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  1. Here in Denmark we do not really have Starbucks. I think there are 5-6 in total. Everyone tried the pumpkin spice latte though and people really enjoy it. So I wanted to make a "syrup" or contrate to add to coffee to give the flavor. Googling around gave me several suggestions for such a recipe, but for some odd reason, they all contain actual pumpkin. The way I understand it, there is no pumpkin or pumpkin flavor in pumpkin spice latte. Just the spices you would put in pumpkin pie. So since I can't get to a starbucks to sample, I can't really compare and I'm just curious about people's
  2. Inspired by an exchange between Naftal and Hassouni in the winter tea thread, I thought I'd ask something different but possibly related: what coffee or tea mixtures do people make that they are either embarrassed to admit, or that they find delightfully disgusting or painful? This could be anything from plain old "I drink Folgers black every day!" to an exotic but grotesque mixed drink. I'll start: I'm about to drink my favorite disgusting infusion, Ku Ding, with a cheap bourbon whiskey, Fighting Cock. Interestingly, in my experience the aftertaste of Ku Ding easily outlasts - by a lot - ha
  3. For $9.99 a good value. Notch near bottom of glass prevents over-compression of coffee. Been using it daily for last six months with no complaints.
  4. Since I can't ever have enough different ways to brew coffee, I got me one of these... It combines (imo) the best attributes of French press without the muddiness that sometimes comes from same. So far, after brewing with it twice, I am liking the hell out of it. rotuts will be happy to know that I ordered it from BB&B, and got 20% off ! Here's how I roll drip...
  5. I use a Hario v60 "1" size nearly every day, for myself. Hario's "1-2" cups is a bit of a joke, it's based on 150ml or 5 oz. I, and most people I know, want 8-12 oz of coffee. If I'm entertaining, there's no way for me to make more than 1 cup except make 2 smaller cups in my size 1 Hario. I'm thinking of getting either a Chemex or a larger Hario - do the latter make anything larger than size 2? And if not, does the size 2 hold enough coffee for roughly 600ml, or more? I'd like to be able to serve up to 4 people at least 8 oz, so something that holds about a litre's worth of coffee is what I
  6. What do people here think of the "bulletproof coffee" fad, or just butter coffee in general? Here is a company that promotes it, and here is a random discussion on the Interwebz, plus this piece from Fox News. The basic idea is mixing butter and/or something like coconut oil with coffee. Obviously there is also a tradition of mixing butter and tea, but until recently I never heard of the coffee variation (or abomination?). But I've had trouble finding any... let's say, unbiased discussions of its effectiveness, health value, etc.
  7. I would like to fine tune my green coffee bean roasting technique. For several years I have used a Cafe Rosto, which supplies a constant hot air stream to 5 - 6 oz of beans, and they finish in 5 - 7 minutes, full city, just when the smoke alarm goes on for a minute or two. This seems to be good for drip coffee; (I like rich chocolatey South or Central American beans.) I picked up a Whirly-Pop stove top device, because it will do 8 oz at once, over a gas flame, and gives me much more control over heating/cooling. I need to fine tune this application. Does anyone have practical experience,
  8. My local supplier (who carries Stumptown and another local, Brooklyn brand) is now up to around $17 for 12 oz. of coffee. The price has increased twice this year. Which is interesting to me after having read this article in the WSJ... Anyone have any other insight into this?
  9. Hi all, I'm looking at starting a new coffee/tea bar and I could really do with your help! I want to focus on a large variety of high quality tea, instead of focussing on coffees, like most other places do. Having said that, I love coffee too and will also be serving the usual americano, cappuccino etc. Tea is the second most popular drink (after water) in terms of amount consumed per day, yet costa and starbucks etc serve much more coffee than tea. What I would like to know is what would make you buy a tea (or derivative of tea) drink, or what's wrong with tea? Thanks!
  10. I recently had excellent coffee every morning at a B&B in Mexico City. The beans were from Chiapas, but the roaster does not ship to the U.S. I'm looking to hopefully get close to this coffee for my morning brew ~ does anyone have a favorite roaster that they order a Chiapas coffee from?
