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  1. 1 hour ago, cdh said:

    Sounds like the Wired guy read what Ninja sent along as documentation.  Since I got the refurb with no documentation, I can't confirm or deny that they tell you not to use normal ice cream recipes... but reading that review makes it sound like that is a thing said in the docs. 


    I went looking for my Ninja literature but I couldn't find it.  I can't say I recall much about the Ninja ice cream recipes beyond that they were simplistic and didn't turn out all that well for me.  I recall the Ninja recipes were discussed to death upthread.


  2. 2 hours ago, jimb0 said:


    lol i think i already regret this. terribly buggy setup, and now a probable failed forced firmware update. not sure i want to bother getting it fixed versus just returning it.


    You could always try a forced reset.  Hold the WiFi and Start buttons simultaneously for several seconds.  Worked for me once after a failed firmware update.


  3. 10 minutes ago, heidih said:

    Any yet we still have no idea how you served them - buns, toppings, nekkid?


    Forgive me, Martin's long potato rolls, Nathan's mustard.  With Ranch Gordo whipple beans, Alexia organic fries, and coleslaw on the side.  If I said I eat my hotdogs naked it might give the wrong impression.


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  4. 8 hours ago, MetsFan5 said:


    Nope! I’m a bit jealous! I just bought hotdogs and tend to “pan fry” them with some water but I’m starting to really miss grilled foods! 


    I cooked them in the APO 200C for 15 minutes, turning them from time to time.  The indentations in the CSO pan are great for holding hotdogs.


  5. Dinner, the last three nights, has been hotdogs.  Does that make me a bad person?  Does it matter they were Nathan's Angus?


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  6. 2 hours ago, gfron1 said:

    I still only cook on $50 induction burners off Amazon. They work just fine thanks. I have a colleague who installed a $300k cook unit and I can't imagine paying that off.


    The Paragon's I use were $69.  You could have splurged.


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  7. 6 hours ago, lindag said:

    Was there any pineapple involved? 


    No.  Could only have been an improvement over the bell peppers.  And the Domino's delivery was an hour late.


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  8. 12 minutes ago, Ann_T said:

    The good news is, although he really enjoyed his pineapple pizza, he also had a slice of mine and when asked

    which he preferred, the "normal" pizza won out.   Won't be baking any more pineapple pizzas. 



    Yesterday we were treated to Domino's at work.  Sorry, no pictures.


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  9. 1 hour ago, heidih said:

    I was suggesting she try gai lan not the broccolini. As usual I talk too much at times and at others don't explain well ;) 


    I'm sorry.


  10. 51 minutes ago, heidih said:

    To me it tastes more like gai lan which I love over broccoli. Though thinner so different texture but if you get to an Asian market i'd give it a go.


    Broccolini is Japanese but I would not go looking for it in an Asian market.  The name broccolini is trademarked, so the same vegetable may be available under a different name, such as "baby broccoli".


    It might be my favorite vegetable.  Whatever else, undeniably broccolini is not cauliflower nor kale.


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  11. I have made it, but I am hardly an expert on onion soup.  However unless I were on a desert island I would use only yellow onions.  Sweet onions, as lovely as they be on sandwiches, are not really all that sweet.  Granted I have not tried them side by side but I suspect a yellow onion would caramelize much better.


    In the 1990's I had a coworker newly come to this country from Poland.  One day she was almost in tears because her onion stew was ruined.  Growing up behind the iron curtain she assumed an onion was an onion.  Not so, she learned, in America.


  12. Overheard at the local adult beverage emporium earlier this evening...


    Man, to clearly fascinated little girl he was holding in his arm:  "Daddy is buying beer.  Please don't tell mommy."


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  13. On 6/12/2022 at 2:23 PM, paulraphael said:

    We have the standard NYC grease-recirculating hood. I almost never turn it on, because adding lawnmower sound effects to the cooking process, while slightly changing the direction of the smoke and splatter, doesn't strike me as much of a value-add. 


    My workaround is that I often have to clean pans before cooking, in addition to after. We also use window fans, and a huge HEPA air filter. They get turned almost every time I cook on the range, because I use a lot of heat. Eating good food without smoke and splatter means ordering takeout. 


    You don't keep your pans in the kitchen do you?


  14. 15 minutes ago, sverreef said:


    I've generally been happy with my Sage/Breville Super Q. It works great for soups, big batches of vegetable/fruit purées and jobs like that, but I really miss a small jar like the Twister to process smaller batches of herb oils, nut butters/pastes, etc.


    Unless Sage/Breville comes out with something like this soon, I guess my sister and brother in law will get another used kitchen appliance as a Christmas gift 😋




    There is now an even smaller Twister jar.


  15. 1 hour ago, jedovaty said:

    I have it set to "Freeze" 🥶


    You may need to set it to ludicrous freeze.


    The freezer of my refrigerator/freezer never gets colder than -9C/15F and is more often warmer.  Too warm to store ice cream, certainly too warm for CREAMi containers.  This is why I have a blast freezer in the living room.


    I suggest you invest in a freezer thermometer.  No need to be fancy.  I am very pleased with the Thermoworks Spot, which comes in nine vibrant colors to match your ice cream.



    Currently on sale I note.



