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  1. Some while ago I looked into the Dynashake but in the end I didn't buy it. I have an inexpensive immersion blender that I hardly use. I thought the Dynashake might serve as a poor woman's homogenizer. But now I have an even poorer woman's rotor stator homogenizer. If I wanted a blender (which thankfully I don't) I'd get a blender. If I wanted a milkshake machine I'd get a milkshake machine. If you get the Dynashake I'd love to hear about it. Dave Arnold must be truly indolent. Tonight it took two and one half minutes to scrape my potatoes through the tamis. It was more work to pound the mace.
  2. Sorry there wasn't enough left, and now there is none. I'm about to go start a batch of vanilla. Since I've been reading The Perfect Scoop, I'll start with David Lebovitz's vanilla Philadelphia style recipe and add my emulsifiers and stabilizers.
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    Current sales, deals, and bargains (Part 2)

    You left out the important part...what color??
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    Lunch 2019

    Conference center lunch...
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    Adorable Gummies

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    Kitchen photos

    He redid it.
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    Food funnies

    I may have mentioned it before -- there is a full page beer advertisement of three nuns, one ancient, two of tender years, sitting barefoot around a lake partaking. Everything about the ad appeals to me. Ought to be illegal. Probably is immoral.
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    Dinner 2019

    Greenspan's recipe is only ever so slightly sweet. Good though, I thought. I bought another orange today!
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    Dinner 2019

    Some may recall I was searching for a recipe for tenderloin: Dorie Greenspan, Around My French Table, Fresh Orange Pork Tenderloin. Tenderloin is browned in butter and grapeseed oil, then braised with black cardamom, orange juice, orange segments, orange zest, and shallots*. Will make again. Soon. Gave me an excuse to employ one of my battery of copper pans. Sadly black cardamom does not agree with me. A seed went in my shoe and caused me untold pain. *Greenspan calls for onions. Trust me, use shallots.
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    Dinner 2019

    I got married in 1970. Lot of good it did me. But I kept most of the cookbooks.
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    Gardening: (2016– )

    First strawberry.
  12. Minus 11.0 C, which required another spoon. I'm sure it's phycological but if one sprinkles a few pistachios on top it looks and tastes like pistachio. I noticed in The Perfect Scoop, David Lebovitz roasts all his nuts except pistachio, because roasting causes the green color to turn brown.
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    Kitchen Scale Recommendations, 2011–

    Update: YaeCCC responded promptly. This scale comes in three models, the difference being the maximum weight: 200 g, 300 g, or 500 g. I have the 500 g. As it turns out the calibration instructions provided are for the 200 g model, using the 200 g weight included in the box. There is no way any customer would guess how to calibrate the 500 g scale, but it was not difficult once I knew how. Why YaeCCC doesn't mention the procedure is a mystery.* Calibration also requires additional weights** not included with the scale. So not only are calibration instructions not provided, nor are the means to do so. I can only suppose they get a lot of tech support questions and returns. Calibration is at five points: 100 g, 200 g, 300 g, 400 g, and 500 g. As I said, not difficult. After a quick run through my 100 g weight measured 100.001 g. The scale runs on batteries or AC. Blessedly it does not auto turn off. The weighing platform is removable. The readings don't drift around. The scale has leveling feet and a built in bubble level. As scales go, I like it. I'm tempted to buy a higher range scale of the same type. Amazon has them up to 30 kg (though only 0.1 g resolution). *the amazon product description has been updated to include the calibration instructions! **which fortunately I have.
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    Best chicken?

