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  1. I refrigerate my chocolate. I used to have a wine refrigerator to hold chocolate at about 68 deg F, but that broke. Now it is the regular refrigerator. A lot better than the alternative.
  2. What is the rational for not refrigerating soy sauce? Shizuo Tsuji in Japanese Cooking a Simple Art says of soy sauce: "Best stored in the refrigerator to maintain freshness." (p 92) What is/are "zukes"?
  3. I don't know how new these are but they didn't have a review on amazon: Sillymann Cooking Tongs I bought them because I recently got an electric grill with a non stick surface. The amount of spring in the handles of the Sillymann is just right, and the uncoated wood is attractive. After washing and before use I gave them a good rubdown with walnut oil. Obviously they don't go in the dishwasher but cleanup was easy.
  4. I didn't mean to be disparaging. I really like it. I couldn't finish the bottle in one sitting but that was not the fault of Stone. If my purveyor would stock normal size bottles I would drink a lot more Stone.
  5. Absentmindedly I poured a full ounce of Cointreau into tonight's mai tai. I compensated. I might have been better served to dump the whole thing in the sink and start over, as it has taken me over an hour to get the balance close to right. Edit: fortunately La Favorite bottles are not hard to open.
  6. Most people here are quite fond of Rittenhouse but unfortunately Rittenhouse does not do much for me, and I won't even mention marshmallows. My favorite rye is Colonel E.H. Taylor, and I also like Whistlepig although Whistlepig is lighter (and something, maybe fruitier?) than the Taylor. I have not tasted any of the other ryes you mention.
  7. I had Stone's 18th anniversary IPA tonight. Very good, I thought. Though I enjoy most of Stone's brews. I have to say, however, I was expecting more hops.
  8. Tonight for perhaps the second or third time in my life I did the horizontal thing. (Prior to enjoying my margarita.) I must say the dice was very pretty. Remarkably I did not cut myself. I did not even cut the cut resistant glove.
  9. But green potatoes don't taste good, whether they are healthful for consumption or not. In fact they taste vile. (Myself, I went out and bought granny smith today.)
  10. I'll be interested to hear how the Brussels sprouts turn out. If I recall correctly MC says they are not suitable for sous vide.
  11. Ruben, any update on your dried milk recipe?
  12. Polyscience sent me an updated version of the manual. The new version seems much improved. And, yes, now the error codes are listed.
  13. Many autumns I have lived in Jersey. Two I had tonight.
  14. Do I assume correctly that you just went with the default handles for all your knives from chefknivestogo, rather than special order? I like maple, but the chefknivestogo maple handle doesn't do much for me. I think I would prefer a darker wood. What do you use upon a less heavy duty vegetable, such as a mushroom?
  15. Having now finished reading Japanese Cooking Knives, it was a book well worth the modest price. I probably would be better served by a nakiri/nakkiri than an usuba. Having looked around quite a bit by this time, there are three blades that interest me: http://www.kitchen-knife.jp/pro/nakkiri.htm This is the Watanabe we've been talking about. If Watanabe took credit cards I think he would have had my yen by now. http://www.chefknivestogo.com/kika18na.html The Kato nakiri that was highly regarded earlier in this thread. http://www.chefknivestogo.com/nublstna19cu.html This nakiri is longer, thinner, more expensive than the other two -- and made of proprietary steel. Mystery material and an unnamed artisan does not impart a warm fuzzy feeling. Nonetheless I find this blade attractive. Thoughts? Anyone have experience with Nubatama or know anything about the steel? Why is the maker's identity secret, I wonder? Is he a superhero? I gather that chefknivestogo is a reputable Japanese knife shop?
  16. Might make a nice melon daiquiri with Meyer's rum.
  17. What are the mountains in the background? I'm hoping that the ice comes early and you get frozen in so we can read about your adventures all winter.
  18. A simple dinner for me tonight but it was so perfect it warrants mention: Leftover chicken tetrazzini, 3 minute boiled asparagus, mayonnaise. Usually I serve asparagus with hollandaise, but along with chicken tetrazzini, hollandaise seemed like gilding the lily. I used olive oil for the mayonnaise.
  19. Let me add my thanks. I use only commercial yeast but this thread was inspiring.
  20. I had two white grapefruit left from my shipment of last winter (ordered from Florida). Neither looked rotten. I took the most wizened one and cut it open. There was a baby grapefruit tree inside. Sadly I did not think it would appreciate being planted in New Jersey in the fall. The flesh though yielded juice. Juice that the poor baby tree had been peeing in. The juice smelled wonderful so I drank some. Deep, round flavor -- not too sweet, not too bitter, not too sour. Perhaps the most delightful juice I can recall. I made up a zombie. I used all the juice. There was also a slight excess of lime juice, but otherwise a strictly followed recipe. Mint plus a purple straw. I cannot remember a better zombie. Though, in truth, zombies are sometimes hard to remember.
  21. Correct, the Polyscience does not have an oil pump. I could not lift a chamber vacuum sealer that had an oil pump.
  22. I never did get a response from my support email request, let alone any help, from Polyscience. This afternoon I called Polyscience and the automated phone system said to hang up and call Breville's number. So I did. The experience did not start well. The first time through the Breville phone message was garbled. The second time through the Breville phone system disconnected me. But the third time I reached a real person. She had to look up the model 300 information, which took a little while. I laughed when she said she had to find the English section, as she did not read French. Eventually she was able to tell me that error code E1 means "no vacuum" and error code E2 means "no sealing". I think she was confused at first because she had me check the integrity of the silicone seal around the lid. Which I did. It looked OK to me. Then she asked me to clean the area around the lid and the inside. I thought it was clean but I said I would try that. Meanwhile she said she would be sending me instructions on how to recalibrate the unit, to try before sending the fifty pound thing back. While waiting on any forthcoming instructions I went out to the kitchen and cleaned the area around the lid and on the inside. Particularly around the pins on which the sealing bar sits -- even though everything looked clean to me. (The pins themselves and the sealing bar I had very carefully cleaned after getting the E2 error.) After a bit of time to dry I ran through a cycle, and what do you know, it sealed. I was surprised and relieved. I took the bag of konbu with 600 ml distilled water left over from my failed dashi the other night and sealed it. Even more delighted and relieved. Better late than never. As of now I am fairly happy with Breville's service. But why couldn't Polyscience have added a sentence to the manual: "E2 error, clean area around sealing bar pins."
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