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  1. +1 for the Pie and Pastry Bible. There is a chart at the beginning o the Fruit Pie section that lists how much sugar and corn starch is needed for a given amount of common fruits for making a fruit pie. That by itself is worth the money. There is also a great chicken pot pie recipe that my wife and I enjoy. The cake book is good, but a little dated. I don't know much about her new Heavenly Cakes book. Bread bible... meh. Good stuff, but I would recommend Jeffery Hammelman or Peter Reinhart for a bread book over hers. Dan
  2. One detail I did not mention in my other post is that this will be a kosher dinner, so no dairy. This eliminates lasagna and Marlene's pasta dish (which I will steal for another time, thank you!). Per Kate's concern about pie crust and more pie crust. For this dinner I will be making the pot pie a little extravagant by using puff pastry for the crust. Nature's Balance vegan margarine makes a pretty darn good batch of puff pastry. Also, my wife is pregnant, so no alcohol in the dishes either. Dan
  3. Is it too early to start planning for Thanksgiving? I am expecting 18-20 people this year... GULP! Here is the current plan. I need probably 2 more sides. I will have a couple of vegetarian friends, so all of the sides, except for one of the stuffings, will be vegetarian. Desserts are still a work in progress. Regarding the poached and roasted turkey. Can it be poached the day before and then roasted the day of? The only pot I will have that is big enough will be used to fry turkey #2. Salad: Spinach Salad with Bosc Pears, Cranberries Red Onions, and Toasted Hazelnuts Brussels Sprout Slaw with
  4. I wonder if it also has to do with the cultures involved. Just like with beer and other fermented products, the fermentation cultures play a significant role in the flavour of the final product.
  5. All of these are made from scratch in my kitchen Pancakes are fun and can be made in many different ways, but requires some serious work that I frankly don't want to do the first thing in the morning. Yeasted waffles need time to be made right and requires a waffle iron... another tool to fill up the kitchen. French toast is just leftover challah, egg, milk,and spices (and sometimes rum or bourbon). All of which are stocked in my kitchen. I might even "french toast" a sandwich of peanut butter, bananas, and honey. That's my first choice. Dan
  6. What was her favorite snack as a child? Maybe she would appreciate a little something from those simpler years. Does she drink coffee or tea? It might help her through those late night study sessions. And it is almost halloween so a little trick or treat action maybe in order. Dan PS, don't forget the TP. colleges are not known for stocking soft stuff. Shoot me for saying this. I am not making any assumptions about your daughter or how you raised her. Maybe send her some protection, if you get my drift. If she is going to do it, might as well make sure she does it safely.
  7. Interesting question. As a baker, I am pretty well trained to follow a formula exactly. This does spill over by habit to recipes. However, I do improvise and adjust due to taste preferences, ingredient availability, time constraints, kashrut, and other variables. Regarding inefficient shopping... I might grab the ingredient and then allow myself to be inspired by what remains. It's a good excuse to play with a new ingredient. Dan
  8. As long as 50% of the book is useful, I will be happy. I am always willing to experiment and substitute where necessary. Sometimes recipes for pork can be replaced with chicken thighs amongst other creative techniques. I am not sure if Chef Keller would cringe or be amused by my "creativity". Thanks Dan
  9. I am interested in this book and is at the top of my Amazon wish list. My only concern is that we keep kosher and I don't know how friendly this book is to a kosher kitchen. Any thoughts on this? Dan
  10. I use probably 50% of my books. 1. I buy quite a few at Half Priced Books in Dallas, TX when I visit my in-laws. I have maybe 2 minutes to judge a books before I make a purchase. Some times I just pick a few turkeys. 2. I occasionally find books that provide better information than books that I already have. This often results in books being placed in the overflow shelf in the guest bedroom. 3. I have some very subject specific books that maybe get used 4 times a year, but are otherwise indispensable. Dan If you have any baking and pastry books that you would like to store at my house, I s
  11. King Arthur Flour's books, except the 200th Anniversary book, all have weight measurements. Am I snob for passing up baking and pastry books written with volume measures for those written with weights?
  12. If you are flying, do not take a frosted cake. I talked with the TSA a couple years back about taking a cake on a flight and they informed me that the frosting was considered a liquid and therefore not allowed. BUT, if the cake was frozen, it would no longer be considered a liquid and should be perfectly acceptable to take on board. Honestly, that is what they told me. Dan
  13. DanM

