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  1. Secret Number For Salami?!

    1303 is my magic number, as in CCK 1303, a cult cleaver which will slice as thin as I want.
  2. Do you know this sauce? (French)

    It may be a thin, delicate mornay. Start with a thin bechamel, and finish with very white grated cheddar or Reggiano.
  3. Sweet Red Potatoes?!

    You can try something different, to complement the sweetness. Maybe pan fry slices in duck fat.
  4. Brisket question

    Check it when it reaches 185 F. Some will be done then, others need another hour or 200 F
  5. Slightly smelly cod

    I have heard this for years and never quite comprehended . To me, the sea smells fishy. .
  6. Slightly smelly cod

    You are doing everything right for a fillet several days old. I would just add kosherIng while defrosting. A salt rub followed by fresh water rinse will freshen it. Sometimes I do this for chicken, too. Also, you can talk to the meat manager at Costco. Maybe they need to retrain the morning stocker in that area. It is possible they should have rejected the whole box of cod on that day.
  7. The small roast will be fine for stock, with lots of vegetables and something for gelling, maybe a pig's trotter or chicken wings, and carcass. The pork can then go into comfort food dishes, like chili or biryani.
  8. 115F to 125F is not going to kill parasites. I'm happy with 140 F , just when the flesh starts to flake. A heated plate and a warm sauce completes the safety illusion for me.
  9. I am able to pressure cook delicacies such as fish, pasta, chard or kale, even lobster, if I watch the time carefully, and cool down immediately under a stream of water. The dry steam heat will penetrate quickly and evenly to the center, unlike sous vide, which penetrates slowly, and leaves me with fish that is somewhat raw, or vegetable stems too stiff. Broiling can be uneven, and may leave the center half cooked; the juices for a quick sauce are lost in the vapor. To be frank, I find sous vide is a trendy fad. Beef spare ribs for 72 hours sv is more plan-ahead than I can handle, but great for bragging. I am just as happy with beef spare ribs PC'd for 50 minutes finished under the broiler. Guests or non believers are amazed, and thankful that the kitchen did not blow up or burn down!
  10. Roasting Turkey

    I was in the same situation two years ago. I cranked the oven to 500 F, did dressing on the side, and aimed at a temperature of 165-170 F breast or thigh. It took about 2.5 hours, and was a very satisfying deep golden brown.
  11. Ketogenic Diet

    I like your use of sirloin. When beef prices are high, it is at least reasonable,and often on special.
  12. I think it is sirloin, possibly top sirloin, select grade, lots of flavor but inclined to be slightly tough. My mom would make a fast Swiss steak with sirloin or round, not well marbled at all. The meat would be seasoned with a thick layer of AP flour, while the pan heated up. That was a thick bottom Wear Ever aluminum, with a few warps from excessive heat over the years. The steak, whole or in chunks, was pan fried quickly in a bit of beef tallow, and the sauce thickened when the meat was medium. There was enough flour on the meat to thicken a nice pan gravy. Any leftovers could be reheated in a braise, but mom's fans (dad and two boys), liked the quick minute steak best.
  13. Oxidation definitely reduces heat content in Dijon mustards. Keene's and Coleman recommend mixing their mustard flours with water, a little at a time, for heat. Origin of mustard makes quite a difference, too, as much of Dijon four originates in Saskatchewan. What is Everclear?
  14. I thought you might have purchased the Max Burton induction all purpose disc.
  15. I have used a Fagor Duo 6 litre, similar except straight sides and two settings, 15 psi (which is better than any stand alone PC), and 11 psi, which works better for soft foods such as salmon. My only problems with Fagor are the flimsy steamer insert, too close to the bottom, and the heat transfer bottom plate, which will scorch rice or other carbs if I am not careful. All the Fagors work on induction without the extra disc. You may want to return yours, or use it as a lid on other pots. The recipe should work; allow extra time (8 or 9 min.) if the flesh is very firm, and the thickness 1" or so. Start timing when you hear a slight steam hiss from the lid. I believe the steam release used in the recipe[e is simply turning the control all the way left (off), heat off, and waiting for a normal release, around 3 minutes. Water cooling scared me too, but sometimes you need it, say for seafood. It works, and seems to be safe, if you use oven mitts. I bought a $3. stainless steel steamer insert in an Asian store which keeps the food 1.5" above the water. Some bamboo inserts should work, too. My most surprising discovery was steaming 2 1.5 lb lobsters, 8 - 9 minutes, no worries about squealing or piercing, and piping hot but not soggy or overcooked.