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  1. I was stoned and about 20 at the time. It seemed like something worth trying 😂 Every dining option on campus closed by 10pm and delivery back then was limited to Dominos until midnight. Without a kitchen the year of the Steak ‘Em experiment, we definitely got creative. Best thing we made and made often was probably asparagus covered in Boursin cheese and wrapped in prosciutto. That was once my roommate got a job at a well known small chain wine, beer, liquor and gourmet store. That “illegal” toaster oven was worth the fine we incurred as a result of an inspection. Yes, we had a Nathan’s on campus, along with a pub. Neither are there anymore. I’m wondering if I should just donate my Instant Pot. I have inserts (lots of them) for it and have had it for 2.5 years. Eventually it’s going to be obsolete and it seems like it’s probably not something a person living alone needs. Maybe the local soup kitchen would want it? I’ll figure something out. I am conflicted with the concept of electric grills. I get the PAG is electric, but I’m (incorrectly perhaps) assuming it’s different from say, a stand up electric grill meant to be used outdoors. I could get a “real” grill but I’d have to drag it out to public areas and the dog would go nuts being left in the apartment with me going in and out with meat so I’m willing to concede to an inexpensive electric grill. Any recommendations for a garbage can that has separate compartments for garbage and recycling? On a somewhat unrelated note, is it difficult to change out a toilet seat? 😂
  2. Thar makes sense. I’m also wary of any “George Forman” branded product. I am not trying to eliminate fat so I can have a dried out piece of meat. Their electric grill has decent reviews but it’s not tempting. i had one of the small “George Forman” grills in college. It was essentially a panini press. One day when I might have had a bit of something that is now legal to smoke in NJ I went to the grocery store and saw Steak ‘Ems. Never having had them I thought they’d be amazing. I got home, immediately put them in the grill where the entire thing became liquified fat. I was irritated and I think I kicked the thing into a box in a corner, never to be seen again. I then hauled my ass to the Nathan’s on campus before it closed.
  3. Damn, I was really considering the Phillips. what do you use to grill in lieu of the PAG? ETA-reading comprehension is important! 😂. I have an airfyer that I love and use a lot and has a large capacity. Maybe I should start considering an electric grill.
  4. MetsFan5

    Breakfast 2022

    @Kim Shook I’m exactly the same in terms of “spicy” tolerance. I love horseradish and radishes, etc but chili heat burns my palate. I need those cheese rolls/buns!
  5. Right now that PAG is tempting. I can’t see an advantage to an electric grill. Has one one had one?
  6. I like my every day set; I don’t want to buy stuff because my current ones don’t “fit” in my shelving. My mother’s main china is a simple white Lenox with I think gold trim. That works for me. But my parents still have and use their stuff. So not my issue now and if anything when/ if they do sell their home they should have an estate sale.
  7. Thanks, I like the idea of label things like “kitchen soon” or “kitchen later”, etc. i also need to buy some new furniture. I think once I get that in place I’ll have a better idea of what I can store versus bring. I may try to negotiate for my ex to take our everyday china but he’s already taking the wedding china which is platinum rimmed and monogrammed to boot. We have the first same initial but my last initial is being reverted to my original so I have zero want or need for that. As it stands now I will inherit I think two sets of china for 16 from my parents unless they sell/donate them (please donate them!!😂) along with who knows what eventually. I think I’ll have to be a bit creative and will probably put my all clad in storage along with my Cuisinart and just keep the basics. I’m better at donating/ giving away my clothing than I am with kitchen and home goods. Probably because most of those were gifts. I don’t need a deep fryer or a panini press or even a wok. I do want a rice cooker if I can get one that is compact. When I’m upset/ stressed, rice is my go to comfort food. Does anyone recommend a particular make or model that doesn’t take up much space? Next time I go over there I’ll take a few pictures of the empty space. Also, I noticed when I opened the refrigerator it moves forward. I’m guessing that’s an issue for maintenance. Dealing with the child sized toilet seat may be another issue 😬🙄 sorry for my whining. This is just not at all ideal and it’s hard giving up a space I spent a lot of time to make ideal. Oh and I think the main refrigerator at my home is dying. After 7 years and it’s from Sears so I’m probably SOL and my home is under contract. My jaw is so tense I feel like the Tin Man.
  8. Thanks everyone! I have a lot of stuff. A 12 cup food processor, a big wok, a bunch of all clad, a full set of t-fal prograde non stick pots and pans. A panini press, a big oxo salad spinner, a deep fryer, a hand mixer, a stick blender. 12 piece Villeroy and Boch every day china… and that doesn’t include all the wine glasses, the hand blown glass margarita and rocks glasses… you get the idea 😂 I basically designed the kitchen in my home to my wants and likes (same with two of the four bathrooms 🥺) so this move will call for donating as much as it does putting items in storage. I have a local storage unit and have easy access to it so that I don’t have to worry about what to do with everything. I did buy a new knife block set since my ex is taking the one we have, otherwise I just need to do some creative thinking as to what to bring and where to put it. Even the storage for my pup’s food is a bit bewildering. I do have a dishwasher and I did take measurements of the insides of some cabinets and am worried my dinner plates might not even fit in these cabinets. I’ll bring one over tomorrow to test out. I really do not want to buy new plates, etc. and I’d prefer not to rely on paper either but tbd. I have a covered deck it’s about 11 ft wide by 5 ft deep, so not small. Only electric grills are allowed on it. I don’t know a single person who owns or has used an electric grill. They are inexpensive enough, as per Amazon, but “electric” and “grill” seem at odds with each other. I have started reading the PAG thread. The whole “don’t look directly at it” aspect has me a bit thrown though! 🫣 I appreciate all the advice. When it comes to storage I’m going to make sure certain kitchen and clothing items are at the front of my unit so I can always go back for something should I miss it. Once the housing market slows down I would like to buy a townhome so I do want to keep everything I have (that hasn’t been overused and easily replaced) for the future 🤞🏻
  9. In the next month or so, I will be out of my home and into an apartment. Naturally I will have to choose items to be put in storage, donated or to put into my apartment. Since my home had an open house and inspections and other appointments, etc. I kept the kitchen surfaces bare except for my air frier which I didn’t have room to store. I don’t miss my toaster oven— my air fryer can do what a toaster owner can. So that will be donated. I basically never used my Kitchen Aid mixers and attachments— my ex can have those. With all of that in mind, and having a gas stovetop, what are items on a small kitchen that anyone has found useful or on the other hand, useless? I’ll be going to the apartment sometime soon (I have no immediate reason to move and start incurring bills there right away) and will take measurements, test out appliances, etc. I really hope the freezer will have an automatic ice maker but if it doesn’t— lots of ice molds will be on my list. Keep in mind that while I basically never cook currently, I am going to make a very concerted effort to do so once I move. It will be solely my space and no one can say, pressure me last minute to let the future buyers have another walk though etc and I will be within .3 miles from a grocery store. I also need to consider staples to order for the apartment and garbage pails! I appreciate any recommendations!
  10. Fritos. They’re usually pretty gross to me. Cheesecake with a super buttery gram cracker crust. Apple slices with a ton of peanut butter. Lays dipped in ketchup. Old Amsterdam Gouda 18 months. Fresh blackberries. No wonder I’m concerned about my diet!! 🙄😂
  11. Just snagged this deal on Henckels since my ex has claim to our smaller set, I think this is a steal; https://www.macys.com/shop/product/j.a.-henckels-dynamic-18-pc-knife-block-set?ID=12608431&CategoryID=24294
  12. MetsFan5


