://www.rupenrao.com/recipe.asp?rid=70 Regards, Rupen
  18. the story on condiments ... Personalities are based upon the love of: salsa, mayonnaise, barbecue, hot sauces, salad dressings, and horseradish ... Didn't even think there might be an Association for Dressings and Sauces ... who knew?? while not too scientific, but then what is?, this made for a pleasurable read ...
  19. and, presumably, have more than just a pretty face and a lot of pep? maybe even some idea about wines? asking too much? A bubbly Rachel Ray of wines?? (not the best choice of adjectives, I suppose...) scroll down to read the second story on this ...
  20. I'm looking for a good source for hot sauce by mail order in the USA. Are there any great web sites where hot sauces can be ordered? In particular, I'm looking for a source for "Inner Beauty Real Hot Sauce", a personal favorite that seems to be impossible to find now. I sure hope they haven't gone out of business. So, I like a spicy hot sauce, but one with good flavor in addition to heat. I'm guessing I'll have to find a substitute for my favorite "Inner Beauty". Any experts out there who can suggest a good alternative? Any suggestions for excellent on-line suppliers who may be able to help by providing both expertise and a good selection?
  21. It's prepared grain mustard that's used like a condiment here. Can I use it to make any Indian dish? Suman
  22. Hello, When I ate at the Mandarin Kitchen in London, I had the opportunity to try a dish whose main component was jellyfish. Recently, I found some jellyfish in North Carolina of all places. Does anyone have a good recipe for jellyfish? Sincerely - Weka
  23. What sorts of mustards do you like? The type of mustard I like is pungent without a hint of sweetness (fie upon honey mustards), but not too vinegary. Inglehoffer's Stone Ground tends to be rather good, but it's got a little too much vinegar (overpowers the taste of the mustard). What sorts of mustards do you like? Any brands? Or do you make your own?
  24. hjshorter


    An episode of Good Eats, American Pickle, inspired me to start making homemade pickles last summer. I was very surprised at how easy it is. Anyone else pickle? What are some of your favorites? Do you make enough to can or do you keep them in the fridge for immediate consumption? My faves so far are Alton's Firecrackers, which are hot pickled baby carrots, and pickled dilled green beans.
  25. Hi, I have a bottle of: Original Jamaica Rom Black Joe Serie:u No:111 I wonder if the bottle is worth something or should I just enjoy it? The bottle is probebly from 1960 or so. Best Regard Nicklas
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