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  1. So just to make things interesting here is the recipe list for the nut class. We will limit the class to MAXIMUM 16 - there will be 7 machines hopefully to play with. Le Praline 50% Hazelnut Hazelnut Paste Gianduja - Milk Lactee Superieur peanut butter - White chocolate Zephyr and Pistachio - Hazelnut dark chocolate 54% Approach to Bean to Bar Vegan Almond Hazelnut spread It will be as hands on as possible and also tv style. But this class is the result of 2 years of work between the Ez temper crew and Premier Melangers Stay tune for the second class description
  2. Bob, I like my tilting one. its very sturdy. I run it about 50 hours a week.
  3. Here is the final menu. movie quotes : caviar and corn bread on a movie roll popcorn: fennel butter coated popcorn with something on it the breakfast club: mini pecorino aerated sandwich bread filled with smoked tomato and bacon a morel nigiri a watermelon gaspacho with sesame and vinegar Cool hand Luke: maltitol egg shell filled with trout roe, puffed brown rice, compressed cucumbers, horseradish puree the wizard of oz: golden raison purée, romanesco, anchovies, fava bean foam, coliflower snow and poppyseed pesto 20000 leagues under the sea: scallop and tapioca cracker braised octopus with octopus terrine, aragula foam and peanut butter and a hint of yuzu jurassic park: pumpernickel, madeira and orange telly and Marcona almonds Star Wars: frog leg fritters split pea mayonnaise and Ethiopian spices blade runner: ramen noodle, duck and pickled ginger the godfather: taro root cannoli, black pepper ricotta and olives ratatouille: sundried tomato and bell pepper tart horror: smoked pork neck, beet jus, garlic and hibiscus, cranberry and red cabbage slaw pulpfiction: wagyu a5 beef, daikon radish, Shiso leaves, sesame and papaya honey I shrunk the kids foie gras, sunflower, strawberries and chamomille marie antoinette; Rhubarb, fromage blanc, raspberry and black tea oatmeal cookie mary poppins honeydew compressed with fernet and menthol drizzles by magical liquid Life is like a box of... chocolates hot Crunchy caramel truffle oil coffee and cigars there is the list of all the dishes we ve got. It strongly looks like a ant farm how fast and efficiently the staff works. pretty incredible experience.
  4. We are now at Next celebrating the craziness or Eztemper made by kerry adventure. Such a guardian angel --- I love her to death
  5. Kerry is chatting up the doorman we we got a pre drink composed of raspberry, rum and pepper. welcome to Aviary
  6. Morning breakfast - the princess I am deserves better.... like at least McDonald's lol.... on our way to Chicago....
  7. Another road trip for us as I showed up 1hr late at Kerry's door. Wasn't me - Goûter and Toronto tourist (who can't drive) made me do it. So we then drove to Patty's in Bison city. She fed us a glass of water and tea for the illish Doctor Beal. After a good chat and sharing of the bread and kouign Amanns (best in town :-)) we headed to the practical airport of Buffalo national Airport. As I was a touch hungry, at checkers I had a chicken sandwich eaten between two people slightly anti social like me. To replace the picture I will ask you to close your eyes. Don't cheat. Think of a big not juicy super dry piece of chicken tender from a place like KFC. Add some hard lettuce pieces and a whip it style mayonnaise in between a soggy pancake bun. To compare even the worst McDonald's is about 11 times better and 6$ cheaper. Time for a chip fila or in and out that make America such a reputable country (and Donald off course :-)) I just discovered the southwest seating system. It amused me especially the lack of civility amongst people. Goes back to making America such an awesome country. We are about 31 km away from the golden mile so I think today we are going to start Kerry's pre Parisian training. Subway hoping, much walking, little resting, and food because I'm a growing boy and need food. Goûter doesn't let me eat enough. Anyhow time for our continental breakfast at the club lounge 3 floors above because our spy status (which would be cool however it's SPG which is the loyalty card of Marriott customers - FYI Kerry is catching all my autocorrect typos) has not made it super elite yet hahahaha. please read in between my sarcasm I'm practising my tactful correctness please apologize for my typos and French words in advance - the society and school system made me like this (my mom is an angel and so am I lol)
  8. So pate de fruit is like the headache of confectioners. pectins now on the market you have a crap ton available (Louie Francois is for me the most reliable source) NH - is for confit, glaze, and I use this for chocolat PDFs ,.. yellow - Apple pectin based with a product that slows the setting pectine - this is ideally the one to use apple - works however sets fast - better for jams and more purees by nature contain 10% of sugar ( often invertz) cook pdf to 106c minimum acide is important even in acidic fruits. 20 g of solution per kg (citric acid 100% / hot water 100%) sugar - 110% minimum of weight of purée glucose - 20% mix the pectins and first sugar first and stir well. Let set for 20 min then start cooking i for the PDFs in bonbons reduce the amount of sugar by 30% or pectin by 30%. good luck
  9. Alleguede

    Help with ice cream

    Ok so question one if you can control your vacuum packing then stop it when you see the liquid rise to close to the edge. If you can you need to fill much less 50% about of the bag. You can add stuff in your vacuum machine to diminish the air content. secondly two sugar factors to take in consideration - sweetness and freezing point -100+higher freezing point sugar | 100% | 100 dextrose | 60% | 160 invert sugar | 130% | 160 glucose | 60% | 70% (if I recall correctly) so globally you need to take in consideration what scoopability and sweetness you want in your ice cream and it will define the amount of sugars you can add. At the same time you need to balance as well the solids vs the liquids (trimoline is 70% to 80 solids for 20 to 30% liquids) (glucose about 80 to 20). So invert sugar is key on recipes like chocolate, or nuts that have high fats and lesser sugar for example. You should add a bit of stabilizers as well to have a longer shelf life as the yolks are mainly the binders of the fat and water. for your ice cream, you need to churn it at 50% give or take which is a high volume spinning. Gelato is more in the 30% hope this helps a bit.
  10. Hi I m Rodney. Picture a pineapple just ripe. Prickly outside, a pain in the ass to peel but oh so sweet. Indeed, as selfish as it seems inside joke and "teasing" was implied towards Kerry. I know she's not troubled However maybe I might have a back of the head snack able say on this :-) Right Anna! Ok goodnight lol
  11. @alex yes much so inside joke... I admit working on my sarcasm is in progress however just teasing my crazy chocolate Doctor. Seems like her diet (she refus s to eat my products) is also being questioned on this trip... sounds like fun. When you coming home... You be been gone for too long. I miss you.
  12. You could check igloo in Toronto otherwise there bacon who sells nice stuff in California. Auctions at a starting point is the way to go.
  13. Oh I feel this might have been a bad idea - please refer to Airbnb website next time.
  14. Round 2 : pork chop for Kerry with puree and stuff on top (probably the best choice) mantong with romanesco and carrot for Lisabeth and me its Merlin steack with a whole lot of pepper.
  15. Plates are empty - restaurant is packed. The starters were really good - however plates were very Seattle style (small) round 2 coming up so hungry... @smithy : Oui Je sais merci