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  1. Hassouni

    DARTO pans

    Got my email, if only I had time to cook anymore
  2. Hassouni

    The Green Zone

    Bourbon closing is actual fake news, according to most of my industry connections
  3. Hassouni

    The Green Zone

    Let me be diplomatic and say that A'dam's has changed from when you were regularly in DC, Mitch
  4. Hassouni

    The Green Zone

    Thanks for stopping by, @Steve R.! Always a treat to host eGers
  5. Whisky Exchange, Milroy's, and Gerry's as mentioned, also Vintage House in Soho (they're all pretty close, the last 3 are all in Soho and WE is in Covent Garden). Get independently bottled scotch whisky and rum - the Whisky Exchange and Vintage House especially are great for rum, all have superb whisky selections.
  6. Just as well, given how utterly vile it is
  7. We make a few days' worth at a time, so most of them do get at least 24 hours in the fridge - I'll try higher hydration though, thanks!
  8. OK, I'm back. The bar is up and running and we are cranking out the mana'ish. For lack of anything better, we settled on the recipe from the Man'oushe book, which off the top of my head, is something like: 360g bread flour 150g cake flour 300g water 1 tsp sugar 1 tsp yeast 2 tsp salt (ratios may be slightly off but it's more or less that). Usually, this produces a finished product that looks like this But once it made this, which is really what I want, or is at least much closer to my ideal: ...much more evenly brown, crispy, delightful. We've tried all kinds of variables - thinness of the dough, heat of the saj, rolling the dough cold versus letting it come to room temp and proof again, and I can't seem to find the set of variables to make it consistently like the second picture. Experts, I would greatly appreciate your feedback!
  9. Hassouni

    The Green Zone

    Yes, located as we are at 18th & Kalorama!
  10. Hassouni

    The Green Zone

    Thanks!!! Can’t wait to see all you DC area eGers!
  11. I don't need perfectly accurate flickering...the ones I received were really mechanical, to the point of them all flickering in sync, and flickering all the way off and back on, like an ultra-slow strobe. @weinoo how do yours fare against that description?
  12. I've been looking for flameless candles to put in the bathrooms and behind bottles on the bar - on the bar itself and on tables we'll be using real candles, but we want the flameless ones for ease of use, reduced fire risk, and to not be constantly spending money on real candles where we can avoid it. I got some from Amazon that were well-rated, but they were a) orange b) dim and c) the flicker was extremely mechanical and fake-looking. Does anyone have any recommendations for something a bit more realistic?
  13. Hassouni

    Help a dough novice out!

    Well, man'oushe training has started, and we're working with a couple different recipes. See this thread for more info. One of the recipes said to use all bread flour, and added oil to the dough. Another says to split it 350g/160g bread/cake flour, without oil, but I didn't get any cake flour until today. What I really want is a dough that can get very thin and very crispy, while remaining pliable and not hardening/drying out over high heat. The issues I've had is that when we get the dough thin enough, and browned enough, it's usually too dry/hard/stiff to fold. Would more oil help? What would cake flour do?
  14. When you say running it through up to 4 times, do you mean narrowing the rollers each time?
  15. I just saw a video from Doyon that said it's designed for doughs between 50-60% - I think that might have something to do with it! I'm just wondering if such a device can get dough as thin as I need it and how many passes it'll take - I'm looking for 1/8" or so