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  1. Aged rum and coconut water is my favorite coconut drink, and it's what people in coconut-growing places like the Caribbean actually drink
  2. Lucky you! Coupette Three Sheets Trailer Happiness, as mentioned (let me know in a PM when you're planning to go) The Punch Room (get the milk punch) Cocktail Trading Co Happiness Forgets Callooh Callay The Gibson
  3. Busy opening a new resto in Manhattan as bev director and somm
  4. Will they not special order it? If they have an account with Caribbean Spirits it should be no problem. On another note, the Green Zone now has @Rafa's Blood Simple on the menu and god damn is it good
  5. Hunterdon's phone number didnt work? There's a different number here: https://bearrepublic.com/distributor/hunterdon-brewing-co/
  6. Ed is definitely still the importer. If all else fails, you can order from Astor
  7. Apparently the average price is about $225...
  8. Seriously, I saw the $99 post and was about to pull the trigger then saw that...what the hell.
  9. Indeed coming from lamian. Uzbeks and Uyghurs are very closely related people though - their languages are very similar (both in the Karluk subfamily of Turkic languages), as is their food. Uyghur laghman tends to be drier when I've had it, I can't remember what it was like at the Uzbek restaurants I've been to since it was so long ago, but I don't recall there being much difference. Lots of cumin!
  10. I just got back from a short trip to Chengdu (and a day trip to Leshan) and was pretty underwhelmed by the "standard" tea. We went to a fancy tea shop and they did a full gong fu tasting for us and that was quite nice (and of course guilts one into buying tea, though I wanted to anyway), but most restaurants just unceremoniously plopped a large metal pot of barely lukewarm, preposterously weak tea down on our table, and at the famous and quite busy He Ming teahouse in central Chengdu, there were several choices of decent-sounding teas, and fair enough, the water provided was quite hot, but the amount of tea given in the gaiwan was fairly stingy for the 20 kuai they were charging. I actually got one of those 茶π teas, the rose and lychee, from what looked like a fridge, but was heated to 38ºC. Not hot. Literally body temperature. As I understood it, the Chinese drink lots of hot things (including lots of plain hot water), but it seemed that "hot" rarely exceeded slightly warm. Is this just a phenomenon in Sichuan?
  11. Hassouni

    DARTO pans

    Haven't had time for mine yet
  12. Hassouni

    DARTO pans

    let us know how you do!
  13. I've been lured into this whole CSO talk only to discover it's discontinued. Are there any other similar products on the market with steam? It seems from my research that the Brevilles do not have steam.
  14. Uigedail is fantastic, so is the standard run Ardbeg 10. In Islay I'm also a big fan of the Lagavulin 8 (and the special game of Thrones release 9 year), as well as the cask-strength Laphroaig 10, though that's a different beast entirely.
  15. Hassouni

    DARTO pans

    And here they are. The gunk is next level. As someone else said, it's almost as if they've been shellacked, except that shellack isn't sticky. How the hell do you get this stuff off? My last set weren't this bad at all
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