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  1. My local supermarket has restocked their Japanese style sweet potatoes. They looked pretty good, so I brought one home tonight. Not sure how I will prepare it. Probably though not frying.
  2. Asparagus with leftover hollandaise -- remarkably successful. Hollandaise does not always reheat so well for me. Leftover chicken tetrazzini, on which I burnt my mouth. Leftover M.R. to make everything good again. Leftover Australian Shiraz that was just vile. Considering this was an excellent bottle when first opened I am sorely disappointed. Not the wine's fault though.
  3. This reminds me how much I have been enjoying Lost Spirits Navy Style, I've gone through a few bottles, and it is a regular in my mai tais (not white mai tais), most recently tonight. Good stuff.
  4. A very nice write up, Ruben! I confess I have not made ice cream all winter...for various reasons related to the beverage forums. I almost bought a second freezer last month, and I still might if I can save up for a couple months. I miss my ice cream. If I do make some, and can find good powdered milk, I will try your recipe.
  5. I store my yeast (obviously not fresh yeast) in the door of the freezer. I keeps for years.
  6. No ethanol, but this did come from the liquor store today...
  7. I owe my dinner to florodora. Really. When I got home from work and had had a shower it was about 11:00 pm and I was exhausted. I made myself a mai tai and was shamelessly about to open a can of soup. (Not that there is anything wrong with a can of soup.) But then for some reason I thought I might enjoy a florodora. I solemnly decided that if I were going to fix a florodora I was going to force myself to prepare an honest meal. Now -- a few hours later -- I am enjoying my florodora and am about to serve chicken tetrazzini with watercress for dinner.
  8. I use my copper for sauces, nothing else. A copper frying pan would be lovely but I rarely try to fry, and I couldn't lift the pan.
  9. I can't remember when it's been so long since I've had a mai tai. Sadly I ran out of time this afternoon for seeking ginger beer -- so a white mai tai it was tonight. Unlike a florodora one can't quite quaff a white mai tai, or at least I cannot...but maybe with a little practice. Then again, there is nothing stopping me from fixing a floridora imperial.* *Edit: other than the price of limes...3@$1.99.
  10. Dinner was very rich, and the previously sealed and freshly dated Shoprite sour cream was moldy. And not a little moldy. Further the wine which was so wonderful the night I first opened the bottle was now just OK. I sought for something in my selection that would cleanse my palate. (And maybe kill off a few organisms along the way.) I chose Jade 1901 as tonight's digestive. So pretty! Possibly I should have poured a smaller glass. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e8/Edgar_Degas_-_In_a_Caf%C3%A9_-_Google_Art_Project_2.jpg/746px-Edgar_Degas_-_In_a_Caf%C3%A9_-_Google_Art_Project_2.jpg Wikipedia -- public domain
  11. Has anyone compared the 2015 edition of Imbibe! to the older version? There are a lot more pages. I am afraid I am about to order.
  12. Another florodora imperial style! My mistake last night was replacing the bottle of feste's raspberry gum to the furthest back corner of the refrigerator. This was before tasting the result. Tonight I increased the raspberry gum to 1/2 ounce and the PF 1840 to 2 ounces. Otherwise the same as last night -- except possibly for more bubbles as I didn't pause to try to take a photograph. Bubbles are good. I threw in a spent half lime as garnish, as I'm used to finding a spent half lime in my beverages, and, well, I had some. Interesting that this drink is stirred not shaken, even with all the lime juice? Anyhow, it works. In searching on the web, the advice for stirring is not universal. Furthermore some people specify a straw. Tomorrow I plan to go out searching for ginger beer to concoct a less imperial florodora. And, note to self, I must not forget more limes.
  13. Something new for me tonight: Stone Delicious IPA. I don't know enough about brewing to understand the implications of low gluten, but I like Delicious better than ordinary Stone IPA, which I find to be bitter without the backbone of the better Stone IPA expressions. So there is no misunderstanding, I still like ordinary Stone IPA even though it does not match the better ones.
  14. Thanks. I usually drink, listen to music, and munch on peanuts at the computer. Besides, the beautiful butcher block on which I like to make serious photographs of drinks is presently covered with forty eight bottles and fourteen cookbooks from the library. That is the cookbooks from the library, unfortunately not the bottles.
  15. What I did make tonight was a florodora imperial style (Imbibe! p 123). Please note the bubbles: I did not have the called for well chilled stein so I simply quaffed from the mixing glass. So easy to make and to go down. This one is a keeper. Edit: rotuts would be proud. Edit2: spelling the drink name, duh.
  16. I confess I was being a bit facetious. However I can report tonight's mai tai tasted a bit strange following the naked and famous. Cappelletti or no. Nothing a little M.R. with dinner couldn't fix.
  17. For some reason I forgot the lime juice in my white mai tai tonight. I assure you it is not the same without it. Only then did I notice the carefully measured lime juice on the counter. I wonder if there is some way to work Chartreuse into a mai tai recipe?
  18. Since I seem to have been on a Chartreuse kick -- tonight I made a Cappelletti naked and famous: 3/4 oz Cappelletti 3/4 oz Vida 3/4 oz yellow V.E.P. 3/4 oz fresh squeezed lime juice I like Cappelletti better than I like Aperol in this, even if Aperol is not as hard to spell. Cappelletti is less sweet. Unfortunately the naked and famous is the only reason I have Aperol on hand.
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