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  1. That's the book I'm reading at the moment! Indeed dinner tonight is simplest roast chicken (pp 106,107)...following, of course, the peanut course.
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    My okra are getting the better of me. I found one tonight that was five inches long. I rubbed it with oil and grilled it. Not woody, not slimy. Very nice. I also had the first tomato of the season. Not quite fully ripe, but red and badly cracked. Quite nice, considering. Went well with the abundance of cucumber.
  3. It had been a while, so I made an aviation: 2 oz Malacca 1 oz lemon juice 2 teaspoons maraschino 1 teaspoon liqueur de violettes (Tempus Fugit) To the best of my memory I'd never tried Malacca in an aviation previously. Not bad, and it makes for a pretty color. I have the feeling though, if sampled side by side, I might go with Magellan over Malacca.
  4. Per the recent NY Times article, scurvy is a horrible way to go. I worry about you, My problem with pineapple is a bleeding mouth, which just makes the drink more red and salty. I agree, in context, bitter sometimes has its place. Tonight for me, after a particularly rewarding repast, a goodly glass or two of Colonel Taylor to settle the digestion.
  5. Dinner was Ottolenghi eggplant with pomegranates, a baguette, half of a small chicken rubbed with grapeseed oil and baked quickly at high heat (eg, after the baguette). And some cheese. I was not at all sure I could finish half of even a tiny chicken by myself, but isn't MR wonderful?
  6. I grew up in Philadelphia. This is the first I have ever heard of this dish. But then when I was growing up in Philadelphia I had never heard of broccoli rabe.
  7. I made it outside in time to bring in an humungous cucumber for dinner, right before the fireworks and rain. I also noticed a number of baby okra that are going to need attention very soon.
  8. Rotor-stator homogenizers don't do well with viscous media, and from experience I can say they don't do well for bits of nuts! I understand for nuts one needs a colloid mill, as discussed in MC v2. Rotor-stator homogenizers are promoted for disruption of soft tissue and for making emulsions. From memory, nuts for MC gelato require several passes though a colloid mill to get the texture right. I am now back from the store with a full 1814 grams of sucrose in my backpack, but I have absolutely no energy for making ice cream. It will take all I have* to make a mai tai. Edit: *energy, that is, not sucrose.
  9. Peanut is the only variation I have tried, for the same reasons. My inclination would be to keep the oil matched to the type of nut. I'd love to try pistachio someday. Pistachio oil is available for sale locally. The problem for me is more the astronomical cost of pure pistachio paste. (Unless nathenm would lend me his colloid mill.)
  10. This afternoon I assayed to reproduce this unalloyed success. But I didn't have the 90 grams of sucrose. I did not have any granulated sugar at all. Damn these hard to find modernist ingredients. I guess I am off to an hour and a half trip to the store, if the thunderstorms hold off.
  11. Beautiful picture, I have never tried to photograph ice cream! Since I know you need non-dairy, I wondered if you have tried making any of nathanm's modernist gelatos? The gelato is vegan, easy and quick to make, and always draws the highest compliments. I finished up the end of my most recent batch last night.
  12. I think my bank account is going to hate you. I took a magnifying glass and checked my box grater but it is made in Sweden.
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    My okra are blooming now, and the flowers are truly beautiful. According to wikipedia the entire plant is eatable. An okra flower would make for an interesting plating.
  14. Tonight while waiting for my sous vide hotdog to warm up I stated on a bottle of Ruination 2.0. I contrast to my earlier post I thought the Ruination 2.0 by itself was a bit much. However with food tonight it was delightful.
  15. Have you tried modifying nathanm's recipe to make it softer? I have not messed around at all with the MC gelato recipes -- I go by the book -- other than compensation for sugar or salt in the wretched peanut butters that I have available. The MC gelato is supposed to be quite hard after a day in the freezer. But that's what my Belle-V's for!
  16. Let's see...not much here is original: Wonder Ware cookware, Iron Mountain stoneware, oh, some Baccarat. Some Japanese made (but not Japanese style) knives. A rolling pin. A charlotte mold that needs retinning. I know there must be a Mouli grater or two here somewhere but I can't find them. Then there is the rusty corkscrew I bought in Philadelphia the night I turned twenty one.
  17. I have never seen Adams in a store but I notice from the website it is made by Smucker's -- same as Jif. I wonder if Adams is really a different recipe from Smucker's or Jif, or just a different jar?
  18. Interesting. As is normal, the Modernist gelato gets rock hard after a day or so in the freezer. Having a Belle-V in my battery I scraped myself a serving. For whatever reason I could detect no iciness in the bowl of shavings. Much better than before. Although the defective peanut butter still bothered me.
  19. My own sweet, fresh picked cucumber, the full twelve inches of it. Sexpartite tomatoes. Various dried out cheeses. Half a day old baguette, which I couldn't quite finish even with the help of wine ad libitum. Thinking about gelato.
  20. I agree, boneless skinless chicken breasts are great for sous vide. But I find they usually have to be cleaned up a bit before bagging.
  21. I misspoke: the limes they didn't have were 10 for $1.99.
  22. I just picked a twelve inch cucumber and saw an okra flower finally opening -- or thinking about opening. I snagged a couple strawberries. Yesterday I got a blueberry. (Note singular.) There had been several but I was beaten to them. A small catbird was hanging upside down above my sliding door. I pounded on the glass to no effect. When I opened the door the bird, perhaps not wanting to be crushed, flew over to the railing above the blueberry bushes, and scolded me. Being mocked by a tiny bird made me think of the pie crust dough in the freezer and of a feathered appetizer. It was not in the least afraid of me. Finally I had to push it off the balcony.
  23. Actually my gelato recipe is the MC@H version which does not use carrageenan, but rather uses tapioca starch and xanthan gum. I believe the effect is the tapioca starch gelatinization.
  24. Oh. (She looks around hopefully for counter space.)
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