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  1. Ellen..Happy 50 to you & 85 to your Mom........what a wonderful joint occasion to enjoy & remember forever! We had lunch at EMP. I had become disenchanted.......... and I am reconverted. I can't wait to return!
  2. Mrud, Clever of you to deduce this. We chatted with our waiter who stated that this Aureole had een designed on the Vegas model. I offered that what happened in Vegas should have stayed in Vegas!
  3. PaulaJK

    China Grill

    What is Club USA?
  4. Why ever would one taut a rapid service tasting menu? That seems to capture the essential conceptual difference between the Aureole(s). Most of the folks arond us ordered the hamburger, inexplicably leaving those delicious looking onion rings. We,too, loved the old Aureole.
  5. Aureole's new location at 42nd & 6th perhaps should have forewarned us that a shift in definition was part of the deal here. I thought of the olde Aureole as an elegant upscale dining venue in its intimate townhouse, enrobed in stellar flower arrangements. The new Aureole is sleek and mod with lots of marble & wood. The lofty glass enclosed wine cellar is georgous. There is a bar area off to one side and then a front room which might have been thought of as the bar room had there been no divider. The menu here offers bar snacks, firsts and mains. The appetizers included some items of
  6. The Ladies Who Lunch continued last week with a visit to the China Grill. This restaurant is cavernous but most particularly appealing. We selected from the restaurant week menu after perusing, but not being seduced by , the regular menu. Our apps were Tempura Sashimi and Chicken Satay. I have eaten satays in a variety of places, both countries & restaurants and these were the first and only awful ones I have ever been served....nor were we engaged by the darkness of the sashimi. The skirt steak entree arrived drowned in a cloying sauce. Did we miss something essential here??
  7. In an embarassment of riches, I had both lunch & dinner at JG this past week. Lunch was the fabulous Tuna Ribbons, a delicate rendition of the garlic soup w. petite frog legs and a most delicious sliced veal tenderloin on artichoke heart. I considered these delicious although, once again, I found the dessert plate far below the level of the savory. [i had the 'strawberry']. There were those very tiny macarons [where soft center is lost to shell] and 3 marshmallows, of which the ginger was exciting. Three days later the dessert plate of 'chocolate' was horribly weak w. a cube of bread pu
  8. We spent a leisurely lunch along with several other tables of ladies who lunch. Cleanliness of restaurant: D Service: C Quality for pricepoint: B- There is a cute $1 per item list of foods which can be apps or make your meal. It includes items such a tuna sushi, BBQ chicken or shimp lollipop, satay, shrimp tempure, slidder, chIciken truffle salad sandwich & several others. Fun! The quality , preparation & tastiness varies. There also are a la carte apps that include salads and other offerings. Among these the chinese dumplings would have been 'good enough' if accompanied by a sauce
  9. Our first visit to Cercle Rouge revealed a casual bistro w. friendly reception, bar and staff. The menu is typical Parisian bistro , well balanced with a variety of offerings. Unfortunately, the food is uneven. We began with the excellent pate de campagne and a limp, undefined endive-pear salad. One good item per two. Our entrees were an underwhelming magret/confit platter [The fact that the frites arrived after it was consumed didn't help.] and the boullibaise. The latter had perfectly cooked [neither falling apart nor rubbery] fish & shellfish but the accompanying rouille added neither
  10. I agree that either the Grand Cafe or Copeland would provide a decent setting with decent food. We usually enjoy lunch at Copeland but had a weak experience there this past week.
  11. Thanks Kathryn...Wednesday...JG sounds good.
  12. Ladies who enjoy an annual 'special' lunch seeking recommendations for 'deals' in New York's high end restaurants. Any tips?
  13. PaulaJK

    Del Posto

    We arrived in advance of our reservation & each enjoyed a bar side glass of wine, perfectly matched by bartender Matthew to our palate preferences. The restaurant is very attractive but seemed spookily oversized as there were so few luncheon patrons. Our table captain and service staff were superb....if only the cuisine had matched! We shared the lobster appetizer, its meat tasty but the dish lacking any interest or luster. We opted for the 3 pasta course tasting menu. The first was al dente spaghettini w. chunks of dungese crab, scented w lemon and totally overwhelmed w. jalapeno peppers
  14. Last night's balmy skies graced our cocktail hour in the garden of the James Beard House. Apparently there are a lot of Bordeaux Wine Lovers a bout since this sold out event was subscribed by a diverse age group. The only 'difficult' part of the evening was making one's way past the swarm of staff from The Highlawn Pavilion & Manor who were hard at work in the petite kitchen to make each plate picture perfect. The appetizerrs [Frogs Legs w. black garlic, Spoons of Lobster w. mango, shots of spring pea soup w. jamon froth, wagu beef w. leeks and FG torchon] lept off the plates. Perhaps it w
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