  11. In my travels to Miami over the years and living in Florida since the summer I've had the pleasure of drinking "Cuban Coffees" or Cuban Shots at various latino eateries. I'm trying to figure out exactly how these are made. They aren't true Italian-style straight up espresso shots, they seem to be in between those and a lungo. If you ask for a "double" cuban shot you usually get about 8 ounces of very strong coffee, with no crema in it. Unless you ask "sin azucar", they are usually by default pretty sweet. The coffee used is typically Pilon or Bustelo (Both made by Rowland Coffee Roasters in Mi
  12. Hi everyone, I'd like to get a coffee grinder and a nice selection of whole bean coffee for my brother for Christmas. When I search the net for gift sets, I get ones with too much stuff, like a mug, cookies, etc. So I will buy them separately. Does anyone have a favorite grinder, inexpensive? My husband uses a cheapo one and it seems to do fine. Any recommendations for coffee sources, not Starbucks? Thanks for the help! Linda
  13. What do you buy for Father's Day for the father whose tastes run to the esoteric and gourmet? If you're my kids, and this is a question that they have to deal with often, you buy a pack of Esmerelda Special Geisha coffee from Panama, which is what I received this year. It is billed as the world's best, and most expensive, coffee. And it really is a special coffee. Definitely the best I've ever tasted. My question is this. Are any eGulleters taking the next step in coffee and going for the extra special blends? If so, what have you tried? How did you brew it? Is coffee the non-alcoholic version
  14. there are a number of home roasters here. I found this link at HomeBarista and it might even interest those who are just 'Drinkers' : http://www.home-barista.com/home-roasting/show-your-home-roasting-setup-t22453.html doesnt that Quest M3 look delicious?
  15. I updated my SM green beans 'stash' today and on check out they had a ref to this vid: http://www.sweetmari...brary/node/4739 pretty interesting. If you like coffee, their vids are not only fun to watch but informational. of course, having not won the lottery recently, this puppy is not for me! enjoy!
  16. Since a number of us are roasting our own (and here, and here), I thought it made sense to start comparing notes on what was working and what wasn't for the offerings at Sweet Maria's. To start it off, right now I'm drinking Brazil Fazenda Santa Mariana roasted to Full City, brewed drip follow the SM instructions. It is fantastic: it's got a great funkiness that I think is what the packaging is talking about when it describes the coffee as "malty". What are the rest of you experimenting with right now?
  17. Ever since we've had the Silvia, my boyfriend and I have noticed that the second round of coffee tastes better than the first; the first cups are fine, but the second are inevitably better. We hypothesized vaguely about the phenomenon, but didn't dedicate that much thought to it. We doubted it was the temperature, since we've noticed this even when the machine warms for about a quarter of an hour. Turns out, it may be the temperature after all. Yesterday, I picked up some coffee beans at one of the few independent local coffee shops that roasts its own beans, and spent some time chatting with
  18. I decided to try a new local roaster today and picked up a bag of Carlos Ernesto Guerrero Lara Apaneca El Salvadoran coffee... whatever that means. What caught my eye about the bag is that they note the roast date (4/22), best from (4/25) and to (5/9) dates. I am confused about the from date. Why would I wait 3 days after roasting before drinking? Thanks! Dan
  19. At this year's eG Candy & Confection Conference eG member tikidoc pointed out that there is another use for heat guns besides melting chocolate: roasting coffee. Has anyone else around here tried this? What have your experiences been?
  20. I know many are anti the coffee pod machines but leaving that aside what is the best system? I have had a Lavazza Modo Mia although it is now 6 years old and it is reaching the end of its life. All the reviews seem to put Nespresso top of the list with the machine I have second. I'm thinking of moving and would be interested in any views. Andrew
  21. Hello There, I am about to buy a small but professional coffee Espresso Machine... Which is your best pick?
  22. Over the past few years single serve coffee makers have been taking over a larger and larger share of the everyday coffee market. One of the leaders in that field has been Green Mountain (Keurig) and their K-cups which is the leader in the market. Last week they announced a completely new product, Green Mountain introduces Vue Packs. A little further research reveals what maybe there ulterior motive, the patent on K-cups expires in September! Of course the price of the new product is also higher. They've added a couple of features to the brewers (including RFID) which may or may not allow
  23. Starbucks, never a corporation to shy away from being late to the party, is now offering "Blonde roasts." According to the web site, they're "lighter-bodied and mellow", and they "awaken the senses gently." I haven't tried any of these coffees, and I haven't had a Starbucks coffee in years, because I never liked the roast profile. Will this cause any Starbucks non-lovers out there to give them a try?
  24. My friend wants to find a source for GOOD quality fresh roasted coffee beans in NYC. We've tried Fairway. He likes the Kona blends. any suggestions? thanks. susan
  25. After having reasonable luck with my last batch of coffee liqueur, I was hoping that someone here could help me select a more suitable sort of bean. I don't drink a lot of coffee (it gives me indigestion), but I love the flavor in desserts and cocktails. My previous attempt used a dark roast coffee that was quite sour - sort of like what you'd find at Starbucks. The end result had a very potent coffee flavor with a less processed taste than Kahlua, but much like the raw ingredients, it was a lot more sour. I'd like to fix that. What should I look for in a roast? I wouldn't mind using a nati
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