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  1. Asafetida. There is no substitute and it is not optional.
  2. Great list! I'll start looking into these. To all those who mentioned Reinhart: I have BBA and enjoy his writing, though it isn't quite the retelling that I have in mind. I also enjoyed the introductory text of Bread Alone
  3. I'm just finishing (and very much enjoying) Ruhlman's The Making of a Chef. I think of myself as more of a baker and, of course, my favorite chapter was the skinny bit he had on his time spent in bread baking. I'd love to find a similar book more focused on the experience of a baker. Preferably a bread baker although pastry in general would be interesting. Any suggestions?
  4. blurby

    Good save!

    I'm always saving random stuff because of my neurosis around throwing away food. Often I have no idea what I'll use it for (and throw it away eventually anyway) but other times it turns out to be a miracle ingredient in my fridge. For example, last week I made a lamb curry where ground lamb was added to an already heavily spiced base and then allowed to stew for a while. Later it was clear that an undesirable amount of fat had rendered out, so I poured off the gravy, chilled it, scraped off about half a cup of heavily spiced solidified lamb fat, and then returned the gravy to the curry. I couldn't throw away the fat of course so I popped it in the fridge. Today I decide to use it in place of butter when scrambling eggs - amazing! Soft lamb flavor and a very nicely spicy but not overtly 'Indian' profile. I'm thrilled I've got a sizable chunk of the stuff left! What about you? What have you saved without knowing how good it would be?
  5. There's one still left on 15th st, up around 70th. Isn't there one right on Market at the intersection with Ballard Way, or did that close down?
  6. blurby

    Salty Snacks

    I dont know if this was mentioned yet but I'm in love with Quaker Baked Cheddar Snack Mix. Nice and crisp, salty, with that great fake cheese flavor. There's something about the sweetness of the Oatmeal Squares in the mix that sets off the whole deal.
  7. Yup, Whym is gone. As is Cafe Stellina on 12th up on Capitol Hill. Voracious has had good coverage of comings and goings lately.
  8. blurby

    Two scoops

    Forget about 1 or 2, there's no standard for child's size either :-P Last saturday my friend and I went to get ice cream, but after he received his 'child's sized' I didn't order any and we just split what he got (At least 1C. if not 1.5) Two men in their late 20's splitting a child's size ice cream cone... even I looked at me funny.
  9. Wow! That's possibly the most amazing dessert I've ever seen! And Goldsworthy would certainly approve; the temporary nature of his art resonates with the temporary nature of artfully prepared food. Ann_T: Any change of a recipe for that rhubarb pie? It looks great!
  10. Rhubarb is out in force at the farmers market so I picked up two big bunches today. I'd like to make a batch of jam, and I really like the idea of throwing in some candied ginger and perhaps a splash of vanilla. There doesn't seem to be any sure-bet recipe when I Google. The quantity of sugar varies wildly (I prefer not sickly-sweet jam) and some don't include any sort of jelling agent as far as I can tell. My understanding is that rhubarb contains virtually no pectin so you have to add either industrial pectin or some other fruit like lemon or apple. Anyone care to share their most favorite recipe?
  11. Living by oneself and not always being able to have 10 people over for an all out brunch party I'm wondering how I can make eggs benedict for myself and not waste a ton of butter and eggs in the process. Is there a good way of keeping leftover hollandaise? Even better, can be frozen? Quality will of course suffer, but if it's not too bad I'd love to know Even better, does anyone have a good smallish-batch technique that would make this easier to manage (for me and my cardiologist)?
  12. +1 on ZigZag of course, there's no denying it's great. I love Sun Liquor though, and not only because it's in my neighborhood. The bartenders are great, the drinks are great, and the atmosphere is not the crowded, loud, hipster crush that you find all over Cap. Hill.
  13. blurby

    Tomato Jam

    This was right on! I made a snack of chevre, tomato jam, and red chili on some turkish flatbread. Really good combination! The acidity and funk of the cheese counteracts the sweetness very well.
  14. blurby

    Tomato Jam

    I made a batch of Bittman's tomato jam after picking up some really nice romas at the market on Sunday. The stuff is quite good; spicy though a bit sweeter than I would have probably opted for had I know. My question is... what do you pair this stuff with? It's fine on a slice of bread but I can't think of a single thing to combine with it.
  15. I really love this recipe for Vermont Maple Granola from King Arthur flour. It uses a whole cup per batch. The final granola is incredibly crunchy (not tooth shattering though) and has a wonderful aroma of maple and vanilla.
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