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    Dinner 2020

    I'll second this! I have three EXO Super Peels. Thing is once I acquired my pizza aluminum I could not get close enough to the oven to load the pie with the standard Super Peel. The solution was the EXO Long Handled Super Peel: http://amzn.com/B00H1JKHWO In addition I have a prototype EXO peel for loading boules onto the small (10x10x0.5 inch) steel I use when baking in the CSO. I'm worried though because when I go to the EXO website I get a message "Account Suspended". EXO is a great company and the owner has been very helpful. I hope they are not in trouble.
  2. Silvia Flor de Junio made fantastic broth which burned my hand and tongue. (Treating the affected members with ice cream at the moment.) Some bean varieties are OK, and some are really not. Then there are those that make the whole experience worthwhile.
  3. I shall never again ladle hot bean broth over my hand. Even if it is Rancho Gordo.
  4. At the moment I have a pot of Silvia Flor de Junio on the stove for dinner. On the Paragon, actually. I explained my problems to another coworker and instead of sympathy he placed an order with Rancho Gordo.
  5. Not pear, but I have bottles of Peach Street Distillery Peach brandy on hand, which I keep for Fish House Punch... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fish_House_Punch https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schuylkill_Fishing_Company Served in Baccarat of course. Befitting as Gilbert du Motier was a Fish House member. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilbert_du_Motier,_Marquis_de_Lafayette
  6. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    I can't think of two less photogenic foods than artichoke and pesto.* This dinner was a one pot meal. I wanted to test out my new baby Fissler pressure cooker. Pasta for the pesto was simply boiled about a minute in the pot, and then as I enjoyed the pesto the artichoke steamed for 15 minutes on high, followed by natural release. No need to watch the pressure cooker on the Paragon. Paragon was set to 248F. Pasta, Serious Eats recipe as usual. Pesto from Jerry Traunfeld, The Herbfarm Cookbook. What's unique (or at least different) about the Traunfeld recipe is the order in which the ingredients are mixed. Pasta was perfect. Possibly the best pesto I have had. Artichoke wasn't half bad either. *well, OK, kale and cauliflower. Edit: oh, and the basil was from my dining room.
  7. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Philips grilled Berkshire chop. Philips grilled asparagus. I am getting rather attached to Philips grilled asparagus. Baked potato.
  8. I'm not sure how I missed this the first time around: that measuring cup looks suspicious. In the US and most of the civilized world, one cup equals 236.588 ml. If the markings on the right hand side are milliliters, Canadian cups must be very small indeed. On the other hand if the units on the right hand side are sai I might believe it. That would make the full capacity about one go. Same as any respectable rice cooker measuring vessel.
  9. I browsed the sale and easily reached $59, which gives free shipping any day. Better with nuts.com to wait until they offer either a discount or a free something that you like. Did I mention nuts.com is almost as bad as Rancho Gordo? Thankfully I go through a lot more nuts than beans.
  10. Yes but then the item you really want will be in the shipment you did not receive.
  11. https://forums.egullet.org/topic/136349-do-brita-type-filters-work/?do=findComment&comment=2162319 For the soak and initial cook I used my double filtered deionized tap water.
  12. Unfortunately, Steve can correct me, I think it comes down to shipping costs.
  13. Over two more nights I boiled the Moro beans into submission. They were eventually quite good. As would have been pebbles cooked that long. A colleague at work mentioned she had quit the bean club. She was inundated by more beans than she could eat.
  14. The last couple nights I've been using my Demeyere on the Paragon to prepare my Rancho Gordo Moro beans. In my hands all the Rancho Gordo bean varieties from Mexico I've tried require inordinate amounts of cooking time. But with the Paragon and a good induction pan one can just set the temperature and walk away.
  15. Thank you for reminding me I have* some avocadoes somewhere in the bedroom. *or had.
  16. Crumb was more open than last week. Still dense. The Ankarsrum dough hook is more pleasant to use than the roller but the roller gave better crumb. I can't say I understand this.
  17. My one Demeyere was a disappointment. Not that it is a horrible pan by any means. Now that a have a Paragon (OK, three Paragons) I am thankful the Demeyere works with induction. But the Demeyere is seldom the pan I grab for anything except a can of soup. By coincidence I've been wanting an induction capable larger sauce pan that would go in the dishwasher. Last night I ordered a small Fissler pressure cooker with a separate lid that should fill the bill. So far Fissler is the brand of cookware that's worked best for me. Except for Falk, of course.
  18. A friend has offered me one of her curry plants. Wish I could get them from the Whole Foods here. The Spice House offers dried curry leaves but I've read that's not the same.
  19. Yesterday was not Shoprite. Thanks to a friend I was shopping at a favorite high end market. Duck a l'orange came to mind for dinner, but the $37 duck had me settle for sole Granville. So sad. I also picked up a Berkshire chop. As I wandered past the bakery section a baker was holding a cake on one hand while chatting with a customer. I couldn't help but notice she got the cake in the woman's hair. This was not Shoprite.
  20. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Sole Granville. Recipe from Richard Crausman, French Classics Made Easy.* Crausman's simplification is to use sole fillets rather than whole sole. Unfortunately Dover sole was not to be had and I made do with lemon sole. Jo Norvelle Walker's simplification was to omit the shrimp. My cruel physician has enjoined me from eating crustaceans. Though the market had the most beautiful shrimp on offer. Sad. And I omitted the truffle.** The fillets are poached in fish stock and plated with sauce allemande. I have come by a selection of More Than Gourmet sauce reductions. For the sauce allemande I used the More Than Gourmet Classic Seafood Stock to make up for the missing shrimp. Then after the sole is poached the reduced fish stock is added to the sauce allemande and bound with a butter swirl. One of the finest dishes I have eaten. I'm minded why I adore French cuisine and why I so seldom prepare it. Even with my battery of copper pots. The sole Granville was to be followed by the most beautiful out of season organic asparagus I have ever seen.*** I could not do it. I just could not. I did manage to choke down some strawberry ice cream. All accompanied by methode rotuts. *easy is relative. **just because. ***and priced accordingly.
  21. Boston brown bread is a steamed bread.
  22. Shut the door, they're comin' through the window Shut the window, they're comin' through the door Tonight I'm cooking up a pot of Moro.
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