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  1. Chef Andres, Welcome. Could you tell us when will be able to taste Jamón Ibérico and what steps where taken to import it into the United States. And what makes this different than Jamon Serano. I am really looking forward to experiencing your Minibar, I hope to visit it soon. cyberdillo
  2. Chef Adria, We have all read of your using the ISI Whips for foams and Parmesan spaghetti. Using the Pacojet for Polvo Helado (iced powder) and other devices that are not as well known in the States such as the Thermomix and the Cocktail Master. Are there any new devices you have been working with lately that show promise? And if so, could you give us all a “little taste ” of things to come. Thank You for your time here on the Forum
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