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  1. The article is a good one, but not new news... this has been known for years, starting with Dr. Atkins and on to Gary Taubes more recently. Unfortunately I love some of those carbs! :-)
  2. Excellent point ... I would add the hot beverage offerings in hotel rooms, where it seems a 10-year old wrinkled packet of herbal tea is acceptable! I carry my China black tea bags with me...
  3. I thought I wanted to buy copper cookware in Paris, but when I got to Dehillerin everything looked like it weighed at least 300 pounds and I just did not want to lug it home. Bought all my copper online, much from ebay, with excellent bargain prices. I did get some nice, carbon steel knives at Dehillerin, and the best pizza knife on earth I found at Mora. You never know what will surprise you!
  4. My mother-in-law is a published fiction writer, and she got her start by writing magazine articles. You might think about that as a way to get experience.
  5. mrsadm


    My favorite for cabbage is stir-fried moo shu pork.
  6. Floured chicken is not breaded! It is FLOURED. Only bread crumbs make breading, hence the name. Geez this is confusing!
  7. For many years my husband and I ordered real ground New Mexico chiles from Chile Hill Emporium in Bernalillo, NM. This business had the best we've ever found. However, I'm afraid they may be out of business as the phone is not being answered. We generally order 6-8 pounds after harvest season, and that lasts us about a year. So I don't want to pay Santa Fe prices for a few ounces at a time. Anyone have any good sources? Thanks so much! Linda
  8. Not having read all the posts here, I'll nevertheless jump in with an opinion... :-) Lots of famous people get away with ethnic slurs as bad as PD's. (Remember the Alaskan politician referring to "wetbacks" in a recent interview?) and their careers don't crash. Her sin also occurred years ago. So who cares? I don't understand the outrage at this. I suspect something else is up. She's pissed off someone in Food Network, perhaps. Someone has jumped on this excuse to shame her, and fire her. I hope she's saved a few sheckles from her business empire.
  9. I will admit to having liked Marie Callendar's Lasagne (better than Stouffers) and Bertolli Shrimp Scampi and Linquini. For dog-tired, lazy evenings!
  10. Hi everyone, I'd like to get a coffee grinder and a nice selection of whole bean coffee for my brother for Christmas. When I search the net for gift sets, I get ones with too much stuff, like a mug, cookies, etc. So I will buy them separately. Does anyone have a favorite grinder, inexpensive? My husband uses a cheapo one and it seems to do fine. Any recommendations for coffee sources, not Starbucks? Thanks for the help! Linda
  11. If a vegetarian picked the restaurant, couldn't they find one with enough choices for vegetarians? Sounds like they made a bad choice!
  12. "Chopping" poultry? Ugh. If you want to serve slices, then take the breasts off the bone and slice. If you want bits of poultry for a recipe, I recommended shredding, not chopping. Texture is so much better when shredded. And I recommend a German boning knife for getting the meat off the carcass. That knife in your photo looks horrible. But then again, I don't know anything about how the Chinese cook poultry.
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