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  1. I'm in Somerset County and this is the best year for basil that I remember...not for anything else unfortunately. I'm thinking to bring some basil inside to overwinter.
  2. I continued my experiments tonight. As it happened the chicken was turning/had turned, so I used quite a bit of liquid smoke, as well as the same rub with MC chili spice mix. Not something I would particularly want to serve to company, but eatable. However the liquid smoke was still not apparent in the finished dish. Edit: why is my arm sticky?
  3. Wondering what the rule time is for broken wine bottles?
  4. I believe fast food establishments want you to buy their food, not necessarily to eat it. Particularly not on premises.
  5. Try cochineal, the red color is prettier too.
  6. An ice cream base should be pasteurized before being chilled, so keeping it refrigerated a day or two should not be a problem.
  7. I find being able to use 12 inch bags is an important feature, if I may put in a good word for the Polyscience.
  8. Dinner tonight was bread and fruit and wine and cheese. The bread was slightly overproofed with the slashes not opening fully, but not bad at all, considering. I ate two thirds of a loaf, even if it took a couple hours. All was well until I went to put the cheese away. A door shelf fell out of the refrigerator, and with it four bottles of wine. Only one of which broke, a mostly full 1.5 liter bottle of soave. I'd never seen a wine bottle break from falling less than two feet before. Most impressive. Half the kitchen is covered in standing wine. A novel method to degrease the floor tiles.
  9. I say it depends on the temperature of the air inside you. I'm wearing flannel but that does not keep me from falernum. (In fact I got all toasty warm digging around till I found a fresh bottle.) Besides, it is supposed to be warm here tomorrow. For my voyager I took the recipe from KC and just scaled it up a bit. Very nice. I like the spice, although my preference would be for a tad less sweetness. For rum I employed Flor de Cana 12. The drink reminds me of something one might have before a zombie.
  10. As I was beginning my bread this evening I combined all the dry ingredients -- flour, salt, yeast -- however the water was not as cool as I would have liked, so I stuck some ice water in the refrigerator for a while. And took a nap. Which was a bit longer than I had intended. When I awoke I carefully weighed and added the exact amount of water...twice. I dumped in the poolish but dough just would not come together. Eventually it hit me. I scaled up the flour, salt, and yeast though at that point I could not do much about the poolish. It will be interesting to see how tonight's baguette turns out, and how many beverages before dinner.
  11. Sorry to get your hopes up...just a case of Folonari soave, which is a staple here.
  12. I knew about the acquisition but somehow I thought Kraft had closed the Bournville plant. That is good news.
  13. Welcome! Are you located in Jersey or New Jersey?
  14. Thanks. I live close enough to Hershey's that I should have visited. Perhaps I would have if I liked their chocolate better. Is it correct that there is no longer any Cadbury production in the UK? The Cadbury brand chocolate in the US is made by Hershey.
  15. I bought a large jar a few years ago, not knowing quite what they were. As I recall I became ill and the remainder of the jar sat in the refrigerator until recently. I understand the unwashed beans are quite toxic and even washed they should not be served to children. The taste was OK. Not something I would go out of my way for. But then some people eat puffer fish.
  16. Late last spring when my son and I were on our way to visit Bartram's Garden: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bartram%27s_Garden ...the topic of conversation turned to the cider press he was helping a friend build. When we got to the garden we apprehended a tragic error of scale. The eighteenth century landed lushes knew how to do things right. As long as you have enough draft animals and enough boats to ferry apples from your orchards, you can produce a stupendous amount of hooch.
  17. Since it is too late to edit: may I suggest Joy of Cooking? Also Hiromitsu Nozaki, Japanese Kitchen Knives, has some nice suggestions.
  18. I assume Nathan has this all figured out by now, based on the good press liquid smoke received in the books. As for myself, I had never tried liquid smoke until tonight. Being an old woman who lives in an apartment, my cookery does not include much barbeque. This afternoon I bought a bottle of Stubb's Hickory. Putting my nose to the opening it was rather vile. But then again, raw vanilla extract does not do much for me either. Persevering, I rubbed a chicken thigh with a few drops of Stubb's -- and then with chili spice mix (MC@H p 138), a spice mixture of which I have grown most fond. There was a Pavlovian response upon entering the kitchen, but after grilling there was not much smoke flavor to be detected. Should I have used more? Where did I go wrong?
  19. I may be in the minority but I think the taste of yeast in bread or other food is a defect. And yes, I have my poolish bubbling at the moment.
  20. The Time-Life Good Cook volume Snacks and Sandwiches. The Time-Life Good Cook volume Hors d'Oeuvre.
  21. Mainly a wine run, but I did pick up W&N. Turns out I had more than I thought. So should be OK for the next few days. One can have worse problems.
  22. The problem with the gainsbough daisy, other than the name, is the lack of liquid. A possibly related problem is the lack of ethanol. Gainsbough would not be proud.
  23. I know what Cadbury was. What is Cadbury world?
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