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  1. Doctored picture. I keep my Kitchenaid in the living room.
  2. My KAF stoneware bowls have wheat sheaves.
  3. I wish I could cram more stuff into my apartment, but to me the space in that picture looks claustrophobic.
  4. Not much of a look but I looked at a copy yesterday. Made me wonder what's different from all his other books. Same soft cover and lots of pretty pictures.
  5. If not a freeze drier, a chamber vacuum sealer is always in good taste.
  6. Has anyone tried using a usuba for slicing potatoes?
  7. I'm not dcarch, however as I indicated in post #84 (though unhelpfully botching the name of the knife brand) in making my gratin dauphinois the other night not one potato slice stuck to the newwest chef's knife: http://www.newwestknifeworks.com/product/kitchen-knives--fusionwood-20-line/9-chef-knife-fusionwood-20/3556
  8. As a library worker I'd say keep it plain.
  9. It had been sometime since I had had a zombie. Tonight I sacrificed the very last white grapefruit from last winter...not knowing quite what I should find. No mold, very pleasant juice, about an ounce. I knew the juice was "use it or lose it," so in I dumped it all -- not wishing, of course, to end a sentence with a preposition: 1 oz S&C 1 oz Appleton 12 1 oz Flor de Cana 12 1 oz Lemon Hart 151 1/2 oz Taylor's Falernum 1 1/4 oz fresh lime juice 1 oz freshly squeezed, though not necessarily fresh, white grapefruit juice 5 ml tincture of cinnamon 1 teaspoon grenadine 1 dash Angostura 12 drops Jade 1901 Garnish of mint with purple straw. I should note I am fond of citrus and this really works for me.
  10. This looked so good I ran out for a radicchio. For my sauce I used Roquefort as that is what I had: 60 g radicchio 60 g Roquefort good bunch of heavy cream generous grind of pepper methode rotuts ad libitum no additional salt necessary Bitter is on its way to me from the library.
  11. I do liquids in my Polyscience. I've never had a boilover yet, but it is kind of terrifying.
  12. Now imagine if that special water, by some circumstance, could be under well higher than atmospheric pressure...
  13. Following the peanut course, an almost overly unctuous (if that were even possible) gratin dauphinois. I lost a stick of butter in there somewhere. Baguette with Boursin cheese. Grilled rib eye with broccolini, barely blanched. Bottle of French Malbec. Dessert is tarte tatin, crème fraiche, methode rotuts. There is always room for methode rotuts.
  14. Because tonight's dinner is gratin dauphinois, and because I am a quondam scientist, and because I have a chamber vacuum sealer, I did an experiment: Using a flat bladed knife I cut a thin slice of potato, which of course stuck. I placed the knife over a bowl in the vacuum chamber, such that the potato slice was facing downward. When I evacuated the chamber, near maximum vacuum, the slice of potato fell off into the bowl. I repeated this experiment five times. Just like clockwork each slice fell off at the same time of the vacuum cycle. Make of this what you will. In addition I noted that when cut with the flat bladed knife the potato slices reproducibly stuck. However using my highwest chef's knife that has dimples on the blade, not one potato slice would stick.
  15. Wikipedia says that cinchona bark is the only economically practical source of quinine. One could make an infusion of the bark for drinking but the beverage would be rather bitter. This article has a picture of the flowers, bark and seed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinchona
  16. Yes, it does have sugar, sorry.
  17. I take quinine in pill form myself but if you insist in drinking the stuff you might want to try the tonic made by eGullet member feste: http://smallhandfoods.com/store/index.php/syrups/tonic
  18. JoNorvelleWalker

    Methode Rotuts

    A problem with methode rotuts is I cannot make a liter last two meals. I measure carefully, not sure what I am doing wrong. This would not be that much of a problem since I've been keeping two pressure vessels chilled at all times, however for best results in my hands methode rotuts must be pressurized at freezer temperatures. Warmer methode rotuts may be indeed quite potable but the full expression is not realized at refrigerator temperatures. To date I've been afraid to store the vessels in the freezer. But in desperation that has changed.
  19. Thank you, David. My mission was to set out to reproduce this! I began with half a dozen Braeburn that I had picked myself. Peeling Apples Next a stick of organic, cultured butter and 150 g sugar: Sugar and Butter Note: no known culinary sugar "dissolves" in butter. Halved and Cored Apples in Tarte Tatin Pan After an hour and a half at 375 deg F. I cooled the apples for a few hours, but not overnight. For the pastry I used 300 g KAF AP and 100 g KAF cake flour, 1 stick of the same nice organic, cultured butter used above plus one half cup (more or less) lovely homemade lard (rendered by the method of Modernist Cuisine), 1 Tablespoon sugar, 1 teaspoon Kosher salt, enough ice water to bring together. I refrigerated a couple hours, rested, and rolled out: Pastry for Crust Tarte Tatin Ready for Oven I baked 20 minutes at 350 deg F as called for. It was here I ran into a problem. The crust did not look dark enough. In fact it looked raw. I baked for another 20 minutes. The crust had still not colored. I began to worry. I increased the heat to 425 deg F and baked for an additional 20 minutes. This was more what I was expecting Tarte Tatin Plated The sweetness of the tarte was perfect. Rarely do I get the sweetness of an unfamiliar dessert recipe just right. If I may pick a fault I would have liked a bit more syrup. Two things I may change next time: for the first baking of the apples I would consider covering the pan for all or part of the cooking time. And I would bake the assembled tarte for a shorter time at a higher temperature. For this project I consulted perhaps twenty tarte tatin recipes. Almost if not all specified a higher temperature and/or a longer baking time. The recent NY times Tarte Tatin specifies 40 to 50 minutes at 375 deg F. Julia calls out for 20 minutes at 425 deg F. Nonetheless, not bad I thought for my first tarte tatin ever. Methode rotuts and crème fraiche cover a multitude of faults. Edit: spelling.
  20. Rotuts' recent dinner thread left me rather melancholy. Tonight's dinner was a single lorn leftover barbequed spare rib. That and a glass of methode rotuts, of course. Dessert was a quarter of a tarte tatin. Milk substituted for the methode rotuts this time.
  21. I cannot imagine the cord coming loose on mine. It fits tightly.
  22. A purple straw is totally wrong for Mississippi punch.
  23. Another young food memory. One day I wanted pie for breakfast. My mother of course said no. Then she added: "Actually in New England, where I come from, people do eat pie for breakfast...but this is not New England."
  24. Speaking of gym socks, following my mai tai tonight I am enjoying arrack, S&C, and FP 1840. With the addition of lemon and sugar otherwise known as Mississippi punch.
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