    When possible I source my poultry from Griggstown Quail Farm. Almost (but not quite) close enough to walk to. Sadly due to life's vicissitudes it's more often Shoprite and Purdue. Though I have been able to find Bell & Evans from amazon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Griggstown_Quail_Farm
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    Dinner 2019

    Have you discussed this with your marriage counselor or a dietician?
  16. Thanks for putting in a lot of work! What software do you use? The emulsifiers and stabilizer values are one half the amounts from the MC pistachio gelato recipe, in the same relative ratios. The ice cream is not hard. It is scoopable with a spoon. But it's not too soft either. I don't expect to make pistachio again for a while because I'd need to buy and grind more pistachios. But I probably will try a batch of vanilla before my non-ultra pasteurized cream goes bad.
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    Dinner 2019

    I had a plan but dinner didn't happen. A can of soup was opened.
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    Kitchen Scale Recommendations, 2011–

    I must learn to curb my enthusiasm. I like everything about the YaeCCC scale except that I can't get it to calibrate. I wrote YaeCCC for help. It may just be I don't understand the instructions. None of the mostly positive reviews on amazon mentioned a problem with calibration. It does seem to be linear and it doesn't drift. After the scale warmed up two different 200 g weights from two different companies measured 200.076 g.
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    Kitchen Scale Recommendations, 2011–

    Digital scales have never been kind to me. My thirty some year analog scale keeps on working and I've yet to change the batteries. I use it a multiple times a week. But when I went to using modernist ingredients I needed something that would measure smaller quantities. The first digital scale I got didn't work. Amazon took it back. My second try was an AWS. Flimsy little thing but it did the job. Then the on/off switch became erratic. A few months ago I ordered a Modernist Pantry branded scale, primarily to spend enough to get free shipping on their little powders. That scale was a dud, but Modernist Pantry replaced it. The replacement worked well. For the first two times I used it. It did not work when I was making ice cream two days ago. Thankfully after some button mashing I managed to get the AWS to turn on long enough to weigh the things I needed. But there was no joy. Sad fact of life, I cannot afford a $2000 scale. However I found this on amazon for less than $100 (OK, $99.99). One day delivery. It came tonight. Without letting the scale warm up or stabilize I threw a 200 g weight on the pan and it registered 200.066 g. I may have low standards but I found that impressive.
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    Making Pistachio Ice Cream and Gelato

    Forgive me. I made the pistachio ice cream but I had intended to put my last post over here -- too many ice cream threads, not enough ice cream.
  21. I took most of the helpful suggestions. My mix this time: Heavy Cream 190 g Milk 330 g Pistachio Paste 140 g Sugar 100 g Salt 2 g Locust Bean Gum 1 g Lambda Carrageenan 0.65 g Polysorbate 80 0.25 g Glycerol Monostearate 0.05 g Heated to 60C and homogenized as previously. Result was much closer to ice cream. Indeed, not a bad batch at all. The biggest complaint is it does not look nor taste much like pistachio. It looks like coffee and it does not taste like much of anything. Maybe generic nut. I had been tempted to add a drop of almond extract but I did not. However the texture is getting closer. Almost perfect right out of the machine. Now in the second day there is a trace of iciness, though I am being critical. Iciness is slight and scarcely perceptible. But the iciness was not there on day one. The texture is still thicker than necessary. I'd have to get more pistachios to make the recipe again, but if I do I think I would reduce the locust bean gum and increase the glycerol monostearate. I would also cut down the salt. Meanwhile I might try making vanilla using these ingredients rather than eggs. Any suggestions on the amounts of stabilizers and emulsifiers with no nut paste?
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    Grocery Shopping

    The weather this afternoon was as dry as it's been this spring (though that's not saying much) so I decided to hazard a trip to the store. The wetlands are usually mud and standing water. Today the trail was babbling brook. Some civic minded soul had put down rocks for stepping stones. I made it to Shoprite without falling in. I didn't need much but I learned Shoprite no longer carries Jif Natural peanut butter. Why, Shoprite? I also stopped for rum. Going home I planned a different, much longer route that I could cross dry shod. In the fifteen years or so since the corn fields have become a park there are trails I've only been on a couple times. I had to pause to appreciate the views. I am fortunate to live in an area of natural beauty. Even if it is short on grocery stores.
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    Gardening: (2016– )

    You did post it in another thread. I just came inside from admiring my peas.
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    Dinner 2019

    Previously frozen.
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    Dinner 2019

    They don't keep for another year?