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  1. Sausage question

    Pet food. Scavengers like dogs or crows can handle it.
  2. Fried Chicken

    Thanks, I'll try that. Good breading is hard to achieve, for me, yet Cap'n Highliner has been doing it for years, probably with additives. I used plain flour for my chicken coating, because I was following any number of southern U.S. cooks on youTube, with authentic results.
  3. Fried Chicken

    It was on the counter for an hour. 10 minutes is approximate; I pulled it when the internal temperature was 165 F at the bone.
  4. Fried Chicken

    Yes, I have a feeling that a few hours would also work. Keep in mind this is just seasoned flour on the chicken skin, not a batter. There is definitely a reaction on the skin, making it stiff and leathery.
  5. Fried Chicken

    I had one chicken thigh coated in flour , leftover but uncooked. It came out of the fridge after 12 hours for shallow pan frying, with a thoroughly caked white coating. 10 minutes at 350 F and it was perfect: crunchy, crispy and intact (skin stays on after taking a bite. ) Did I stumble on this, or is there a history of simple flour dredging left overnight? I'm going to try this with fish next.
  6. I make a bean pot with leftovers once a week. It is a speedy version of casoulet I learned from E. David's books years ago. (Where everything is measured in thimbulful, teacupful, soupcon, a wine glass of, etc). I cook dried white beans or pinto beans in a pressure cooker with stock and a trinity. It takes a half hour. Then I add sausages, seasoning, and fresh herbs, and add heat until the sausage is just cooked. Not as extensive as a true casoulet, but easy to accomplish while I have a 5 o'clock Manhattan.
  7. Canned peas have a special unique flavor and texture. Especially tiny Le Seur peas. I usually think of rice and peas using dried cow peas or other affirmative dried beans, but I am definitely going try Kerry's recipe.
  8. Steaks and ground beef in Costco Edmonton, Alberta were recalled in 2012 after a child was sick with e coli. The tenderizer was suspected but not proven as the source. In 2013 the Canadian Food Inspection Service ordered all tenderized meat labelled as such. I haven't heard of any tenderizer problems since then, but there are recalls from time to time.,
  9. Inspiration? Low fat low fiber?

    You haven't mentioned fish, which should be low in fiber, and oil, and easy to digest. There are lots of soy products as dairy or protein substitutes. The only ones I use are tofu and Kirkland soy beverage, which tastes like slightly sweetened skim milk. I avoid almond milk because a huge amount of water is used in production.. Are eggs OK? Certainly egg whites, angel food cake, lemon merangue or banana based pie? How about white bread with mayo and tuna? Sticky rice? Pearl barley? Tomato soup... squid... mussels...
  10. I would not chance it. The salt can permeate the chops and they will be too salty.. I tried this with Montreal steak spice on strip loins, froze them, and then found them to be inedible.
  11. Agree, but I use them in soups and stews, or to start a sauce that will be strained. They are always soggy out of the bag, and I wish they were shrink wrapped.
  12. Small eggs

    Small eggs can be found in Asian stores. Sometimes double yolks.
  13. Light flesh like chicken breast, pork chops, salmon steaks, don't have a lot of marbling. If they are sv'd, the scant internal juices are retained (mostly), and the package can be held at serving temperature for an hour or so. Larger items like roasts are more problematic and I don't do them. Anyway. I can never plan a meal 72 hours ahead.
  14. Microwave Tips

    I use it to start bread dough rising, not just in proofing. I nuke the ball of dough at level 1 for 1 minute. Then repeat two or three times until it is nicely warm. The yeast will respond to the internal heat without getting cooked, and the dough will rise quickly.
  15. Sous vide fish - issues

    Have you tried adding hot water from a kettle? The slow cooker seems to be slow in coming back to the required temperature.