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  1. 3 hours ago, Shelby said:







    I'm not going to price my pics every time just because it's a PITA to look it up lol.  This order I got on Friday was $132.44.  Most expensive item was the pecans--needed them for my Derby Pie--at $9.75 which is right around the grocery store price 'cause I looked on Thursday when I was there.  I can also tell you that I spent $100 at Dillon's and came home with far less lol.


    No limes?


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  2. 12 minutes ago, AAQuesada said:

    🥲 they have stopped making filters for the Camelbak Relay pitcher (it filtered water as it came in ame again before it left the pitcher. Love it, but my heart is broken Absent paying 55$ for a single filter on eBay it looks like I'm in the market for a new one.


    Anything worth looking at besides the usual Britta? What are your favorites?


    I use German Brita filters.  In North America the Brita brand is owned by Clorox.  Different products.


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  3. 4 hours ago, dtremit said:


    I bought the NP-NWC10XB a few months ago — and at least from the pictures I can find, it appears that the pressure valve apparatus is identical to your NP-NVC18:




    The "grain filter" that covers the pressure apparatus is also the same part for both series: https://www.zojirushi.com/app/spare_parts/item/BU201011L-00


    The line for the steel cut oats setting is much lower than any other measurement line, though:




    I'm wondering if that's actually the only real difference — a line to tell you not to overfill it.


    A lot of Instant Pot instructions also recommend adding a little fat to anything likely to foam — good enough excuse for me to put some butter in my oats!


    Except for color your valve looks the same as mine.



  4. 1 hour ago, kayb said:

    Thanks, @rotuts.


    Quick update with a few pix from brunch that fortified us for our shopping trip. We went to Brick and Spoon, a small chain that arcs around the gulf from NOLA to Destin, with outposts in Central Mississippi. 


    This was mine:



    A "killer Creole" omelet, with a filling of tasso, shrimp and cheese, with cheese grits. I made it through about half of it, and about half the bowl of grits. In the background is a mimosa, in a cute mini-pilsner glass, that consisted of about a quarter cup of OJ and the equivalent of two glasses of champagne.


    Sue had shrimp and grits:



    With a poached egg in the middle.


    We ate at the bar so we wouldn't have to wait to be seated. An advantage was we got to check out what other folks got to eat. I was impressed by the breakfast tacos, which were filled with eggs, tasso and shrimp. The shell appeared to be a rectangle of phyllo or puff pastry, baked into a folded shell shape. I wanted to ask the guy sitting next to me to let me photograph it, but I refrained. The pancakes the gal on the other side of us had looked pretty wonderful, too; at least eight inches in diameter, 3/4 of an inch thick, topped with a fruit compote and whipped cream. I do not want to know how many grams of sugar that encompassed; it was a lot.


    I did NOT refrain from asking the bartender if I could photograph a specialty drink he was making, the Big Spoon Bloody Mary:



    The drink itself has Absolut vodka, citron vodka, and some other kind of vodka. The garnishes you can see are an orange slice, a chunk of mango, a strip of crisp bacon, a stalk of celery, a pickled asparagus spear, a pickled green bean, and a pod of pickled okra. The ones you can't see are two boiled shrimp, a dill pickled spear, and a skewer of about six olives. 


    Damn thing is a meal all on its own! I'd venture the drink portion is 16 oz or so.


    In a bit, we're off to Cobalt for dinner. Obviously, there was no lunch. I'll leave you with a couple of pics of the gulf with some decent waves under an overcast sky:






    Amazing coincidence:  the size of my mai tai is 16 oz.


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  5. 3 hours ago, kayb said:

    I’m on Day Two of sunning myself on the Redneck Riviera, on the Gulf Coast of western Florida, and it occurred to me I should at least document some of the seafood. Apologies for the two meals I’ve failed to photograph so far; I will do better.


    Trip down Tuesday was about 2 1/2 hours longer than expected, as we acquired a 3/8 inch bolt through the sidewall of a tire. The delay impacted our lunch plans at Mary Mahoney’s Old French House in Biloxi, MS, one of my favorite destinations for Creole cuisine. We got there about 3, discovered they’d changed from the lunch to the dinner menu, so we had a late lunch/early dinner. 

    My traveling companion is a connoisseur of gumbo, and contends MM’s is the best she’s had. We both had a cup, a rich brown, with plenteous portions of shrimp and lump crabmeat, spicy but not hot. I guess there was trinity cooked in the roux, but none survived in noticeable bits. 

    She had fried shrimp, which looked awfully tasty with a crispy batter, almost tempura-ish but a little heavier. I had an appetizer-sized portion of shrimp and crab au gratin, the seafood in an extremely rich Mornay sauce, topped with cheese and broiled. It’ll make a liar of anyone who says one shouldn’t cook seafood with cheese. 

    Thus fortified, we made it the final 200 miles to our destination, where we enjoyed a late glass of wine on the deck while watching the sunset over the gulf, and I took one of the few photos I’ve taken so far:E82EDB74-632F-4386-9B21-764DE995B0CB.thumb.jpeg.3f650ff66ee97cf2dff101c6b3346a90.jpeg


    Yesterday, we lounged on the beach and by the pool, and headed out for dinner to another favorite, Acme Oyster House, a western outpost of the NOLA classic. In a new building on the Intercoastal Waterway, the room is uncommonly pleasant: high ceilings, dark wood, lots of windows. I was, sadly, a little disappointed in the food.


    Sue had a half a fried shrimp po’boy and a cup of butter beans, sausage and Tasso, and pronounced it good. I was less impressed with my grilled marinated shrimp, which had a Godawfully sweet taste to them. They were somewhat redeemed, though, by the excellent sweet potato fries, which were twice-fried to achieve a crispy outer shell and a creamy inside.


