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  1. JP Licks in Boston has an Oatmeal Cookie flavored frozen yogurt that seems rather interesting. I think I can replicate the flavor by taking several packages of either brown sugar or spice flavored instant oatmeal from Trader Joes, pulverize it in the food pro, and then add it to a fro yo base. Dan
  2. The last one sounds good. We don't eat pork though. I have some really nice turkey thighs in the fridge. Would that work? The stuffed mushrooms sound good, but would it work with ground turkey? Thanks Dan
  3. This past Sunday was the first week of the local farmer's market. One farmer had some really beautiful log grown shiitake mushrooms. I don't typically cook with shiitakes, so I am at a loss with them. I need some ideas from the peanut gallery on what dishes I should cook to make the most of these mushrooms. Thanks!! Dan
  4. I bought my wife a Lodge cast iron wok as a joke way back when we were dating. She was constantly mentioning how much she wanted a wok. The only problem was that she almost never cooked from scratch. This wok is massive and was a pain for her to store in her postage stamp sized kitchen in her tiny apartment. It weighs 12-15 lbs, which made is quite luggable to move around. As expected, it sat on top of the microwave and was never used... until we got married. The wok is now used 3-4 times a year. I am very happy with the wok. It gets insanely hot, but takes a long time to do so. The best way I
  5. Malted Barley, Hops, and Water = Beer. This will ferment naturally and become a nice lambic in a few years. Dan
  6. I don't know if it is a new product, but I spotted "Moral Fiber" muffins at Trader Joes. A terrific pun on there behalf. I think we should send a few cases of these to Washington, but I don't think it will make a bit of difference. Dan
  7. Does anyone have a recommendation for an Indian cookbook that deals specifically with, or is largely about chat and other Indian snacks and street foods? Thanks, Dan
  8. The Country Cooking of Ireland was named Cookbook of the Year by The James Beard Foundation. I have not heard of this book and have found no mention of it on this site. I was wondering who has it and your thoughts about it. Dan
  9. I'm a lover of brown rice and try to use it over whit rice when I can. My personal favorite is medium grain from Lundberg. IIRC, part of the preference for whit rice is the cultural connection between white and purity. Dan
  10. My baby and I tagging along with my wife on a week long business trip to Schenectady, just outside Albany. I am looking for recommendations for restaurants in the vicinity that are vegetarian or specialize in fish. I am also looking for good, local food stores, bakeries, pastry shops, cheese shops, etc... so I can pack lunches for myself when I take Abby to the park or elsewhere. Thanks! Dan
  11. I wonder if there are any cross contamination or Health Dept concerns when using/reusing containers like this. I know The Spice House in Milwaukee cannot refill spice jars at their store due to local codes.
  12. I want to bump this thread and see if anyone knows if there have been any good German baking books published in the past 3 years. Dan
  13. Thanks everyone. I am going to order Forschner knives. I found this set on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Victorinox-Fibrox-3-Piece-Chefs-Knife/dp/B0000CF99O/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1271102169&sr=8-2. That should satisfy my needs. Dan
  14. I'm drinking Green Tea Mint from Rishi. It really helps with my sore throat.
  15. Please let me clarify... The current knives are useless, worthless, Chefmate POS. They deserve being sent to the dust bin. Dan
  16. Given that they will be used 8 days a year, at most, sharpening concerns will be a future concern. But I will most likely have them professionally sharpened. Regarding Forchner knives. Is there any difference between the rosewood and fibrox series, besides the handle? I also read about Sanelli Knives. They are a bit over my budget, but have good reviews. Dan
  17. DanM

    what is corn

    Corn is maize everywhere else in the world. Corn syrup is a sweetener derived from corn starch that is treated with acid and heat, IIRC.
  18. Although Passover will be done tomorrow, I am officially done with the really bad set of knives we have in our passover set. I am wondering what people recommend for inexpensive knives. I probably only need a chef knife, a carving knife, and a paring knife. My budget is $75 or less. I can (hopefully) reuse the block from the current set, so that is not important. Thanks! Dan
  19. I cook the syrup down a bit and use it on pancakes in the morning. Dan
  20. Because Leviticus says so. The rules were handed down without explanation. If they don't make sense to you, tough. That's the way hashem rolls. Ex post facto rationalizations have been offered, which are just that: rationalizations. As an old Rabbi of mine used to joke... ask 2 Jews and you will get 3 opinions. As the good gentleman above has it right about rationalizations. What would faith be if everything was explained? The best explanation I can give you is that by following the commandments we were given, we elevate the necessary task of eating to a conscientious act where thought is put
  21. I was also watching it this past week. It was disgusting to see the food served at school and the eating habits of the kids. Granted, some of this may be due to editing, but I found the attitude of the school cooks despicable. When asked if they recognize the ingredients, one responded, the first ingredient is chicken... and what about the other 20+ ingredients? The big question remains... how do we roll out changes in the schools our children go to? Some ideas... Ask chefs at local restaurants to help with recipes and educate students about food, cooking and eating. Give schools a larger bud
  22. I recently picked up a copy pf this book. I am, so far, pleased with the book and the recipes. I really get the feel of this being a book of family recipes twisted by the guys behind this book. Grilled cheese, cupcakes and banana splits shows that he has a fun side. I have so far made the chicken pot pie, roasted chicken with root veg, and paperdelle pasta with mushrooms, all with good results. Now for the not so good. Like others have said, he lists a scale, but does not use it. I would expect a chef of his caliber to include weights for at least the desserts and baked goods. I have also foun
  23. Again, interesting! I typically proof bread in the oven with the light on. The light bulb provides enough heat to keep my oven at 90-100f. Dan
  24. Thanks Dan. Braiding IS important. I don't know about making breads outside of a machine. (I was a cook only from familial pressure until 2 years ago.) Thanks also for 'AFIK'...you do learn something every day. I suggest you look into picking up a copy of The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion: The All-Purpose Baking Cookbook. It is a great introduction to high quality baking at home. My challah formula comes from this book. I have reduced the water by .5oz and witched the sponge flour to whole wheat and the remaining flour to white whole wheat. I make this every week. After you work your
  25. You can make challah in a bread machine, but it won't be as good as hand mixed. Challahs are typically rich dough breads that benefit from a sponge to build the yeast culture. AFIK, bread machines cannot do sponges. Secondly, challah is traditionally braided, which is not possible in a bread machine either. Braiding is only an athetic factor, so it is not important. Dan
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