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    Dinner 2020

    Regarding tamales, they’re not popular in my region or if they are, I haven’t been introduced to them. And we have a sushi burrito place in town. Aren’t they a filling wrapped in a corn or plantain husk, which is inedible? So do canned tamales differ and have edible husks? Otherwise how do they work in a casserole? Do you have to dig out the husk? What are they normally filled with?
  2. Just scored a Wegmans Instacart delivery for the 9th!!
  3. Am I the only one using a vegetable/ fruit cleaner spray and rinsing them? I’ve LwYs done that.
  4. Have fun with the plantains! I love plantain chips! I was able to get an Instacart delivery from Wegmans today. I secured the reservation time 8 days in advance at 2am. A lot of things were sold out, progresso canned soups, various rice and oddly, ham. I guess it makes sense since it’s pretty versatile. I was able to get club soda, Gatorade, ginger ale and all types of produce. I asked for no contact delivery and tipped 30%. I also ordered deep dish pizzas from Lou Malinati’s via Goldbelly that should arrive today. We (aka my husband) haven’t been to a physical store in over a week but I expect that to change this weekend. We also loaded up at the local butcher two weeks ago.
  5. The only thing we’ve been unable to find is bakers yeast. We have an abundance of meat, particularly red meat and not a lot of canned soup, but a lot of stock as I consider it an easy pantry staple especially since I had oral surgery recently.
  6. @JoNorvelleWalker I’ve been reading if you place an order from Amazon Fresh between 3-4am you can actually get items and have them delivered.
  7. You could just pretend to be from Jersey and turn around and tell them to “back the fuck up”. Or just fake a sneeze or cough. People will move. (In general I would never suggest fake coughing but if someone was up my ass in public right now and I was shy, I’d do it without thinking twice. This isn’t a game or a joke of a virus).
  8. @KennethT tonight my husband made one of his go to bachelor meals. About 2lbs or 12 bone in, skin on chicken thighs. 5-8 peeled bulbs of garlic. Place it all in a large casserole dish and pour in enough soy sauce to cover 3/4th of the chicken. Cook, covered at 325 for 40 minutes. Flip chicken, cover again and cook for 20-25 minutes more. Then remove, flip again (top side up if that makes sense) and remove foil and cook at 350 until the garlic is basically caramelized so about 20 minutes. Served with Nisiki rice from the rice cooker. It’s easily to adjust the flavors with say, some chili oil or fish sauce, sugar, etc. but it’s simple, it makes the house smell amazing and it’s good.
  9. @Shelby have you tried chewy.com for dog food?
  10. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2020

    @Kim Shook those noodles in the soup look amazing. Did you make them? Buy them?
  11. I’d buy it. I just tried their breakfast this morning. Pretty good and I’ve yet to try the chicken biscuit.
  12. I never bothered to try. I didn’t get much help so I figured why bother. But thanks for thinking of me. Some of these threads are overran by people and I’m not about to fight for answers in a message board.
  13. Just mustard. Mainly at Mets games back in the day, now the food available at Citifield is bougie. But yea just with a nice mustard. It’s a hotdog.
  14. they’re actually having a wine dinner at Bartholomew on 3/14. We won’t be in Sonoma at that time, kinda bummed.
  15. @weinoo thanks for the recommendations especially the dispensary. I use delivery (via Eaze) while in SF. More on topic, I have been eying the girl and the fig in downtown Sonoma. Now I’m going to research restaurants by the SPARC. We will have a car.
  16. I have a 9pm reservation at Gary Danko for March 14th. It was, when I called three weeks ago, the earliest reservation. Which should be about 12am for us but, I anticipate on sleeping 90% of the flight to SF. Plus then, since we are staying by the Wharf (I wanted to change it up) means we can snack and sample and walk then nap and have a nice dinner. While GD isn’t the best restaurant I’ve been to, their format is absolutely the best for me. I cannot eat a full three course meal— I generally don’t have a sweet tooth and appetizers and seafood on their menu always entice me. I have a rental home in Sonoma about 3 miles from the center of town. Any restaurant recommendations? I’m considering hiring a chef to come to the house on my birthday (my 40th and st Patrick’s day) since we will be spending the day touring wineries and I know I will not want to get dressed and go out.
  17. I had a dental cleaning yesterday. My Chinese American dentist is busy and not dealing with paranoid, racist idiots affecting her business. That said? We ordered from the local diner. We do live in Northern Nj and diner food was easy on my poor mouth.
  18. Thanks. The Anova app is saying one hour at 150 for medium well. Why less cooking time with the app?
  19. Ok I’m going to give this a go. I just got a 1.28lb whole irl tenderloin from Wegmans that has seasoning on it. how do I figure out the time and temp? I have an Anova. I prefer my pork medium well and want to sear it in a hot pan after taking it out of the SV bath then serve. Does that seem like a reasonable plan? (running off to actually take the Anova out of its box!)
  20. @suzilightning I did get a gift certificate for Scaleni Fedeli. Haven’t been before so I’m excited. I actually haven’t been to Jockey Hollow yet either.
  21. I do have two kits worth on Instapot inserts so I hope I’m good there. I however loathe hard boiled eggs. And most eggs other than scrambled. I know! 🙈 At least I don’t put ketchup on them!
  22. I’m going to go grocery shopping tomorrow and will also order items to be delivered. Think stupidly simple.
  23. Ok I’m really out of my element with these gifts so if anyone can recommend which unit to start with and what to do with it, it’s much appreciated:
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