    The blackberries sold locally in grocery stores are very good right now. I believe they’re from CA, which is across the country for me but they’re somewhat reasonably priced and have a nice deep flavor— not tart. I’ve never been a big fruit eater and tend to shy from fruits due to the sugar content but I think eating a balanced diet is the wisest move.
  13. Yup, it’s the only way I’ve ever sautéed mushrooms.
  14. What an amazing piece of history to own! I hope when/if you cook from it you will create a thread will your results!
  15. MetsFan5

    Lunch 2022

    @Kim Shook that margherita pizza looks amazing! Now I want one! 😂
  16. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2022

    Ok so I have to sell my house which kinda sucks but my goal once I move it to learn how to shuck oysters. I think I’ll visit the local Whole Foods to ask for some assistance and go from there. Because all these oysters are amazing.
  17. @JAZ thanks for clarifying! I can be a bit…simple minded when it comes to following recipes. So to confirm, you use dried lasagna noodles and they get cooked during the process of making the dish; they don’t need to be cooked prior to making the lasagna? Also thanks for the link regarding the cut of beef. I get what I should ask for in my region!
  18. If you don’t want to wait for the hard copy, it is available on Kindle and Kindle unlimited which I have and love.
  19. @JAZ I have a question about the Lazy Lasagna recipe (it’s motivating me to get over my irrational fear of my InstaPot) — are the noodles referenced fresh or the Barillia style no need to cook ones? Also, what exactly are “petite tenders” of beef? Stew cuts? Tenderloin cut into small pieces? Thank you in advance.
  20. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2022

    Te amo. (Am I the only 90 day fiancé addict?)
  21. I like it. Their chicken sandwiches and sides are also good.
  22. MetsFan5

    Breakfast 2022

    Do they taste similar to Jan average radish? I’d never had any other type but those are gorgeous!
  23. For me they tend to be overwhelming in terms of size. I have never claimed to be a classy eater. Taco Bell has a partnership with Cinnabon. They have these munchkin size little donuts with the icing in the middle. They are complete trash but they are really good. isn’t there a thread about PMS? Because I see cinnamon sugar donuts filled with the trashy icing in my near future!
  24. That’s an overload of carbs. Your husband isn’t wrong to be irritated. Hopefully he has something better to drink with that mess!
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