    Today is more lounging on the beach and at the pool, and debating where we’ll eat tonight. High in the running are Cobalt, a newish place on Perdido Bay where we ate lunch last year; Wolf Bay Lodge, which came highly recommended; and DeSoto’s Seafood House, a classic that’s been dishing up local seafood for 50 years. Or maybe one of a half-dozen other attractive looking places.


    I promise food photos!


    Toe pictures in a food blog are always welcome.


    When I saw your post I wondered if Kerry's Manitoulin sub had made it that far south?  Here in New Jersey we are having a local food event called "Subfest" -- having nothing to do with hoagies.


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  6. 2 hours ago, Margaret Pilgrim said:

    We need the backstory for this.   I can't put together a scenario where I would be juggling ground beef near/in an open dishwasher.     This takes your esoteric storage methods to new heights. 


    I consider ground beef to be messy.  Even Kenji wears gloves for ground beef.  With my Demeyere Searing Pan screaming on the stove I removed the previously opened plastic package from the refrigerator and placed the beef and its wrappings on the counter next to the sink.  As it happens the dishwasher is next to the sink.


    The package was unwieldy, and this was after a mai tai.  And @gfweb, it is a Frigidaire.


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  7. 4 hours ago, ErinKeegan said:

    What would you recommend from these three? Which is the best? Forgive me if someone already asked, I did not read the entire thread😇


    Apples and oranges, but I have three editions of the hardback NYT Cookbook, and that would be my choice.


  8. I received my Vekkia from amazon the other day.  It is everything that @heidih promised.  I was so pleased I ordered a newer model from the same supplier that was $2 more.  On the new version there is no lump in the middle of the (your) neck, and no wretched micro USB connector, the worst electrical connector devised by man (obviously).


    In addition to perusing cookbooks, I can use the lights for commuting down the state highway in the dark of night on my trek home from the library.  Gives drivers something to aim at.




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  9. 11 minutes ago, TdeV said:

    I have written to Anova to find out what they think/want-to-do about the incompatibility of the probe and the pan on the top rack of the oven. Will let you know. (The perforated pan does not look like it would work any better than the upgraded pan, and, now that I have the items below, I'm unlikely to purchase).


    Here is my APO set up to dry strawberries. See Dehydrating foodstuffs with the Anova Precision Oven.




    These items were recommendations from @palo and @JoNorvelleWalker.


    The rack is from Hamilton Housewares (12" x 17") (eG-friendly Amazon.com link)


    Silpat Silpain Premium Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat for Bread, 11-5/8 x 16-1/2 (eG-friendly Amazon.com link). Jo uses this mat to bake bread.






    Just to clarify:  Jo uses these mats for (infrequent) dehydrating in the APO.  Jo has never used them for baking anything


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  10. Pretty, but a disappointment:





    Kenji's Easy Skillet-Braised Chicken with Mushrooms and Bacon, The Food Lab p252.  Easy I suppose is relative, but that does not excuse the other faults.  For one thing, the bacon is cooked three minutes and transferred to a plate.  Thence never to be mentioned.  Kenji is not one to pass up on bacon.  He probably ate it all, waiting for the chicken.


    I braised the chicken almost twice as long as called for.  Still pink.  It was supposed to be falling off the bone.  It wasn't.



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  11. Dinner tonight involved searing chicken thighs.


    I love Rough Linen, especially now that I can put on my apron in just a couple minutes!  Nonetheless, the beautiful Rough Linen pinafore is worth far more than any clothes I may or may not be wearing in the kitchen.  And if you're picturing hot spattering fat branding human skin, no apron helps much for protecting forearms.  Ask me, I know.


    Besides, at my age, forearms are mostly bruises, ulcers, open sores, and scar tissue already.


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  12. 3 hours ago, Kim Shook said:

    I'll add my thanks to everyone else's!  I enjoy this so much every year and dream of doing the same.  I know most folks like to follow the sun, but I wonder if it would be possible to follow the Autumn?  😁


    Where do I sign up?


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  13. 6 minutes ago, blue_dolphin said:

    So sorry, @Darienne!  When I bake multiple oven loads of cookies I almost always burn the last one but it's much more tragic to lose them all!


    Me?  I will never again buy cooking oil with a plastic snap cap.  


    Acceptable screw cap on the left, unacceptable pop-top on the right.  

    I gave it the side-eye in the store and even moved it from the pantry cabinet where I feared it tipping and dripping through the wire shelves on everything below.  I put it in a lower cabinet instead and managed to nudge it off the shelf when putting something else away. It only fell about a foot but the jolt popped the top open and it splattered all over.  Then it wobbled a bit and tipped over, pouring out all over the floor.  

    Of course, I was putting that other item away in a bit of a hurry because a friend was on her way over so I didn't have time for a proper scrubbing and was afraid that one of us would go flying.  Thankfully no injuries ensued, the floor is clean and I will never purchase oil in such a bottle again!


    At least the bottle didn't break.


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  14. 1 hour ago, weinoo said:


    I'm not a betting man, but I'd bet something else fucks up in/on the Anova before any descaling is necessary using NYC tap.


    I've been using the same Hario kettle for years, and a Silvia for over a decade...neither ever needed to be descaled, and they're both still going strong.


    I've used only distilled water in my APO's.  In my CSO's I would use double filtered and measured low hardness water.



    The problem, at least in my kitchen, is not water hardness.  My CSO's would clog up with organic matter*.  Now that I use distilled water I have not been troubled by fauna and flora in the tanks.  (That the APO tanks crack is a whole different issue.)



    *green algae and white floccular contaminate


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