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  1. Hassouni

    Drinks! 2018

    Hotter than the depths of hell here, so last night it was two Daiquirí No. 4s, (turns out in a Blendtec, 12 oz of crushed ice rather than 16 is the way to go), and then a Crafty and Elusive Elk once I was properly cooled off
  2. 1. How does the 2005 compare to the 04? I had some 04 last night and just bought a bottle of 05 but haven't opened it yet. 2. WHERE DID YOU GET THE PRINCIPIA?!!
  3. Yes, it's phenomenally good. It's a bit oak-heavy, but it's fantastically complex, and I wouldn't necessarily guess it was a cane juice rum if I didn't know. It reminds me of the really high-end Foursquares that I've tried. A real masterpiece. Not that you asked, but the Caroni is very good, but I don't think it's worth the price (even for a defunct distillery)- there are other Caronis on the market with a similar profile that don't cost this much (although not from Velier)
  4. I think the two most expensive rum bottles I've bought. The one on the right is especially worth it
  5. Hassouni

    How to cook aubergine / eggplant?

    Man I love me some yu xiang qiezi! Seconded!
  6. Hassouni

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    Do Trader Joe's do a similar plain croissant? I don't always want a pain au chocolat, but I will rarely turn down a perfectly crisp, flaky croissant.
  7. Hassouni

    Mail-Order Virginia Country Hams

    Benton's bacon grease makes for the dopest, smokiest, richest, most bomb-ass Mapo Doufu in the world. Just thought I'd share my recent (albeit "duh"-obvious) discovery
  8. Hassouni

    Chickpea grinding for hummus

    On the same subject....I'm in the market for a Robot-Coupe now, and I have no idea which model to get - I mostly just want it for ultra-smooth hummus.
  9. Hassouni

    Cooking Issues Podcast

    Definitely was monster trucks
  10. Hassouni

    DARTO pans

    Pulled the trigger in the nick of time on a 25 and 27. Hoping the 25 becomes my perfect spanish tortilla pan! I was debating the 20 pan and the 34 paella but I think I'll use them less - seems that Darto often offers discounts so maybe later!
  11. Hassouni

    Existing Conditions

    Believe me, as someone going through it in DC, I know what it's like. Is Polynesian open yet? I see Broken Shaker's NY outpost opened out of the blue.
  12. Hassouni

    DARTO pans

    Well turns out that option is just for people in Argentina with Argentine credit cards. I went a bit wild buying rum at Astor Wine last week so I might have to buy just two pans...
  13. Hassouni

    Existing Conditions

    Agggh is it open yet? I'm planning a 1-night trip to NY to hit them up plus the Polynesian when it opens
  14. Hassouni

    Lebanese/Arabic food?

    I did end up at Tanoreen, but for lunch. He wasn't there, but we're now connected on instagram hahaha. Tanoreen was awesome, though. The hype is real
  15. Hassouni

    DARTO pans

    Stupid question, but since they're not shipping until the fall, and I see they offer payment in installments, how exactly do I choose to do that?