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  1. Yesterday’s surgery has me in a considerable amount of pain but I do have prescription painkillers. So far I was able to eat some eggplant parm (in vodka sauce to cut the acidity) and Italian ice and rice. Hopefully each day brings considerable recovery because I’m traveling across the country Friday. @Shelby I hope you’re on the mend too!
  2. There are trains. I wouldn’t do it. NJ transit is unreliable at its best and down right awful in general.
  3. Reviving this thread. all I want is Advil. And broth. I’ve found better than boullion (can’t spell it’s late) to taste pretty poorly. I’ve mixed a cup of boiling water and tbsp of their powder version. It’s almost fishy.
  4. So I refused to have gum surgery with actual surgery. So it will be done with lasers on Monday. Part one of two. I don’t anticipate it being horrific and I’m more concerned about the atheistic since we leave to go to my inlaws on Friday. I’ve been eating everything I know I won’t be able to like bagels and burgers. After Monday I’ll need to eat mush.
  5. They had the Beechers cheese samples last year. I never opened it. Do you think it’s still ok? I used to work around the corner from the NYC flagship store and eat samples for lunch about 11 years ago. Earning 50k in Manhattan isn’t a livable wage.
  6. I have no experience in hotel as I live about 15 miles away. Newark is likely the best airport to live by and be able to live 25 miles from Manhattan and be in the suburbs. That said everyone raves about this place: https://www.valencarestaurantnj.com/
  7. I can not recommend Manhatta for the views alone enough. I know they have a brunch. Even just getting drinks at the bar will really show the city off.
  8. exactly. You won’t be missing out on anything great (although I’d personally be tempted to go to downtown Newark for Rodizio however with that security lines around American Thanksgiving I’d stay in the airport. I’ll be there on Friday. Wanderlust has good burgers. Just be prepared that cash (besides tipping curbside if that’s what you prefer, I always do that despite having Preferred Status) doesn’t exists in terminal C. Everything is on Ipads or self service and it’s all credit only.
  9. Love all of this (I’m not a huge fan of juniors) and you’re brave to deal with the cold.
  10. This. I can recommend restaurants but if you’re going to be in terminal C it’s so busy I’d just stay there. You can pay for access to the United lounge if you want.
  11. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2019

    That was my first thought
  12. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2019

    Dinner in the NY dinning thread.
  13. Tonight my husband and I had an early anniversary dinner at Manhatta. I don’t feel it’s right to drag my husband into the city when he’s not already there for work, and since he works from home Fridays and works in the office downtown, Manhatta with its views was a no brainer. We started off with a sourdough baguette with butter from Burgundy and chicken liver mousse with everything bagel topping. I had the charcoal grilled pork belly app, my husband had the foie Gras rueben. We both had the wagyu coulette as mains. He had the dark chocolate soufflé for dessert and I had the punpkin creme brûlée which was excellent. The aesthetics we’re amazing and the voice level very reasonable. We started off with glasses of Sancerre while looking at the menu and then enjoyed a bottle of 2014 Burgundy that was delicious— very jammy which I enjoy. the three course menu is $94 a person. All bottles and glasses of wine include gratuity and does the food as it’s a Danny Meyer restaurant.
  14. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2019

    actually I do. My inlaws do the same old traditional Thanksgiving. I’m not a huge fan, because my dad has a poultry allergy so as a kid/ teen we’d both enjoy lobsters. But I think popovers would be a really great addition. Do I need a special baking pan for them? Oven space will be limited despite having two.
  15. Thanks everyone! I think we will book our stay at Wine and Roses and explore as we go! I will take pictures of meals and update. ETA— I reserved a kind standard room at Wine and Roses. Gorgeous rooms all with patios or balconies. Less than $300 a night, which to me, for a boutique hotel during a holiday week is a good deal. Now to glance around d at the local restaurant. Apparently there’s a very good Thai restaurant nearby— but the only have 7 tables. Looking forward to having my first dinner of two there!
  16. MetsFan5

    Breakfast 2019

    Ann, that looks incredible. Would you share the recipe?
  17. MetsFan5

    Roasted mushrooms

    Ooo good to know! Half Baked Harvest posted a wild rice chicken soup topped with roasted mushrooms that I’m going to try this week.
  18. I am the proposed gift receiver. 😬 But so is my mother. My mom could use it as she has to cook different dinners for herself and my father. My dad is highly allergic to all poultry and white, flakey fish and my mom is low carb. Personally I never know when my husband will be home due to his commute so the concept of being able to make a meal in the cold winter in one pot and then throwing a salad together is appealing. We have a BGE so in the warmer months and even on Christmas, we cook and or smoke meat. By we, I mean he does!
  19. I lived in Hoboken back then and it was ugly. We only lost a car which co pared to most, it wasn’t a big loss. My husband told me about this trunk treating tonight and I called him a liar. 😌 I thought NJ kids were tougher than that!
  20. @IowaDee that’s a cute memory! I always keep a lot of change by the door because as a kid I always had a unicef box to collect money in addition to my candy. As an adult I’ve never seen that. So now I have a lot of change and too much candy. I can separate myself from the change more easily than I can the candy! 🤷🏻‍♀️
  21. When Hurricane Sandy hit back in 2012, our governor “cancelled” Halloween as it was too dangerous with the flooding and the millions without power, not to mention downed power lines and trees. It was a smart call. It was very warm here— above 70– but we only got one trick or treater. One. And her parents brought their German Shepard (pretty ballsy imo) who barked at Maisey and then I got dirty looks from the parents when Maisey jumped up and gave their child (who squealed and reached to pet her) a kiss. Maybe we’re the neighbor weirdos now? At least I can give my husband the candy to bring to work where it’s appreciated.
  22. Which do you find you use more frequently/ is easier to use: a sous vide other an Instapot?
  23. MetsFan5

    Nasty Ingredients

    Really?!? I mean they’re everywhere here but they must weight like 30 plus lbs. ugh and they’re so mean!
  24. I spent about 2 hours, ironically, researching the meal kit market and reviews and meals available currently. Nothing appealed at all. The meals were either literally microwaveable or they offered stupid (as in I can make it already) meals or they had bad reviews and were unappealing. I don’t mind using a grocery store meal kit— I can at least look at it and it’s subscription free. I agree this market has collapsed. So much invested.
  25. I like the idea of musabi but would balk at frying spam in oil.
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