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  16. 1 hour ago, MetsFan5 said:

     I was stoned and about 20 at the time. It seemed like something worth trying 😂 Every dining option on campus closed by 10pm and delivery back then was limited to Dominos until midnight. Without a kitchen the year of the Steak ‘Em experiment, we definitely got creative. Best thing we made and made often was probably asparagus covered in Boursin cheese and wrapped in prosciutto. That was once my roommate got a job at a well known small chain wine, beer, liquor and gourmet store. That “illegal” toaster oven was worth the fine we incurred as a result of an inspection. 

       Yes, we had a Nathan’s on campus, along with a pub. Neither are there anymore. 

      I’m wondering if I should just donate my Instant Pot. I have inserts (lots of them) for it and have had it for 2.5 years. Eventually it’s going to be obsolete and it seems like it’s probably not something a person living alone needs. Maybe the local soup kitchen would want it? I’ll figure something out. 

    I am conflicted with the concept of electric grills. I get the PAG is electric, but I’m (incorrectly perhaps) assuming it’s different from say, a stand up electric grill meant to be used outdoors. I could get a “real” grill but I’d have to drag it out to public areas and the dog would go nuts being left in the apartment with me going in and out with meat so I’m willing to concede to an inexpensive electric grill. 

    Any recommendations for a garbage can that has separate compartments for garbage and recycling? 

    On a somewhat unrelated note, is it difficult to change out a toilet seat? 😂


    I have never changed out a toilet seat, but have you checked how your future apartment handles recycling?  Here we first had a bin out by the street.  In other words directly in my lovely view.  That did not last long.  Then the county issued buckets, one for each apartment.  That was a bad idea.  People put trash in other people's buckets, and others stole the buckets.  Now we have recycling bins in back.  Eg. in other people's view.  People (people who apparently can't read) still put trash in the recycling but it has been the best solution yet.  I take recycling out as necessary.  I don't see the need for a special combination can.


    Here the fire marshal does not allow "real" grills, neither on the balconies nor outside.



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  17. 1 minute ago, Kerry Beal said:

    Hazelnut paste - used the 4 blade cutter to chop roasted blanched hazelnuts, added a couple of tbsp of roasted hazelnut oil, froze and then pacotized 6 or 7 times. 










    Today I used the pistachio gelato recipe from Modernist cuisine to start a batch - I didn't add the oil because the paste was much more liquid than expected - so just the total of paste and oil with the liquidy paste. 




    Found some pistachio flour in the freezer - didn't have any pistachio oil to add to it - so just processed a bunch of times without freezing. 


    Very viscous - so I have added some oil now that I have obtained it - and I'll spin it a few more times as soon as I can make some noise in the house without disturbing anyone and make a batch of gelato with it. 


    Also this evening I took some strawberries that I got at the farmers market yesterday and started a batch of strawberry sorbet based on the Underbelly formula  by eG's own @UnConundrum - here







    Why did you have to Pacotize so many times?  I appreciate the toes.


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  18. 22 minutes ago, jedovaty said:

    I made two pints from the ninja website to test before my MP exotic gums and things arrive tomorrow:




    (without the coconut flakes)

    Vanilla gelato: Not sure why they call this a gelato with so much heavy cream.  Anyway, the vanilla bean caviar fell to the bottom, no way to suspend, after reading here, I probably should've kept it at the 165F temp for a bit longer to thicken.  The flavor of this was okay, I guess?  Nothing amazing.  But, good to know the machine works with basic custard recipe.

    The chocolate: directions say to whisk until combined.. yeah, didn't work... the base was initially seriously gross (tasted like chocolate avocado with oats).  I ran my stick blender through it before freezing, and it transformed into a chocolate pudding that was delicious!  The frozen result was pretty good, more like a milk chocolate flavor than chocolate.


    Both flavors spun with only one spin.  Super smooth when squished inside mouth.  When I "chew", there was light crunching.. I'm assuming those are ice crystals?  I don't recall feeling/hearing that crunch noise with commercial ice creams.  Will pay more attention.


    Both had texture that was more fro-yo or soft serve than actual ice cream or gelato.  Not complaining, just noting.


    So far, happy with the refurb unit :)


    @blue_dolphin Wow.. roasted plums?!  That sounds fantastic.  When you write, "adjust with simple syrup" is that a taste thing or are you using science to match up sugar somehow?


    My library had the Dana Cree book so I borrowed it.  No dairy/egg free recipies.  I liked some of the science in the book.


    What temperature is your freezer?


  19. 8 hours ago, jedovaty said:

    I have an apron from amazon that I don't like, it has plastic clasps that rub against my neck, and as such I rarely wear it and have ruined so many expensive shirts (when I'd come home from work, first thing I'd do is start cooking before changing, I'm a nerd in salesmen's clothing).  Looking at the recommended/influenced rough linen brand here, the aprons seem like they'd sit too low on a skinny dude, so I think I'd prefer a more traditional kind over the neck so it sits up higher.  There was a link here to an eater article.. "Merci" brand has some, but all the models are women.  Any of you tried that brand?  Any good?  Similar pricing to rough linen it seems.  i.e. expensive 😖


    Rough Linen offers two choices of strap length and three different apron sizes.  I got the longer straps on mine, though now I am wishing I had ordered shorter.  Now that I know how to quickly put it on I am loving (and wearing) my apron more and more.


    I wish, however, there were a sash that could be tied around the waist.  It is awkward to bend over, say when assaying the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.


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