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  1. dry aging beef question.

  2. dry aging beef question.

    Im going to do In professional kitchen,j just wonder why non of the ways calls for or salting the beef.
  3. dry aging beef question.

    hello all,i like to start to dry age beef in my kitchen,i have fair experience in making prochutto and salamis,for all i see online,they just place the beef on wire rack and let it dry,my question is- can you rub it with salt,just like prochutto,than after few days wipe the salt out and let it dry,the salting,logically will inhibit bacteria growth and help in flavor development.anybody try it,or have opinion,thanks.
  4. Woow Lisa, this is really amazing advice,and point of view,well I guess more experience than anything else,what did you eat? I'm personally soo busy when doing prep I forgot I'm hungry,and when I remember,it's usually during service,so I end up grubbing fast fries,or piece.of cheese!
  5. That's great point,thank you very much,I'll appreciate it.
  6. Not.even sure.if this is the right forum for that,but I will try,so when I was still chef de partie,even working for Ritz Carlton I still did my.40 hours,had plenty of time to exercise,and healthy eating and rest,now I'm sous chef,working 55-60 hours per week,most.of the.time don't have the time to eat on 16 hours shift,drinking lots of coffee,not.enough.sleep and when I get home I have to have drink or.else I will not be able fall asleep for 2 hours,how to find time for exercise and live.healthier? Is it even possible?
  7. Hello fellas,I'm coming to Burlington this coming Monday and would love to shop for some kitchen stuff like hotel pans,cutting boards.... I'm not looking for stores like William Sonoma,or kiss the cook,more place where chef's go,like big ,kind of warehouse looking place with good prices.thanks a lot.
  8. Long-lasting chocolate caviar

    Thanks a.lot I appreciate
  9. Long-lasting chocolate caviar

    Does anyone have recipe for chocolate caviar that could be stored for a week or so? Thanks.
  10. So if I want to make instant infusion,for example oil with herbs,vodka infused strawberry.... Would sous vide be better than isi whipper with N2O? Or equal.
  11. Equipment buying dilemma

    Thanks guys, as usual great advice,always good to get different perspective.
  12. Equipment buying dilemma

    Oh,just the degree of precision,and amour of water.this can move
  13. Equipment buying dilemma

    Any suggestions on other models? The Anova Pro price is the biggest advantage here for me,compare to other circulators in the similar class.
  14. Equipment buying dilemma

    So I looking now, at the vacmaster.vp112,and anova pro,would love to get them both but I'm not able,so the question is,get the vp112 sealer and cheapo immersion circulator,or get whatever sealer sins you can even cook food sous vide in Ziploc bags,and get the Anova Pro circulator? What makes more sens in your opinion guys?
  15. Yeah,I'll have to keep eye on that one