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  1. On 4/28/2022 at 4:12 PM, heidih said:

    Along with the mannifying glass need I often have a lighting issue which affects my vision. The architect who designed this house designed another one that I LOVE but he particularly fell face first on the electrical - outlet locations and lighting. I bought this Vekkia hands free light for reading in bed but works great in the kitchen. I can't even wear necklaces but this is light, non irritating, arms flex, and 3 light levels. Directed well so I can see!  https://www.vekkia.com/products/hands-free-neck-book-light?


    Many thanks.  Just ordered.  Amazon limited time deal $13.99.


  2. 4 hours ago, Duvel said:

    My mom is going to visit “us” (actually I assume mainly the little one) from tomorrow on for one and a half weeks. So we preponed Pizza & Movie night to tonight, and since we are already throwing traditions over board I changed it to Burger & Movie night …


    Got some brisket on offer, and had my butcher grind it up - made super juicy, super flavorful patties. (Commercial) brioche buns, aged cheddar, caramelized onions and lettuce/tomato/pickles. Couple of fries on the side.



    Mine had an extra patty, just because …




    Enjoyed while watching Jungle Beat on Netflix.




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  3. 11 hours ago, Duvel said:

    Were Mai Tai‘s involved ..?


    Only afterward.


    The method involves placing the pinafore face down on the bed, at which time the straps resolve themselves into alignment.  I think that I shall patent it.


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  4. 1 minute ago, chromedome said:

    Plastic shopping bags (single-use) are outlawed here as well, but oddly the plastic produce bags are still allowed. I'm not sure why.


    Not sure what we will find in the stores next week.  I love the idea of reducing plastic waste, but I dread the effect on my getting groceries home.  I have canvas bags.  But the length of my arms is out of proportion to my height.  I suppose you could call that a disability.  When I lug canvas bags they drag along the ground.  Ever puncture a hole in a gallon of milk?  In a library?


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  5. 35 minutes ago, Tropicalsenior said:

    Is that where you have trouble telling your left from your right? Or at least trouble telling others to go left or right. If it is, I've had it all my life I just didn't know what it was called.

    As for not being able to do what you used to do, that creeps up on all of us. I can no longer multitask because of mobility issues. I have learned to cook a lot of things ahead of time and just reheat them in the microwave. I understand that you don't have a microwave but it might be a good investment for you because it saves a lot of work. You can make whole meals when you are able and reheat them when you want to. Might save you from a lot of early am meals.

    I would say that surviving old age is a lot easier if you readjust your priorities.


    Exactly!  I can blithely use left and right interchangeably, particularly when giving directions to others.  My solution is to point.



    Edit:  back when I was driving regularly, my bane was signs that said "Yield Left".


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    Bunny chow from Bryant Terry's Vegetable Kingdom.  A South African curry dish I understand.  I cheated and didn't make the rolls from scratch.  The preparation was more work than I should have attempted, but I got to use up a few Rancho Gordo beans.  Quite good.


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  7. I'm sitting here by the computer with my almonds and mai tai, in my ergonomic chair, nurturing my toe (no peanuts tonight) while my blessed Paragon cooks dinner.


    I don't know how much longer I can do this, real cooking I mean.  I'm usually OK with convenience food, such as last night's frozen fish and fries.  Grilling a steak or chop is not much work, nor is a steam broiled chicken thigh.  Pair them with a baked potato, sour cream, and 30 second green beans for a fine dinner.


    But that's not following a real recipe.  I've been planning bunny chow from Bryant Terry's Vegetable Kingdom for some days.  His vegan take on a South African curry dish.  Knowing my limitations I pressure cooked the specified Royal Corona Beans last night.  (I have nothing if not Rancho Gordo beans.)  Cooled rapidly overnight by the Michael Ruhlman method.


    I got home from Shoprite about 6:00 pm and started prepping stuff.  I posses innumerable pots and bowls, but little place to deploy them.


    Excruciating pain in my left right foot.  Did I mention I suffer from directional aphasia?  Investigated and toe was bleeding.  Nothing particularly new.


    Now at 1:02 am the stew is on its final cook.  I love my Paragon.  Even so I cheated.  I did not bake my buns from scratch.  I did not peel my Yukon Gold potatoes.  I made my persillade with raw garlic.


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  8. 2 hours ago, FauxPas said:


    Jo, I do feel fortunate. I've been a tenant and it's not always easy. It's really too bad that your agent didn't just do things properly. It would have taken pretty much the same amount of time/energy and only cost a bit more in materials and would have lasted longer. It's great that you at least got decent flooring though!  How old is the building you live in? 


    It really is nice to be able to make one's own choices in these things. However, after working through all the various expenses of this house, I had to scale back some of my original kitchen ideas. But I'll still be happy because I'll have better storage and nicer surfaces and colours I like. And the appliances that I want. 


    I would hate for someone else to be making those decisions for me and stick me with things I disliked or that didn't function properly or were just really poor quality. Do you have the same rental agent now? Is there any chance that they might actually redo the cabinets and countertops and do them properly? 




    The building is 42 years old.  There is now a different rental agent, but I'm not sure the cabinet problem was the rental agent's fault.  He may have just told the maintenance staff to change out the cabinets.  When something breaks they avoid using new appliances at all costs.  Or at least that used to be the case.  Things may have gotten better.  The last time my stove and dishwasher broke, I was given brand new units.


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  9. 53 minutes ago, lindag said:

    What can you tell us about the umami setting?  How is the rice different?


    I wish I could do a blind taste comparison, but that seems infeasible.  I spent an hour googling for information but can't say I learned anything.  One thing for sure the umami setting cooks for a longer time.  Eighty minutes on my model.  During that time I can see and hear the pressure cycle high and low.  However apparently some non-pressure Zojirushi also have a umami setting.  I am thus confused.


    It may be psychological and all marketing.  The variety of rice may matter more.  But thinking about a bowl of umami rice makes me salivate like one of Pavlov's dogs.  Something can be said for that.


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  10. 42 minutes ago, andrewk512 said:

     They use this a lot in EMP The Next Chapter and the new French Laundry book. I have trouble getting it to work with open containers, I think mostly because my liquid to container ratio is too high and I can't do much before I risk it blowing over (happened to me more than I like to admit). Works great in a bag though, if you can spare a bag for it. I hope vacuum blenders become more mainstream in the future


    I'd need a vacuum homogenizer.


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