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  1. I realize the NY Times keeps a tight budget and lays off proofreaders and copy editors...but would it have killed Bittman to buy a scale?
  2. And from personal experience, sake is not non-toxic.
  3. But do you want to be treated by emergency room staff who slur their words?
  4. Eyes fixated on my mai tai straw as we speak. God gave us Wray and Nephew for a reason. Without getting too far into religion I believe God gave us everything for a reason.
  5. By the dip and sweep method Rose says a cup of all purpose flour is 145g.
  6. I add the (warmed, if I remember) water all at once.
  7. The KAF chart that gives the weight of a cup of all purpose flour as 120g does not say how the flour was measured. However in the KAF measurement standards they say to use the spoon and sweep method if you don't have a scale. In contrast Rose Levy Beranbaum gives the weight of a lightly spooned cup of all purpose flour as 121g.
  8. @Hassouni I am no expert but the two things that made a major improvement to my tortillas were the proper hydration and using food wrap on the press rather than thicker plastic bags. I credit @Okanagancook with the hydration. A recipe is 300g masa and 400g water.
  9. The NY Times recipe calls for 3 cups all purpose flour and 1 5/8 cups of water. The KAF ingredient weight chart says a cup of all purpose flour is 120g. Three cups would be 360g. For the water, 1 5/8 cup, according to the Windows calculator, is 384.4559 ml, or approximately 384g. To calculate percent hydration divide the water weight by the flour weight times 100: 384/360 x 100 = 107% hydration. I don't see any weight conversions on Bittman's recipe. However if he gets 345g water out of 1 5/8 cup I would seriously suspect his scale. (But this from the woman who just added half the proper amount of sugar to her batch of cookies, so take it with a grain of salt.)
  10. I shall never again carefully transpose a dry-measure cookie recipe to milligrams and then inadvertently add only half the sugar.
  11. Very pretty. Having refreshed my memory of the NY Times recipe, am I correct with my math that the hydration is over 100%?
  12. I always have cookbooks strewn about.
  13. I am no expert in no-knead baking (having only tried it once when the NY Times first published the technique) but what Modernist bread recommends is a Lodge cast iron combination cooker, which they describe as an upside down Dutch oven. They say the Lodge combination cooker is a good investment as it is suitable for a lot of other uses besides baking bread. Your mileage of course may vary.
  14. There are many ways to bake bread. Modernist bread recommends against using a Dutch oven. Why ruin a good pot?
  15. Amazon came through with my Whole Foods delivery tonight. Not all my heart desired but at least I won't die of scurvy.
  16. Life goes on. For the nonce. This time all low protein flour. Edit: I also baked cookies.
  17. The Modernist Bread folks found it an exceedingly poor solution for baking bread.
  18. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Hsiao-Ching Chou simple stir-fried greens. Comfort food.
  19. A friend who lives about a mile and a half from here, outside of Whole Foods' delivery area, reports today she can't get anything delivered. And Uber probably still requires a cellphone.
  20. Harvested by hobbits...it comes from New Zealand. And while I was clicking trying to get a delivery slot, Whole Foods ran out of onions.
  21. I had not realized butter was one of the hoarded goods. I just checked Whole Foods. The least expensive* unsalted butter is $13 per pound. Not that I can get a Whole Foods delivery anyhow. *and only.
  22. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    These are not normal times.
  23. Teo, did you ever decide to get one for yourself?
  24. UPS drivers are not allowed. But as you suggest, hiring a contractor is a possibility. Not something I had budgeted for. However, on the brighter side, my stimulus check is coming.
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