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  1. I am so glad you got this resolved, Anna. I was worried you were either posting on your phone or hitting the M.R. awfully early in the day. My experiments with vegetables sous vide have not been that great -- except for modernist corn on the cob, which is my preferred way to cook it. I'd be afraid to use a sous vide bag in a microwave. Neither a normal bag because they are not designed to take the high temperatures, nor a retort pouch because as far as I understand, they are metalized.
  2. Tonight before my mai tai I compared Tempus Fugit crème de noyauz, Luxardo amaretto, and Combier liqueur abricot, with an eye toward use in Rafa's new creation. The noyaux and abricot are lovely. Different, but lovely. The amaretto not so much. To my palate it tastes coarse. Reminiscent of sweetened almond extract. I either need to find an application for a bottle of amaretto, or have it join the pimento dram somewhere in a deep dark place.
  3. Tonight I concluded the cap was not going to come off by looking at it. It took two tries but the vise method finally worked. Having bought some broccolini I put the blue rubber bands around the cap and fastened the cap in a machine vise that has a jaw with a V notch for holding cylindrical objects. Sadly the best I was able to do was break a rubber band. Next, I heated the cap under hot tap water and then put it in the vise -- with the remaining rubber band. This time the cap came off! (I omitted using gloves and the language.)
  4. No. (I have a bottle of Chateau Lafite leftover from the 1960's but it is only 750 ml.) Edit: I apologize, that was not fair: http://forums.egullet.org/topic/149804-methode-rotuts/
  5. I had not baked in quite a while, so tonight was an organic pink lady with a baguette. And cheeses. I was mildly distressed that a block of cheddar I had vacuum sealed last fall had some penicillium growing on it. I carefully scraped it off. Then I wondered, wait, I am serving this on the same plate as Roquefort. Why am I worrying about a little mold? I understand some cheese molds can be toxic, but probably not penicillium. Thoughts? The bread and cheese were accompanied by a nice liter of M.R. This brings to mind another question. I would never* sit down to drink a liter of wine, neither white nor red, but there must be something special about M.R. The carbonation may somehow remove the calories! I don't know? But it helps not having leftovers. *well, hardly ever. Edit: syntax...error of case.
  6. Tonight I suffered a senior moment. Somehow I misplaced my bottle of PF 1840. It was not in the freezer. It was not in the bathroom. It was not with the recycling. No matter, fortunately I keep a spare. 1 oz PF 1840 1 oz Blume Marillen 1/4 oz Tempus Fugit noyaux (naturally colored, of course) 1/2 oz orgeat 3/4 oz lemon juice This unnamed beverage previously posted by Rafa is a flower bomb -- and I mean that in a good way. But I reduced the orgeat from 3/4 oz, and unintentionally I forgot the Angostura entirely. Duh. Good thing I have four bottles of Blume Marillen to experiment.
  7. As I recall (without getting up out of the chair to check) Joy of Cooking suggests sweet potatoes should never be cooked at a high temperature or the starch will not be converted to sugar. Could this be the difference? I pressure steamed my Japanese style sweet potato in the skin and the result was syrupy sweet without adding any other ingredient.
  8. Spareribs and polenta. http://forums.egullet.org/topic/143759-braising-help-needed/page-2 http://forums.egullet.org/topic/36990-additional-uses-for-rice-cookers/?p=1985183
  9. As it happens I was in the produce section this afternoon when I noticed someone selecting an item from the expired shelf. Mindful of this thread I went over to see what bargains could be found: lots of apples and one package of something I could not determine what it was.
  10. An omelet. Very simple, very nice. I am running out of food but I hope to get to the store tomorrow in spite of the mud.
  11. That temperature is higher than I do my short ribs, but those carrots sure do look lovely! I credit lesliec for my short ribs temperature. I guess it is time to buy some more.
  12. Previously pasteurized short ribs reheated sous vide, served with mashed potato and sautéed mushrooms.
  13. Poitin neat is nice. Never ever mix poitin with ice or water. Once having tasted styrene one cannot untaste it.
  14. Dinner tonight was the last of my last batch of sous vide short ribs. Wonderful as (almost) always. I love how one can pasteurize food sous vide and store it in the refrigerator for months on end.
  15. Having recently acquired some Peach Street peach brandy, I'm trying my hand at a single serving fish house punch: 1 1/2 oz PF 1840 3/4 oz S&C 3/4 oz Peach Street juice of 1/2 lemon 2 teaspoons sugar Shaken over ice, no added water other than dilution. This was not perfect: it is too sweet and possibly too peach forward. (Not to mention, it does not seem very strong.) Next: 2 oz PF 1840 1 oz S&C 1/2 oz Peach Street juice of 1/2 lemon 1 teaspoon sugar This was better, but now the peach was a little lost. So I added a float of Peach Street. I have to say this formulation is not much different from Mississippi punch. But since Mississippi punch is one of my favorite libations, not a disappointment.
  16. The poitin I've been drinking is aged (for who knows how long) in "Irish oak".
  17. Is this in the right thread, Rafa? Which brings to mind the question, how is Gosling's very old different from Gosling's old? Since I haven't had any for a while I am enjoying a small glass of Gosling's old. Thank you. Possibly a bit of a waste following [edit: a white mai tai,] poitin, [edit: M.R.] and rather spicy food. Still, very nice, at least until the morning. I have to admit, your professional prose beats mine.
  18. Having now tried some poitin with ice after having exceedingly enjoyed it neat -- I have to say it does not work for me diluted. Over ice it reminds me of glue. Or perhaps correctly, plastic cement. Edit: polystyrene.
  19. As much as I like my pressure cookers I'd do them sous vide, myself.
  20. JoNorvelleWalker


    After my thorough experiments last night, I would suggest more wine. Seriously, I don't find artichoke ruins the taste of wine, although I would choose an acidic white wine, not red. I wonder if there is something in artichokes that some people can taste and not others, much as some people can taste thiourea and some people can smell metabolites of asparagus?
  21. Probably the haggis, if you have to ask.
  22. I store my pasteurized eggs in a plastic bag.
  23. Widow's kiss, Kappeler via Imbibe! ...following my customary mai tai, etc. I knew at the first sip I had neglected the Angostura, so I added it as a float. I may assay a second kiss, just to get it right. Mindful that the warning is "the combination if taken in rapidly repeating doses is said to be intoxicating." I may have to take the chance. Besides, I have no other way to use up Benedictine.
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