    Apple Crisp

    King Arthur Flour's Whole Grain companion has a great Apple-Raspberry Oat Crumble recipe. The raspberries add a touch of tartness to offset the sweetness of the apples. The crumble portion uses both oat flour and rolled oats, which makes it gluten free, for those who care. I occasionally make a quick grilled apple crumble when I am barbecuing. I cut an apple in half, core it with a melon baller and then top with a crumble topping. Once I am done with the barbeque, I place the apples on the grill and let the residual heat from the charcoal to cook the apples. Typically, they are done just as w
  14. Good Evening. I am in need of a good pumpkin doughnut recipe. Does anyone have a recipe they can share? Thanks, Dan
  15. DanM

    Skallops (sic)

    I found a can of Worthington Skallops at the market the other day. They are a vegetarian version of scallops. Scallops are not kosher, so I am not familiar with any traditional dishes dishes for them. Any thoughts on traditional dishes I can make with this product? I am tempted to wrap them in vegetarian bacon and sear them, but that would be too obvious. Thanks! Dan
  16. Do you have the authority to subcontract some of the work? There are some really great cheese shops in NYC that might be willing to set up a cheese tasting as well as olives, antipasto, etc... at a reduced price if you allow them to advertise at the event.
  17. I will also recommend Peter Reinhart's Bread Baker's Apprentice and Hammelman's Bread. From there, you might want to check out Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads. It will open your eyes to new possibilities in bread through variety grains. Dan
  18. This dinner set was a gift from my parents from their tip to Japan a few years back. I have service for 2. I have only used it 3-4 times in the past 4 years given how delicate and beautiful they are.
  19. Given Fat Guy's post on scales, I want to recommend the Taylor TE10C. The scale measures up to 10lbs at .1lbs or 5kg at 1g intervals. One nice feature is that it includes a power supply. After 2 years of use at home, it is still in great shape. Dan
  20. When you are at Pikes Place, I would recommend stopping by The Crumpet Shop. I think it is painfully obvious what you should eat there... and a spot of tea. http://www.thecrumpetshop.com/ Dan
  21. DanM

    Reputation Makers

    Okay, you got me! Care to share the recipe? Thanks Dan
  22. DanM

    Reputation Makers

    The one thing I do know is that of my own ignorance. It seems that I am developing a reputation amongst my friends and family. A few examples. I make Wolfgang Puck's Savory Squash Soup from his book Pizza Pasta and More during the fall when squashes are in season. It has always been met with rave reviews. At one occasion, a guest asked if it would be rude to lick the bowl. Just last week I gave the owner of the roofing company that was replacing my roof a small cup of chocolate mint frozen custard from David Lebovitz's Perfect Scoop. He came back the next day to collect the payment and humbly
  23. I highly recommend Hell's Kitchen for their "Salvation Sunday Gospel Brunch". http://www.hellskitcheninc.com/Salvation-Sundays.html. I took my wife there just before I took her to the Walker Art Museum and asked her to marry me. So I guess you can say I am biased. Dan
  24. +1 on this book. The curried egglplant rice is a staple in our house. Dan
  25. I occasionally use vegetarian sausage at home. It is necessary when you keep a kosher kitchen and want a little "meat" with your dairy. I second the notion that you cannot compare them to the real thing. As a vegetable or grain based sausage, most are pretty good. Some stand outs are Trader Joes Sausageless Italian Sausage, Gimme Lean Sausage, and Morning Star Breakfast sausages and patties. Dan Biscuits and Gravy with Gimme Lean Sausage Break 1/2 tube of Gimme Lean sausage broken into grape size chunks. Fry in a cast iron pan on high heat until brown. Remove from pan. Fry a handful of slice
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