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  1. I Hate Searing Post Sous Vide

    TRy pre-searing in butter, with a good crust, then adding a sauce after sous vide.
  2. BBQ safety

    Crumpled aluminum foil is a good scrubber.
  3. Cured nasturtiums

    Should be fine for a few weeks refrigerated. To be honest, I don't think they are anything like the pungent capers from the Mediterranean. A very different plant; a shrub, not a tender salad plant.
  4. Salt Cod Diary

    It should respond well to sous vide, maybe 140 F for .5 hr. Then add a sauce and a side like corn or smashed potatoes.
  5. Salt Cod Diary

    I like the looks of it,and the mating with saffron. At its best, salt cod will have a slightly rank or forbidden flavor. From drying in the sun.
  6. Salt Cod Diary

    I'm surprised to hear about difficulties in finding salt cod. In Ontario it is in many stores with a minority ethnic clientele: Portuguese, Italian, Caribbean, and transplanted Newfies or Maritimers. That accounts for a lot of demographics here. I wouldn't be surprised to find salt cod in Northern Alberta, where thousands of east coast workers migrate to the tar sands oil refineries. I'll try pil pil soon, when I get salt cod with skin on.
  7. Salt Cod Diary

    The packaged fillets need to be de-salted for about 24 hr. Way above somewhere Linda suggested tasting a bit raw to see if they're ready, with a slight salty taste. The skateboard type may need 2 - 3 days soaking, with several changes of water. I once paid a big price for a Gaspe board, soaked 2.5 days, forgot about it, and it was spoiled 2 or 3 days later when I got to it. I have stayed with the pliable refrigerated fillets ever since. Anyone have recipes including the skin? It is so gelatinous I hate to discard it.
  8. Sous vide halibut

    How did you brown them? I would try 25 minutes sous vide with herbs, then carefully brown one side in foaming butter. If that failed, I'd have to wonder about the history of the fish, perhaps poorly frozen then thawed quickly.
  9. Secret Number For Salami?!

    1303 is my magic number, as in CCK 1303, a cult cleaver which will slice as thin as I want.
  10. Do you know this sauce? (French)

    It may be a thin, delicate mornay. Start with a thin bechamel, and finish with very white grated cheddar or Reggiano.
  11. Sweet Red Potatoes?!

    You can try something different, to complement the sweetness. Maybe pan fry slices in duck fat.
  12. Brisket question

    Check it when it reaches 185 F. Some will be done then, others need another hour or 200 F
  13. Slightly smelly cod

    I have heard this for years and never quite comprehended . To me, the sea smells fishy. .
  14. Slightly smelly cod

    You are doing everything right for a fillet several days old. I would just add kosherIng while defrosting. A salt rub followed by fresh water rinse will freshen it. Sometimes I do this for chicken, too. Also, you can talk to the meat manager at Costco. Maybe they need to retrain the morning stocker in that area. It is possible they should have rejected the whole box of cod on that day.
  15. The small roast will be fine for stock, with lots of vegetables and something for gelling, maybe a pig's trotter or chicken wings, and carcass. The pork can then go into comfort food dishes, like chili or biryani.