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  1. Its hard to find good fish here in New Haven, CT. Whole Foods has improved the situation, but do sell the Big Five as their main products. My personal favorites are wild Alaskan salmon (MSC certified, if possible), mahi mahi, rainbow trout, striped bass, and sardines (canned or fresh). I am surprised to see Whole Foods sell Atlantic Cod given how insanely over fished it is. The company tries to give an image of social responsibility, but this says otherwise. Dan
  2. Regarding the Termador ovens... How deep is the cabinet itself? If the cabinet is 24" deep, you should be able to fit a standard oven in there. 29" high is a standard height for a wall oven... The killer is the 44" width, which I will assume are for both? Most consumer ovens are 30" max. You could get a good cabinetmaker to fill in the sides to match and make a 30" oven work. I love that black chair. My grandparents had one. I wish I could have kept it. Dan PS. I will PM you with another bit of info that I think you will appreciate.
  3. I am going to try ice cube trays soon. I just need to buy some. What types of thickeners would you recommend? Dan
  4. A medium McDonald's Frappe has 470 calories, 17g of fat and 66g of sugar... and thats before you add whip cream and chocolate syrup drizzle! All together it has 560, 26g and 70g, respectively. Yuck! Anyhow... I have been trying to make blended iced coffees at home with our new Vitamix. I am using a blend of 3/4c of coffee, 1c of soymilk, 2c of ice, and 3 tbsp of chocolate syrup. I have not been able to get good consistency. I tend to get a liquid topped with shaved ice on top. I start with the blender on low, move it up to 10, and then to high for 30 seconds. Any advice on process would be app
  5. I am making turkey thigh escabeche and salmon ceviche for dinner from Rick Bayless's Mexico One Dish at a Time book. The ceviche recipe calls for 2 sepremed oranges. I was tired and not in the mood for the delicate work... in goes 1 can of mandarin oranges.... Lazy lazy.
  6. I also use the broiler method... toast the bread, top with tuna salad and sliced cheese, place under the broiler to melt the cheese, and enjoy. One of the more bizarre things I have made is a tuna salad pizza on the barbeque. It was a standard pizza crust with a very light covering of garlic scape pesto, tuna salad, and then a cheese blend. With work, it might be worth enjoying. Dan
  7. Edit: Thanks for the inspiration! I am making turkey thigh escabeche for dinner. Thanks to this thread, I am parcooking the thighs on the grill right now with some eggplants for tomorrow. The barbecue is set up for indirect heat with the turkey thighs directly over the hot coals. Once they have a nice sear (these have a light sear due to par cooking) I moved them into the middle, skin side up until done.
  8. I use a charcoal grill with lump hardwood charcoal. My method is to setup the grill with indirect heat. My bird of choice is cut up into 8 pieces. I place the chicken skin side down directly over the charcoal to crisp the skin, usually 10 minutes. Then I flip them over and move them to the middle of the grill to cook them indirectly. I would add dry wood chips at this point if I want to smoke the meat. Barbecue sauce or any type of sauce or glaze is mopped on during the last 10-15 minutes of the cooking.
