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  1. Four days, minimum. I realize you are undoubtedly an expert on these things. But does a hand truck help with stairs? Once the freezer is upstairs I'm pretty sure I can manipulate it into position. Could you send your blimp?
  2. An only slightly larger, more expensive Summit forced air freezer (that does not get as cold as the Vesta) has a shipping weight of 51 kg. So 32 kg sounds reasonable.
  3. Because of the virus we have been asked not to contact management except in an emergency. And schlepping upstairs is not something they would do (for insurance reasons) even in normal times.
  4. Worst case I leave the Vesta outdoors. I have a long extension cord from the days I had a Diesel Jeep with a headbolt heater. Almost as amusing as the time back when I was in business and our office manager ordered 2000 2meter USB cables shipped via UPS. She never thought about the weight. Though I'm not sure I would have either. USB cables don't weigh much do they?
  5. Specification not given. The power is listed as 210 Watts which would be 0.281615 horsepower. Wish I had a horse to help get it upstairs. If I ever get it unpacked and operational I will measure the power.
  6. I wondered how they got a freezer to weigh 32 lbs.
  7. Sadly, even in times of corona virus units of measure matter. My long delayed Frysta arrives shortly. UPS states the weight as 79 lbs/36 kg. I can't lift 79 lbs. I can't lift 36 kg either.
  8. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Dinner... Twice ground chuck. Candele sugo alla Bolognese. Forgive lack of intermediate images.
  9. @Okanagancook just so there's no miscommunication: when you say you have the older KA extruder, do you mean you have the previous incarnation of the vertical extruder or the ancient horizontal pasta extruder that works with the meat grinder attachment? As far as I know any of the KA vertical extruder attachments should work just fine. As mentioned in another thread my beautiful Vetri candele cracked. Next time I'd only dry them for a few hours.
  10. Good luck on finding powdered milk. Possibly some stores have restocked. King Arthur Flour filled my back order of powdered milk a couple days ago.
  11. Working on a mai tai as we speak. Water on the boil for pasta. Not that there's nothing else that could go wrong...just ask @liuzhou.
  12. Dinner preparations tonight are almost funny. Sad, but almost funny. To go with the candele that I made last night, the plan is a recipe of sugo alla Bolognese from The Romagnolis' Table (p50ff). Things started off OK. I double ground the beef chuck and prepared the battuto. But the first onion I grabbed was rotten. The second onion was half rotten, maybe three quarters. In normal times I would have pitched them both. These aren't normal times. The onion was unbelievably gross so I decided to take out the trash. However when I went to the hall closet to get a fresh grocery bag for the trashcan I saw a cockroach. This is one of only two closets in my apartment which does not contain foodstuffs. I freaked out. It took a while but I gave the beast the happy dispatch. Then -- why is there always a then? -- a shelf of my refrigerator fell out. Everything on the floor. Remarkably nothing broke. I had to do some metal work to get the shelf reseated. Then, since one of the kitchen drawers was overfull, I decided to relocate my Matfer chocolate spatula in with the other chocolate making stuff. My skin is friable, as I may have mentioned, and I tore my arm open on a piece of cardboard. I stood bleeding on the kitchen floor. Mostly in front of the refrigerator. I hope not in the ragu. It's still a good two hours before dinner. My lovely candele have now dried and cracked. I understand candele are traditionally broken before cooking though I had hoped to leave these candele whole. Is that too much to ask?
  13. Using my KitchenAid meatgrinder tonight, I came across my old KitchenAid extruder. What a disappointing attachment! @Okanagancook you might want to splurge for the new one that extrudes vertically.
  14. For the maccheroni quadrifoglio I used the Serious Eats fresh pasta recipe: https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2015/01/fresh-egg-pasta.html This is my go to recipe for fresh pasta. (I cheat and throw it in the food processor.) For purposes of extrusion I added a bit less egg white to make a drier dough that does not quite come together. While the results were delicious, extruding the egg dough was a bit messy. By comparison fresh egg dough is a joy to prepare using the KitchenAid KSMPRA Roller & Cutter attachment. For the candele I followed Marc Vetri's recipe from Rustic Italian Food. The recipe is not mine to give away, however the ingredients are semolina and water. I recommend the book. As I mentioned above this was easy and almost no mess.
  15. Back to pasta... Since Supermarket Italy could not supply the artisan candele I had ordered -- KitchenAid candele. Marc Vetri version from Rustic Italian Food. Since Vetri uses the KitchenAid extruder it is no surprise there was little waste or mess or cleanup. A half recipe made two dozen candele.
  16. The video demonstrates he shares his household with someone.
  17. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    I indeed consumed the Momofuku with a spoon. However it was not the serving spoon.
  18. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    After much reflection, nothing appealed more for dinner than celery, carrots, lettuce, and tomato. Served with rye crisps of the sort that last forever. Washed down with sauce Momofuku. When all else was gone I slurped the Momofuku with a spoon till shame forced me to stop. I then switched to cookies.
  19. Indeed. Normally, as I understand, in Moroccan cuisine guests are not provided with a spoon.
  20. A man all too near here was arrested after intentionally coughing on a grocery store employee who asked him to keep social distance, as reported by The NY Times. He faces seven years in prison and a $26,000 fine. He may also face Federal terrorism charges.
  21. Last night I made Basmati rice. There was some left and I thought about rice pudding. (Yes, in normal times I would use Arborio.) I asked Eat Your Books for a suggestion and up popped @Wolfert's Moroccan Rice Pudding: "Each guest is given a large spoon, and the pudding is eaten communal-style." Seemed appropriate somehow.
  22. Vesta Precision is offering 25 percent off their stuff, with 5 percent going to charity. https://www.vestaprecision.com/
  23. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Looks good to me!
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