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  1. 31 minutes ago, Tropicalsenior said:

    What green stuff? Everything else looks wonderful but the broccoli rabe looks like you cremated it.


    As the recipe calls for.*  Crispy and delicious.



    *blanched, then dried, then roast 425F for 20 minutes.  My new favorite recipe for broccoli rabe.



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  2. 24 minutes ago, hotsaucerman said:

    not sure if they are strictly comparable but would yall req the breville/polyscience chamber vac or something like the vacmaster vp125?


    I have the Polyscience and I am pleased with it.  Only two problems to speak of:  the external vacuum line never works unless you hold the connector in.  And when I ask Alexa, "Turn Polyscience on", she is most creative in misunderstanding what a Polyscience is.


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  3. Dinner05152022.jpg


    "Simple Curry" from The Yogi Cook Book by Yogi Vithaldas and Susan Roberts.  Tilda Basmati rice.  I've been making this curry for over fifty years.  Grilled lamb, store bought naan, mango chutney, lime pickle, garlic pickle, coriander pickle, raisins, not shown.  Regrettably no pappadum.  I ran out of counter space and kitchen electrical capacity.


    Vithaldas says to improvise.  For the curry I omitted whole cloves and added garam masala made from a Vivek Singh recipe.  The garam masala contains coriander, cumin, green cardamom, black cardamom, cinnamon, mace, cloves, nutmeg, black pepper, and bay leaves.


    Leftovers planned for tonight.  Maybe someday I will learn to use a bowl.



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  4. 58 minutes ago, Tropicalsenior said:

    None of that can ever compare to a blown up pressure cooker. My kitchen is 15 x 25 and it managed to Splash every wall and everything in between.


    No, but close to that I had an exploded can of coconut cream.  Blew the cabinet open, got the ceiling, didn't quite make it to the opposite wall.


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  5. With the Fissler 25% off sale coming to an end in a few minutes I succumbed to a third cookware order, a 24cm roasting pan with dome lid.  One of my friends has said I have a pot addiction.  The sale is a closeout on the 2019 Pure-Profi line.  Another pot I would have liked was sold out.  The new Fissler Pure-Profi pots don't look nearly as nice.


    The 22cm roasting pan I might have bought was sold out and the amazon scalpers already offer it for three times the list price.



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  6. 4 hours ago, andrewk512 said:


    I wouldn't put anything I wanted a strict temp on in the top rack anyway, the oven light emits a lot of heat (around 140F) so you risk uneven cooking ( I suppose you could turn the light off but the function to do so is annoyingly hidden)


    Not that hidden.


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