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  1. Missionary's Downfall. Glass is from the TikiLand Trading Marketplace event last weekend in Orange County. I'd never been to one of these before; it was really enjoyable.
  2. Mr. Bodi Hai from the new Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails with aged rum (Appleton), coffee liqueur, banana liqueur, pineapple juice, lemon juice, macadamia nut orgeat and angostura. Trader Joe's carries a new cold pressed pineapple juice that's a bit fresher tasting than the canned versions.
  3. Punky Monkey from the Beachbum Berry app (Scarlet Ibis rum, bourbon, lemon juice, cardamom, pineapple juice, simple, angostura, peychaud bitters), This was disappointing. I like bourbon, but it dominated this drink in an unpleasant way. After tossing that one, I tried the Sherry Longboard from "Tiki Drinks" (sherry, pineapple juice and simple). Not bad, but a little too sweet.
  4. Definitely, but I need to get some first!
  5. Skin Diver from Beachbum Berry Remixed. Lemon juice, orange (used clementine juice), Puerto Rican gold rum (subbed Santa Teresa), demerara rum (used El Dorado), honey syrup, cream, angostura. Should I be embarrassed that I had 3 of these today?!
  6. Novo Fogo's Chameleon cachaca. I normally buy the Silver; the Chameleon is aged in oak for a year and I was worried I was getting the "worst of both worlds", but it's turned out to be fantastic in caipirinhas. This is my third bottle!
  7. Halloween tiki drinks from Three Dots and a Dash in Chicago. First one is their painkiller (which contains a pandan syrup and was delicious), second one was a cacao nib infused rum with coconut and pineapple.
  8. Skullduggery from Tiki Drinks: passionfruit puree, dark rum, overproof rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream.
  9. Another run to Hi-Times. Doing some tiki exploration.
  10. Does this count as modern tiki? Plantation pineapple rum, coconut cream, lime, kaffir lime and salt.
  11. Does anyone know what happened to the Speakeasy Cocktail app? I bought it a few years ago, but it's disappeared off my phone and the app store says it's been "removed".
  12. Thanks for the replies! Off to order some cinnamon syrup, too....
  13. I recently defrosted a package of Goya passionfruit puree and was looking for some drinks to use it in and came across PDT's Luau (not remembering that I actually made one years ago and posted it in this thread!). This time I reduced the rums to 2 oz - having made a few tiki drinks recently, I'm not sure I'm ready for 2 oz+ drinks in the middle of the day - and increased the passionfruit puree by 1/2 oz. While I liked the drink last time (apparently) and noted that it was a strong drink, I loved it this time. Used Skipper rum and Appleton Reserve. I came across Skipper after having a Hua Hin Beach cocktail at Kin Khao in SF (Skipper rum, lime, coconut cream, salt, kaffir lime and chocolate stout) and am a longtime fan of Appleton.
  14. Any opinions on the BG Reynold's falernum syrup? I've only used the John Taylor Velvet Falernum and am not quite up to making my own yet. Hi Times carries Tippleman's Falernum, but haven't seen that mentioned anywhere either.
  15. All of Fuchsia Dunlop's books. I cook out of them at least 3 days a week. What does everyone like out of Japanese Farm Food? I've flagged a bunch of recipes, but haven't made any of them.
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