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    What Beers Did You Drink Today? Or Yesterday? (Part 3)

    I failed: 3.40C. The nice thing about a thermometer that reads hundredths is you can watch the temperature rise and call it wherever you like. Oh, and the Duvel was good.
  2. By popular demand --- pictures of the inside of the egg... Comments welcome. No reports of taste.
  3. JoNorvelleWalker

    The Bread Topic (2016-)

    In the refrigerator I have 200 g of five day old French lean dough. It was supposed to have been a pizza. My guess is the dough is too far gone for pizza. Any suggestions what I could make? Or should I pitch it?
  4. JoNorvelleWalker

    Grocery Shopping

    In Shoprite's defense they did have one lorn bag of Key Limes on the shelf. And lemons they had lots.
  5. JoNorvelleWalker

    Kitchen Remodeling

    Wine glasses in the dishwasher?
  6. Continuing the experiments: Heavy Cream 520 g Pistachio Paste 140 g Sugar 100 g Salt 3 g Locust Bean Gum 2 g Lambda Carrageenan 1.3 g Polysorbate 80 0.5 g Glycerol Monostearate 0.1 g Same ingredients as last time. Note that I reduced the salt to 3 g from 4 g; and the heavy cream this time was non-ultra pasteurized, without added emulsifiers and stabilizers. (And, no, the cream was not from Shoprite.) I heated the mix, minus pistachio paste, to 60C in a bain marie like so... I added the reserved pistachio paste and homogenized. Then I cooled the mix in an ice bath and refrigerated. The viscosity is noticeably less than the previous batch made with Shoprite cream. I won't know till I've spun and tasted it but I suspect the viscosity is still too high. At least this time the homogenizer could work through the mix without sounding like it was about to burn out. @paulraphael or anyone, do you have suggestions for how I could adjust the stabilizers? My ratios are those given for Modernist Pistachio Gelato (designed for water as the liquid, not for cream). https://modernistcuisine.com/recipes/pistachio-gelato-2/
  7. JoNorvelleWalker

    What do people do with oil used for deep frying?

    If you want my honest answer: I spill it on the counter. Some goes on the floor.
  8. Well, bake steam 425F 10 minutes: Please ignore the tuna and potato. The asparagus was tasty, with satisfactory texture. But oh my that color was hard to get past. (Wine helped.)
  9. [Hosts' note: this topic is part of an extended conversation that grew too big for our servers to handle efficiently. The discussion continues from here.] I've been searching for the post @Anna N made awhile back about the CSO tomato tart with the insufficiently caramelized onions. I think it was in this thread but I sure can't find it. I had half a thought to try the tart for dinner but I've never used frozen puff pastry dough sheets before. Maybe it's buried in a Manitoulin thread?
  10. JoNorvelleWalker

    What Beers Did You Drink Today? Or Yesterday? (Part 3)

    Thank you! I'll aim on the high side for 5.2. My reference thermometer is good to two decimal places. I don't have a suitable tulip glass so my usual Baccarat water goblet will have to do. I have washed it carefully.
  11. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    Something new: asparagus steam baked in the CSO: Perfectly prepared but note the sulfurous demonic hue. Normally I boil my spears in a large pot of excess water which preserves the color. Typically tasty baked potato and lightly grilled tuna steak. I repent the years I tortured tuna before I learned what it could be. And before I acquired the tools and technology to make the apotheosis so.
  12. JoNorvelleWalker

    What Beers Did You Drink Today? Or Yesterday? (Part 3)

    When I've had Duvel before it was at refrigerator temperature. Whatever Duvel is trying to be I don't think it is a light lager. According to Wikipedia Duvel is made from Scottish yeast. And in the immortal words of Michael Flanders: "One cannot drink stout."
  13. JoNorvelleWalker

    What Beers Did You Drink Today? Or Yesterday? (Part 3)

    At what temperature should Duvel optimally be served? The ale, that is. Tell me and I'll tell you what I'll be drinking.
  14. JoNorvelleWalker

    Grocery Shopping

    Amazon came through. No scurvy for another week.
  15. Safari offers a disclaimer: "Please be aware that formula calculations may differ in Excel." It's not asparagus exactly but I've read people pilot airplanes from documents on their iPads. Be that as it may -- the asparagus is in the CSO pan, waiting for my baked potato. And my mai tai. Thanks!
  16. Interestingly Safari on my iPad opened the spreadsheet. But the time for asparagus is listed as "01"?
  17. Any suggestions for asparagus in the CSO? Other than steam for 10 to 12 minutes from the CSO instruction book. (Unfortunately I don't have a program to open the spreadsheet to see if there is something for asparagus.)
  18. JoNorvelleWalker

    Get it right - the bathroom door lock

    The topic might be locked.
  19. JoNorvelleWalker

    Grocery Shopping

    Yesterday at Shoprite I was told their delivery was coming in last night. I woke up in withdrawal and hurried to Shoprite before work. No limes. I'm sure this is because of International Scurvy Awareness Day on 5/2. Scurvy is a dreadful way to die. Meanwhile I just placed an order with Amazon for ten limes, with delivery for tonight.
  20. JoNorvelleWalker

    Grocery Shopping

    For shopping I had no energy. Browsing Prime Now did not excite me. But I needed limes. One can endure most privations. But not limes. Besides, it was still a lovely afternoon and there is a Flood Watch in effect. I girded my loins, my boots, my backpack and set off for Shoprite. Shoprite had no limes.
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    And a Shoprite thing.
  22. JoNorvelleWalker

    Ice Cream!

    I have and recommend the ICE-100. My advice is to use only about 800 g of mix per batch and to spin for 15 minutes, 20 minutes maximum. I get better results with the ice cream paddle rather than with the gelato paddle. The gelato paddle is supposed to reduce overrun. Don't forget to run the machine for about 15 minutes to precool before adding the mix. See the other ice cream threads -- of which there are about four or five going at the moment.
  23. JoNorvelleWalker

    Unusual & unknown kitchen gadgets

    She didn't buy it??
  24. JoNorvelleWalker

    Gardening: (2016– )

    I was thinking of the CSO.
  25. JoNorvelleWalker

    Best First Cookbook

    It was not always well received. I recall an ultimatum about the food coloring.