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  1. What type of anti inflammatory? I want to go in asking as many questions as possible.
  2. I’m sorry to be reviving this topic again. I have the *worst* oral luck. Ok maybe not the worst but it’s pretty bad. I’ve had two sets of braces and a handful of root canals plus a abscessed tooth that required an ora surgeon to remove it, then put a screw in my jaw and then the implant. 🙄 all of that to say, I’m getting my gums scaled tomorrow and I’m terrified as usual. I really should have made a lasagna today because I could gum it room temp but I didn’t. And plus, it’s *hot* here. I love and have gazpacho on hand but worry that the acid will make my soon to be even more sore gums worse. So I guess I can fall back on the newly labeled “soy sauce” top ramen or maybe a lightly grilled cheese on soft white bread? Any other suggestions? What’s worked for you in the past? I know better than to use straws or to wear anything very cold or hot. I wish my dentist could give me a wine IV along with Novocain and nitrous!
  3. My husband and I will be in CA in November. We’re going out the weekend prior to Thanksgiving for the Big Game in Palo Alto (go Bears) and then will make our way to the Sacramento area to have thanksgiving with the inlaws. Some preliminary research shows Lodi would be a nice place to spend a couple days. It seems like there’s a lot of wineries, focusing on Zinfandel and good restaurants, etc. Would anyone from CA recommend this as a nice stop off before going to the in laws? Any recommendations for hotels and restaurants and what to do? Thanks in advance!
  4. When we go away the pup goes to the kennel. I kind of hate it despite her having a private room with her own tv and her room is sound proof. She’s a “people” dog not a Dog’s dog. On topic, we will likely go back to SF and Danko for my 40th next March and also rent a home in Sonoma or Napa.
  5. Agreed. I was (gritting my teeth to admit this) in the voluntary psychiatric ward for a week at my local (major) hospital this past winter. The food was actually good. And I had little to no appetite but it was served warm and we could order “off menu” if we chose to. Meals were served on heavy plastic plates that I believe had a heating element in them. Silverware, given the circumstances was plastic and had to be disposed of in a separate bag to be counted. But the food was good. I’m so glad you have people bringing you in actual, real, edible food @Anna N
  6. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2019

    @Kim Shook the newly labeled “soy sauce” top ramen is my favorite. Full of sodium and msg it’s comfort food to me. So weird it took them forever to become PC!
  7. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2019

    Cheese fondue in the electric fondue pot. The only cooking I did was to heat up Wegmans ham slices to get a bit of caramelization. Zucchini, cauliflower, mushrooms and bread.
  8. Details about dinner? Is the corn decent now?
  9. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2019

    Gosh I would Hoover a good gazpacho right now!
  10. I have spam in my pantry and will try it once this heat dies down. I’m not using my oven, my range or even my microwave until this heatwave breaks.
  11. @JoNorvelleWalker Acme is still present in Northern NJ— specifically Morris Plains. “Acme” was my first actual word as a child outside of yes, no and forms of mom and dad. I haven’t been in their store on probablt 15 years but it changed a bit since my childhood. I have had them delivered via Instacart. A&P I remember fondly as the one that was in Morristown (and is now a Whole Foods) sold alcohol so I could shop there for food while in college and buy beer and have my friends give me money back for it when my parents thought I was just getting food. 🙈 Jeff who? Corzine? I also foundly rememner Grand Union in Basking Ridge.
  12. I live in Northern NJ and I detest Shoprite. There’s one new “major” one by me that sells wine and beer and liquor without a separate check out but it’s constantly crowded and feels like an uncomfortable Costco. I generally shop at Stop and Shop, Kings, and Wegmans. With some Amazon pantry and TJs thrown in. My major orders are via PeaPod which delivers Stop and Shop as they have good prices. My “pick up a few things” store is Kings as it’s about 2 miles from my home and I pass by it often. There’s a Whole Foods in town but it’s small and Kings IMO offers the same things, better quality. TJs I go to once a month. Wegmans I use via Instacart as it is in an extremely inconvenient location. They’ve changed their system and have an in store shopped buy the items and supposedly refrigerate them but I had a package of chicken go bad on me twice so now I don’t trust that. So I get speciality cheeses and chauceutiere, nuts, bread, olives etc from them. While down the shore we picked up a bunch of cheeses, olives, eggplant pie , rice balls, cheese spreads and salads at Joe Leone’s in Point Pleasant Beach.
  13. Henkel steak knives. China? It can be easily stored. New silverware? I registered for Henkels and love them. Wine glasses? I registered and received everyday Villeroy and Bosh service for 12, the aforementioned silverware, personalized China, Riedel wine glasses... but we lived in a large-ish townhome. We use our electric fondue pot but I’ve never used my panini press, my 7qt Cuisanart, my pizza stones or my Kitchen Aid mixer but I’m a shitty cook.
  14. That price for a Taco seems high or is it just me?
  15. I can’t read any of the label... I’m assuming that’s your issue as well. Maybe someone can sharpen or refocus the image?
  16. What a wonderful post to read! It warmed my heart and I’m so pleased for your and your mom!
  17. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2019

