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  1. Hope it works well for you. Indian food has been prevalent in Parsippany for a few decades.
  2. oh I absolutely agree. It’s impossible to find a good chicken or even beef and broccoli dish without almost raw broccoli. Makes me nuts. What’s your local place? While I enjoy raw broccoli in a crudités dish I do not in a cooked dish. I’ve never been an egg roll enthusiast, potstickers are more my thing. and most have extremely thick skins which is not ideal imo.
  3. Gotcha. Perhaps I haven’t had a genuinely cask conditioned ale. I think I may bypass Hops, simply because I’m going on a first date and unless you know Morristown, this time of year can be a nightmare to try and learn how to find Hops and where to park, etc. I have been to the the Long Valley Pub but that was about… 23 years ago and back then I was underage. Now you couldn’t pay me to drive to Schooley’s Mountain. I did it often when I was young and dumb. I’m thinking of Prospect Tavern for a first date. I think they have karaoke which I loathe but it could be a good, legitimate reason to escape if said date isn’t going well. While I have a car I use Uber or Lyft if I’m going out. Particularly if I’m going to Morristown. I’d really like to go back to 1776 and try the clothes line bacon despite it being gimmicky and a salt aged steak. Unfortunately the bar there gets extremely busy and sitting at the bar is my preference while dining solo. I may try to go mid afternoon next week. The menu at Jockey Hollow has never really appealed to me. I respect that they require proof of vaccinations. The menu to me just falls flat. I’d love to live in one of their condos but have yet to find an extra million laying around. 😂 Plus I’m in the middle of a divorce. But if you want an eating buddy, let me know. There are some very decent BYOBs like South and Pine around. I also appreciate old school restaurants like The Grand Cafe. I refuse to drive into town during this time of year and just Uber the whole 2-3 miles I go to my salon or on dates, etc.
  4. @Smithy puff pastry pizza is one of my go to “cheater” appetizers, especially while watching sporting events. It’s also a guilty pleasure at home as I let Maisey hoover up all the flakes that fall! 😂
  5. Hmm that’s hard because I don’t think most places do egg rolls particularly well. I have found most of the Thai restaurants to be of decent quantity if not overpriced, but then again what isn’t in the area? I genuinely miss the Hunan Room in Morris Plains, a causality of covid. And Chef Jon’s in Whippany.
  6. I am not an Indian food fan but I do know the Mehani family as mentioned and they have had generations of success in Edison. I received and email about this: https://www.google.com/amp/s/flipboard.com/@Patch/watch-popular-youtuber-eats-24-hours-worth-of-parsippany-indian-food/a-SFLmDH6TSf-FCtZDAr9o7w%3Aa%3A2429204041-7ef957e81f%2Fpatch.com%3fformat=amp But obviously anyone who does that is particularly insane or has a stomach capable way beyond my own.
  7. i know exactly what you’re talking about and have had cask aged beers. I’m just not remembering where— it may have been at the Stirling Tavern. I may be going to Hops this weekend and if I do, I’ll take pictures of their beer menu.
  8. I’m really sorry if I misdirected you— I am not a fan of Indian food. I do like like Ming and you’re correct it is expensive but I suppose I’m used to it now. I only go there when I’m flush and enjoy it. Personally I’m not a huge shopper so I don’t mind spending money in local restaurants. I’m fortunate enough to be able to do so.
  9. Morristown/ Morris Township has always had a high cost of living. I’m a fourth generation home owner (the only one in my generation) on my paternal side. I’m looking to purchase a townhome. On topic being that I am 41, I’m not about to go the the Office. The Hops bar behind the Famished Frog has an incredible amount of craft beers. Stirling Tavern has a large bar and good appetizers and a roof top bar. Roots is great for a steak or even a lunch— they have stone crabs. The Sushi Lounge isn’t the scene it used to be and their quality is solid.
  10. Nice let me know how it goes! I do know the Mehani family that owns Ming and Mehndi and their original locations-/ I went to school with their kids. I do like Ming a lot. I’m always blown away while there that it used to be a Bennigans (that I worked at no less). Mmm Ming. I may order dinner from them tonight via Grubhub.
  11. I’ve been back since. The pizzas and the burger were all great. The steak did stand out, but I was dining with a friend and she got a pizza and I felt it would be gauche to order a steak. I do want to try one of their salt aged steaks. In town I’m also a fan of Roots and Rod’s but I think 1776 has potential to be even better. I’m fine dining solo but the bar there is always extremely crowded, and I prefer to dine at the bar when going solo. I may have better luck at lunch. Are you local? Unfortunately it seems like most buildings more than say 50 years are being torn down and built into apartments. The rents are higher than Hoboken and the UES. It’s insane.
  12. MetsFan5

    Breakfast 2021

    @Kim Shook please thank Jessica for me! I will be making that delicious comfort meal for myself over the weekend by with Taylor Ham giving it a NJ twist. All my favorites and such a brilliant idea with the hash brown patties!
  13. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2021

    Um are any of the men here single?? 😂 I have leftovers for days. My aunt spatchcocked the Turkey which came out well. When I mentioned knowing about it the whole table stared at me. I told them this isn’t a new thing. Granted I don’t cook for myself so I told them about EG.
  14. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2021

    I likely don’t qualify as a kid but with a dinner like that I can absolutely act as one!
  15. They do offer a three course lunch menu for $19 which is a steal IMO given the prices at Ming. I am not a big fan of Indian food but have heard great things first hand about Begum Place in Madison: https://www.begumpalacenj.com
  16. Do you do mail order? That looks delicious.
  17. I will take them tomorrow. Apparently technology is alluding my father at the moment.
  18. So I’m going back Friday. My parents said the service seems to have improved they went earlier this week. I did learn that the lowest investment accepted is in fact, very low for a high end restaurant (along the lines of a semester of college tuition) which explains the insane amount of investors. As long as the food and service are good, I will be happy.
  19. I’ve spent probably half my working life in well established restaurants. There’s a dark side to everything Right now my friend who was a GM where I worked is writing up a report about a customer who died tonight. That is not easy. I’d rather have my ass grabbed than deal with that.
  20. I had two young kids ring my bell at 3:30pm. That’s…really early. I was on my deck watching them from my camera on my phone. The littlest one was so mad the threw my Amazon delivery at my door lol! After that, absolutely nothing. I meant to turn off the outside lights but Maisey and I napped. While I’m sure the two who came to my door were cute, I’m sure I will be much cuter without having candy around to snack on! 😬
  21. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2021

    I had a McRib and fries. No regrets. I didn’t eat the day before.
  22. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2021

    I do love puff pastry. I mainly use it to make a pizza. It makes a hell of a mess with the crumbs but my dog is a living vacuum cleaner.
  23. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2021

    They look gorgeous. I am just adverse to beans.
  24. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2021

    I really dislike ciabatta. I think it’s because I have veneers and it feel rough to bite into. I’m more of a potato, brioche or pretzel bun person and I know they all likely have more calories. I just worry too much to chance a ciabatta and I also think it could distract from some burgers but certainly not the delicious double posted above!
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