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  1. Greetings! 22 pages of amazing insight and knowledge into making stunning chocolates and comments on Chef Greweling's books. It took me two days to read through it all, but it was well worth it. I recently finished up culinary school (a second career for me) and garnered a great respect for chocolate and confectionery work. My chocolate and confections instructor was a student of Greweling's at the CIA and suggested that I pick up a copy of his book to learn more. Most of my internship was spent at a chocolatier here in CT. Now that I am done and have free time to play, I will put Chef Grewel
  2. Good evening, One of my favorite cakes is the German Apfelkuchen. I have tried many formulas from the web, but none of them really worked. Does anyone here have a traditional apfelkuchen formula that they are willing to share? Thanks for the help! Dan
  3. Looks good. Is it possible to substitute corn syrup or glucose syrup for the sorbitol? What effect, if any does the specific gravity of the beer have on the amount of sugar used in the final product? Thanks! Dan
  4. Good evening, I have been asked to make a birthday cake for my mother in law and want to make a chocolate, hazelnut, and sherry cake with sherry-raisin cream from Crazy Water Picked Lemon, by Diana Henry. The only catch is that I cannot find any kosher sherry in the DFW area. What are some decent substitutes that I can use? Thanks Dan
  5. I was at the farmer's market market the other day and found Jilo Eggplants. These are completely new to me so I grabbed six for experimentation. I was wondering what are some traditional dishes and recipes for these eggplants? Thanks for the help Dan
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