    @Kim Shook how is the corn this time of year?
  18. I cannot stop eating those Benne cookies. I blame EG! I saw the pimento cheese but didn’t grab it. I will next time.
  19. We decided against it. We’re going to West Palm Beach for a concert this month then my husband is going to Bermuda for work for a few days (not interested, I went last year and didn’t really enjoy it) so that trip is on hold. If anything we’d fly to Portland and back for a weekend.
  20. @Kerry Beal apologies if I missed it but how old is Miss Kira now? She looks tall from the pictures!
  21. I can only speak for the restaurants I worked for— not chains and high end— and it seems to be working well for them. Specially because people find their food and packaging to be good and so they then go to dine in. A lot of popular restaurants, family owned places like the apps because they’re still selling when they have a full house with a waitlist. That is just my experience.
  22. We wouldn’t order through various apps if we couldn’t responsibly afford it. I can imagine people younger than me living in cities, overworked and tired spending without thinking just to eat without having to really do anything. I have a lot of worries in life (I’m a worrier) but finances are low on the list. I’m very fortunate. Also on the flip side, people are making a living and not a bad one at that, working for UberEats, Doordash and Postmates. I tip 20% because if I’m too lazy to cook or pick up food then I think the drivers deserve compensation for my laziness.
  23. I lived in Hoboken for a while and that is one of the best restaurant in town. Just really, really good.
  24. I get why the majority of people on egullet don’t use delivery apps. They’re good to great cooks. I am neither. I have almost two decades of experience working in restaurants; mainly in fine dining. My mother is a very good home cook so I never really had to learn how to cook. I mean I know how to in terms of temperatures and food safety and what techniques to use on various proteins and vegetables but I know that in theory, not in practice. And I enjoy reading and seeing what others can do, and envy it. That said, I do not have an intuition when it comes to cooking. My husband’s schedule is extremely random and fluxuates despite plans due to the nature of cyber security. So I often don’t want to cook (which can be frustrating for me) when I have no clue when he will be home. I use and have used GrubHub (they bought out Seamless which I used when I worked in Manhattan), UberEats and Postmates all within the past week, multiple times. All of these platforms provide us with meals from locally owned businesses. Of course it’s costly depending on what we’re ordering— two nights ago it was pizza and tonight it was hibachi. It works for us. Tomorrow we will be grilling and on Monday I will likely make a lasagna we can eat for 2-3 days. After that? Who knows. Also, while I could call local establishments and at times still do, some of them don’t speak English well so trying to spell out my address and distinguish between Bs and Ds has been problematic. These apps take that frustration factor away. Another plus is if we are paying via credit card (which is often I just never think to bother to have cash on hand) I am not giving the number, expiration date and security code to a stranger who is repeating that information back to me in front of god knows who else.
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