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  1. I haven't seen the programme but his reviews are an excellent read and normally 'spot on'. Andrew
  2. Although I have had some very good VD meals in restaurants my main objection is paying 50% more for the same meal I can have the night before or the night after in the same restaurant. Andrew
  3. Welcome from North London. Enjoy this great resource. Andrew
  4. Last summer we had a lovely meal at La Barbacane which has 1 Michelin Star and part of Hotel de la Cite, one of the few hotels within the old city walls. The food was very good and if the weather is good you can eat outside in the lovely gardens. Andrew
  5. I realise it is ages since my query over restaurants in Belfast and I have been there a couple of times since. I thought I'd 'report back' on a couple of meals during my last visit. Lunch at Mourne Seafood Bar was relaxed with really good quality produce. A starter of salt and pepper squid with chilli jam, mayonnaise and nappa slaw was disappointing. The squid was excellent and the batter perfect but the salt & pepper flavouring lacked punch as did the chilli jam (£7). A fish casserole was excellent. It was full of muscles, salmon, hake and crab claw. The fresh tomato broth had a excelle
  6. It almost certainly the size of the pan as against the size of the electric ring / gas burner. For the paella pan to be authentic it should be quite large, even if it is only described as a four portion pan, its base will be to large for the heat to be distributed evenly. Apart from buying a never oven with a large (wok style) heat source you could try buying a very large paella pan and positioning it over 2 - 3 burners. The only other thing I can think of is to stir the rice once or twice during cooking to try and get it evenly spread. Not ideal as you may well loose that lovely crispy effe
  7. Any updates would be welcome. We are visiting for a couple of nights in the summer and would be interested in some recommendations. Given the limited amount of time we will have and that we will not have a car anything close by / short cab journey would be welcome. Thanks Andrew
  8. Since my last post (about the autumn menu) I have been able to revisit (twice), once for the winter menu and then the spring offering. As must be clear from the fact I have been back I am a fan! Each time the food has been top quality. After my 'winter' visit I came away having enjoyed all the courses except the fish course. I did wonder (given my experience during the 'autumn') whether the way they cooked fish was not for me. Well that theory was blown away in the 'spring'. This time the John Dory with cider and greens was top quality. If you get the chance to visit, you should go. I will
  9. Went to book yesterday and found that the hotel (and consequently restaurant) is closed until the 'fourth quarter' of 2014. A real shame as the food was good. Andrew
  10. Morgan M in Barbican has closed. Their website says that they will be reopening at a new venue in the new year. It doesn't surprise me they have closed, the last time I went there we were the only table in the restaurant and the service was appalling. The shame is the food was really good. Andrew
  11. Much has been written about this restaurant and the two brothers who head up the kitchen. Even more remarkable than the column inches is the fact it is all positive. I have wanted to visit the restaurant for some time and finally made it there last week. The concept is that the menu changes with the seasons. I believe they also change the décor. The degree to which the décor changes I’m not certain but the pictures hung on the walls were very autumnal so I assume they change. I understand this year they are having a fifth menu (over the Christmas period). The menu consists of a no choice tasti
  12. Why not do a nut roast with a cranberry sauce, not sure how available the ingredients would be in India. Here's one version http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/luxurynutandseedloaf_8883 Andrew
  13. Finally got to visit this excellent restaurant. Went there for lunch and we settled for the excellent value set lunch at £35 for three courses (including a couple of 'freebies'). The food is beautifully presented and of the highest quality. Absolutely superb value. My starter of the chef's pasta of the day was the best pasta I have had in a long time - rabbit tortellini with wild mushrooms. A main course of lamb was good but didn't quite reach the heights of the pasta. Dessert was a modern take on tiramisu. My guest had a pumpkin and ginger soup, sole and chocolate & passion fruit. The fo
  14. This restaurant has been getting increasingly good reviews. Has anyone been here recently? Andrew
  15. If you could go to any restaurant anywhere in the UK which one would you choose? This is not a totally hypothetical question. I have to take someone, who is visiting the UK, out to eat. They are visiting various parts of the UK as part of the trip so the area does no matter. The only proviso is that it has to be possible to get a table so the Fat Duck is off the list! Andrew
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