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  1. I used to scoff at books that are filled with recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less... Quite often they are filled dummed down versions of more complicated recipes. Ok, I still scoff at a quite a few of them (coff.. Rachel Ray coff...) but I have recently purchased Rick Bayless' Mexican Everyday and Jaques Pepin's Fast Food My Way and found them quite facinating. I was wondering what other books people like in this genre that I should consider. Thanks! Dan
  2. I used to drink Trader Joes Irish Breakfast tea bags every morning in a massive latte mug (required only 1 trip). I used hot water from the coffee machine at the office. It was not the ideal way to make a cup (small pot) of coffee, but it was good and extremely strong. The caffeine and good music got me through many days of serious data crunching. Dan
  3. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but Denis Cotter is my Vegetarian chef of choice. It is vegetarian fare that you will not you will not care is vegetarian. Cafe Paradiso Seasons goes through seasonal produce and Wild Garlic, Gooseberries, and Me goes through his favourite fruits and veg. Olive Trees and Honey by Gil Marks and Local Flavours by Deborah Madison are also very good. Dan
  4. And then there is this... http://www.baconsaltblog.com/2009/04/our-newest-product.html
  5. DanM

    Pickles--Cook-Off 32

    I currently have 4 lbs of pickling cukes in my crock. This is my second attempt at cukes. My first crashed and burned big time. This batch is looking much better. My basic brine is: 1 gallon of water 5.5 oz (by weight) of kosher salt .25 c of pickling spices from The Spice House. That Stuff 4 lbs of cukes. I hope they are ready early next week for canning. Dan
  6. Talk about pastry porn! I would have asked the pastry chef for the formula, but that is me. If you do figure it out, please post it! I would love to add this to my collection. Taking a look at the picture, it looks like the nougatine is in thin flakes over the apples? If that is the case, I would not be surprised if the nougatine was made first, poured on a silpat, smashed, and then spread over the tart. The time in the oven would slightly melt the nougatine and meld the shards together like you see there... I think. Good luck! Dan
  7. I was wondering what is the best way to store herbs, especially parsley, cilantro, and basil. I'm tired of the herbs going bad before I can use it all. Thanks! Dan
  8. One more... Rocky Mountain Oysters Thats if you have the balls to serve them.
  9. I have been cooking with lots of grains lately. It is a great alternative to animal sources of protein. Per 100g serving: Quinoa - 24g Hulled Barley - 23g Millet 22g Spelt - 25g Amaranth 26g Buckwheat Groats (kasha) 19g Kamut 27g Wheat Berries 24g
  10. Or to quote Anthony Bourdain http://blog.ruhlman.com/ruhlmancom/2007/02..._blogging_.html Dan
  11. I will need to add two books by the amazing Irish Chef Denis Cotter of Cafe Paradiso. His book Cafe Paradiso Seasons will open your eyes to vegetarian cuisine. Wild Garlic Gooseberries and Me is filled with his experience, thoughts, musings, stories, and humour of his favorite fruits and vegetables. Dan
  12. I enjoy tempeh, but I don't get a chance to eat it that often as my wife cannot stand the stuff. It does make a killer ruben! Dan
  13. Oh well. It went from farm stand to crock in less than 6 hours. Stuffing them may be an option. Dan
  14. I decided to check on the pickles that I have fermenting away in the closet for the past 10 days. I cut one open and found it hollow! I thought this might be a fluke, so I tried another and same thing. I would assume that this might have to do with the fact that the brine is drawing fluid out of the pickle, but will this eventually correct itself? Thanks, Dan
  15. This goes WAY back to high school when I worked at a theme park. We had this kid who was too stupid for words, Paco... but we called him Taco. If brains were dynamite, he could not knock his hat off. Welp, we one day we had him running around the park going from restaurant or stand to another searching for more steam for the steam oven we used to cook hot dogs. He never quite figured out that we were screwing with him. Dan
  16. After visiting 2 Amys in suburban DC, I am a convert to oven roasted olives mixed with fresh herbs. Dan
  17. DanM

    Here come the tomatoes

    This is sore subject for me. For the second year in a row, the tomatoes suck. Just like last year, the weather in New England is too cold and damp to grow good tomatoes. Add the light blight to the mix and its just maddening. Tomatoes were going for 6.50/lbs at the farmers market last Sunday!! Dan
  18. And there is the Greatest Sushi South of the Mason Dixon (or the vegetarian alternative) at Miya's Sushi here in New Haven. Dan
  19. Where? I always thought Clementines were a winter fruit!! ← I just looked at the box... ummmm it is a winter fruit... from South Africa! They are good though. Dan
  20. Amazon has a markdown center that is always filled with good deals. They currently have a Circulon 10 piece stainless pot and pan set for $100. I recommend adding a Lodge 8" cast iron pan to your list. They can be found for about $20 and are very versatile. +1 for shopping at restaurant supply shops. Commercial tools will be cheaper and better built than fancy consumer products. Dan
  21. I have always been partial to pasta salads for lunch. A particular favorite is small pasta of any shape, a hand full of basil and mint diced, onions, fresh mozarella, roasted peppers, grape tomatoes, capers, lemon zest, and olive oil. Easy to make and very kid friendly. Clementines are in season and are kid friendly given their size and lack of seeds. Trail mix works well as a snack. A many layered bean dip with cut veggies is another option. Good luck on your son's first day, if it has not happened yet. Dan
  22. Although I did not have my camera handy, I did make a nice cheese burger pizza on Tuesday. A mix of cheddar and scornoza was spread on the crust (no sauce) topped with fake beef crumbles and caramelized onions. After it came off the grill and it cooled a bit, I added shredded lettuce, pickle slices, and tomato slices. It was quite tasty. I have a new experiement that I think David Ross will enjoy. I won't be able to get to it until Monday, but it will be fun. S'mores pizza! I plan on using a rich dough for the crust, probably my tried and true sticky bun dough. Then it will be topped with hash
  23. I all I have to say is that the Minnesota State Fair just rocks. Literally dozens of foods can be had deep fried... and served on a stick. One exemption is the squeeky fresh deep fried cheese curds. Okay... now I am hungry!! Dan
  24. Now THAT, Sir, would make for a good spin-off show to watch (unlike FN's cheesey 'challenge' shows). I'd love to see the likes of Charlie T, Susan Wallace (a magnificent P-chef here in DC) and Elizabeth F go head to head. ← Or how about Francois Payard, Jaque Torres, Bo Friberg, Gina DePalma, Fancisco Migoya, etc... Given how often the chefs on the show choke when it comes to dessert or pastry work, this could be really cool. Dan
  25. This is really turning out interesting. Would it be too much to ask for a Top Chef: Pastry Masters series? Dan
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