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  1. Thank you so much to everyone for your good humor, patience and all the tips and tricks and advice. What a wonderful, talented generous group - it was a pleasure to meet you all! Thank you Kerry both for the add to the group and all you do. I think there's some magic dust sprinkled in your hair. Rodney - thank god your shop is not close - all your pastries are sublime - but then - RASPBERRY CROISSANT - there's nowhere to go from there. I cannot begin to list everything new I learned, but am most excited about all the air brushing and mold decorating techniques. MELANGER! Woo-hoo can't wait to play... and the gorgeous dipping bowls .@patris - so special.
  2. Kerry I'm a yes - if one car I would love to snag a spot in yours. If two cars required - I can also drive
  3. TOMRIC CARPOOL from NOTL Hello everyone, I haven't yet had the pleasure to make anyone's acquaintance apart from Kerry and Rodney - but nothing like an across the border road trip to change that fast, right? I will be arriving from Toronto early Thursday morning. I'm not sure if there have been any arrangements sorted about carpooling but am happy to help sort arrangements. Who is planning on going to Tomric via NOTL Thursday morning and needs a ride or can provide a ride?
  4. LOL, Kerry! You can play with us...but you have to find us first.
  5. Hi Kerry, for first timers (a-hem) ... do you mind posting the address where all the fun and games will take place? Thank you.
  6. Hi Kerry, too late to place an order for a tilting melanger? I keep thinking I will kick myself after the the nut paste master class if I don't.
  7. Oh my goodness how to pick a colour, they are all so beautiful? If you could put me down for a Celadon froth (love that descriptor) that would be grand. Many thank, Diana D.
  8. Ohhh, yes please, put me down for one, too.
  9. Very excited to be joining my first workshop. Kerry, are the Master Classes filled already? If not if there is space in both or either, yes, please. Yes to Tomric and yes to dinner. Thank you. Diana
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