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  1. Wish I could be there for that one. I had two of their red hot poker drinks
  2. It's very interesting, I went to Booker & Dax a few times, and I didn't feel the same way. Perhaps it's Don Lee's influence at EC, or a synergy created between Don and Dave?
  3. Went twice this weekend. This might be my favorite bar in New York now, and in my opinion, the only one (maybe alongside Mace) highly-esteemed London Bars like Dandelyan. Between my friends and me, we tried almost the whole menu and everything was phenomenally good and very creative.
  4. Just had the palak paneer and garlic naan a couple nights ago and they were very good
  5. Just discovered the TJ's whole wheat Tuscan pane bread - it's the closest thing I've seen to real bread from TJs! In all seriousness, it reminds me of the whole wheat sourdough from le Pain Quotidien, or the Poilâne bread available in London or Paris. Really excellent for supermarket bread
  6. Hassouni

    Rice Cookers

    For what it's worth, there are specialty Persian rice cookers that are designed to make tadig, for all you crunchy rice lovers: https://persianbasket.com/kitchenware/persian-rice-cookers
  7. Has anyone tried the Max? I don't have an IP or any pressure cooker for that matter, but I am interested in it because of its alleged 15psi operation
  8. Hassouni

    DARTO pans

    For what it's worth, despite all the confusing emails and DHL fuckups, Nicolas from Darto sent me a replacement for my missing no. 27 pan super fast, for no additional charge
  9. Let me assure you, good churchkhela in Georgia is deep-breath-inducing
  10. Hassouni

    DARTO pans

    Wow, those look gorgeous. What was your seasoning process?
  11. Hassouni

    DARTO pans

    Did the steel wool help smooth out the surface, or was it just to get the gunk off?
  12. Hassouni

    DARTO pans

    the found pan arrived. no trace of the second. It has no markings on it so I don't even know which of the two it is. And the handle was bent (I was able to bend it back), and on top of that, the finish is pretty rough, nothing like the de Buyer pan I have....is that par for the course?
  13. Hassouni

    DARTO pans

    That's not good. I'd hate to file something against them
  14. Hassouni

    DARTO pans

    Well either Darto or DHL messed up - my pans left Miami on October 25 then silence - I contacted DHL for more info, and today they found a single pan (I ordered 2), loose, out of its packaging in their "lost and found warehouse database" and the other has disappeared. I hope none of you have to go through this!
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