  9. Sorry for digging up this old thread, but I have a good one to share from The Kitchen Table here in New Haven. The whole menu is laden with grandiose language, but this one takes the cake. ½ Pound Burger* from Authentic, Artisan, Sustainable Cattle Topped with Sustainable Bacon, local Abby Cheese, local Arugula Authentic, Artisan, Sustainable Cattle?? Authenic, as in not grown in a lab?? Artisan? Will I find the cow's paintings in the Met? For a restaurant trying to play the local, sustainable game, their draft beer selection has the usual macro beer selections, Bud, Bud Select, Henie, Guines
  10. DanM

    Blueberry Pancakes

    I make my pancakes for lunch, not breakfast. This way I can use the berries I just picked at the local farm. From field to fork in less than 1 hour, how can you beat that? My 5 month old girl and I picked a couple of quarts this morning. These will go towards this years jam production. I typically use the whole wheat pancake recipes from King Arthur Flour's Whole Grain Companion cookbook, but with buttermilk. The holy grail though, is a blueberry buckwheat pancake. I am still trying to perfect the recipe. I second the technique of sprinkling the berries into the just poured batter rather than
  11. Yep. Dagmar's is the place. Thanks for the help! Dan
  12. Two Buck Chuck at Trader Joes? Dan
  13. My parents looked at the menus of several restaurants recommended here and chose Sturehof. My mother is looking forward to the herring. Thanks for the help! Dan
  14. 5 new books for me Mexican Every Day - Rick Bayless Molto Gusto - Mario Batali River Cottage Preserve Book Another jam book Simple Fresh Southern by the Lee Brothers
  15. I was at the doctor's office a few months back and was reading Connecticut Magazine's top 10 bakeries in CT. Being the dunce that I am, I cannot find the list of bakeries I wrote down. One of the bakeries listed is on the eastern shoreline, I think Old Saybrook area, that is operated by a a person from Germany. Does anyone know of the bakery I am speaking of? Thanks!! Dan
  16. I was wondering if the fine folks here would mind sharing a recipe for chung, or rice dumplings. The picture below is of one from a kind lady who runs a food cart near Yale New Haven Hospital and medical school. It is in a lotus leaf that she carefully removes before serving. It is filled with vegetarian meat and mushrooms. The rice appears to be glutinous brown rice and peanuts. Any advice would be appreciated. The rest of the food here is a basil tofu, pak choy, cabbage, and some vegetable pickles. Dan
  17. We have not found a Rick Bayless book we did not like. Does he offer variations and vegetarian option on the recipes like he did in his previous books? Regardless, I am sure my wife is going to insist that I get this book soon. She is a huge fan of Mexican food. Dan
  18. My parents will be visiting Stockholm in about 2 weeks. I was wondering if there are any large farmers/producers markets in the city where they can pack a picnic lunch. Thanks Dan
  19. My parents will be in Stockholm next week and I want to set them up for a nice dinner while they are there. They are not foodies and do not care for very fancy restaurants, but they do appreciate good food. I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for restaurants that serve high quality, local, traditional fare. Thanks! Dam
  20. Thanks for the referral. Blueberries are in season around here and I just picked a few pounds. I made it today with a few changes. I switched out the pie crust for a whole/multigrain (20% oat flour, 80% white whole wheat) pate sucree. Per your comments about the curd, I reduced the sugar by roughly 1 tsp, per the book, and upped the lemon juice by .25 oz. In the end, it turned out wonderfully and my wife's coworkers ate every bit of it. Thanks again! Dan
  21. I picked up a couple of crocks from Ohio Stoneware. A local sign shop gave them to me for a steal because they were cosmetically imperfect and not suitable for his business. You can find them for less than 30. No lid is needed. I use a 1 gallon zip lock filled with a quart of water. It is enough to weigh down the pickles. I know a guy who bought a 30 gallon stoneware crock made by Ohio Stoneware that he will use to ferment a Belgian Saison. It should be interesting! http://www.ohiostoneware.com Dan
  22. This is one of the stars in my pastry collection. There is a table near the beginning of the book that shows how much sugar and pectin is needed for a given quantity of numerous types of tarts. This table makes this book worth it by itself. Our favorites from the book are the cranberry gallete, chicken pot pie, and chocolate pecan blasts. Dan
  23. The local farmer's market is loaded with fresh greens. This week's haul included, escarole, savoy cabbage, green and red curly lettuce, baby rainbow chard, chioga beets with greens, zucchini, and garlic chives. I am still trying to find something to do with the escarole besides wilted with beans. Dan
  24. Blue Cheese walnut ice cream, anyone? What blue would you use?
  25. With no offense intended, if you can replicate it by doing that, I don't think I want to try it. That doesn't sound particularly tasty to me. I think I'd begin by soaking some flavorful, maybe slightly over-baked or briefly toasted, crumbled oatmeal cookies in part of the base liquid. Then I'd puree it, sieve it and go from there. Maybe boost some of the key and/or favorite flavor notes in the mix to compensate for eating it frozen. A packet of instant oatmeal just doesn't taste like an oatmeal cookie (to me anyway). Disclaimer: I've never tried your idea with the instant oatmeal so if you do
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